Cincinnati Drywall Repair Services

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If you have cracks and holes in drywall staring back at you, the easiest way to deal with them may be hanging a landscape photograph over them. But that would be like sweeping a problem under the rug, and we don’t want that. Mr. Handyman’s Cincinnati drywall repair services are designed to handle wall problems efficiently and easily.

Your local Cincinnati handyman team is highly trained and skilled in property maintenance and repairs, which include professional drywall repair. Cincinnati, OH homeowners are invited to learn more about our popular handyman service by calling our friendly office team at (513) 657-2926. Schedule an in-home inspection today to ensure your home remains energy efficient and safe.

What Our Cincinnati Drywall Repair Services Include

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There are a wide range of strategies for professional drywall repair. Cincinnati, OH homeowners may need a small patching job to fix a nail hole. On the other hand, medium-sized holes require taping and patching, whereas holes larger than six inches require a replacement panel with supporting wood strips.

Cincinnati drywall repair services are very comprehensive, and our local experts follow each small step to the dot because that's how it should be done, without leaving any loose ends. We always begin with a full inspection, during which we measure the overall efficiency of your existing wall. Often, property owners are not aware that they may have outdated insulation or inadequate air sealing. Our Cincinnati drywall repair experts will also be able to tell if the initial installation service was done properly.

Common damaged drywall issues we handle include:

  • Hole Damage: From popped nails to accidents, at least this type of damage is easy to examine and doesn’t always require detailed inspection. With a little bit of drywall tape and joint compound, small holes are easily fixed. On the other hand, nail pops need to be tapped back into the wall stud and need an additional screw to provide extra support. A hole larger than six inches will be cut into a square, so we can fit a replacement drywall sheet.
  • Cracks: Interior wall cracks are common during house settlement when the corners of your home are settling into the foundation. While these cracks are easy to repair, our Cincinnati drywall repair specialist still recommends that you hire a foundation specialist for a more detailed inspection to ensure your home foundation is safe. Severe vertical cracks are an indication of a bad settlement and require immediate repair. Check for foundation cracks in your siding, as well as wall cracks in the basement.
  • Water Damage: Moisture is your enemy when it comes to drywall longevity. But plumbing issues like water line leaks are very damaging for your walls and interior components like insulation. That is when a replacement is imperative.
  • Rodent and Termite Damage: It may strike you as weird that termites are also attracted to drywall. But since it contains paper material, they will happily consume it along with wood. However, if you hear mice in your walls, they might have found access via nooks and crannies and chewed their way into the core. In this case, it is crucial that you contact pest control services. Afterward, our Cincinnati drywall repair team will carefully assess your wall’s condition and determine which parts need to be cut out and replaced.

Why Hire Our Reliable Cincinnati Drywall Repair Service?

Handyman repairing drywall hole in Cincinnati home

Mr. Handyman has been around for many decades and has, since then, grown into a well-recognized and respected home service franchise with over 200 locations throughout the United States and Canada. However, each location is proud to be a locally owned and operated handyman business that understands the needs of its local community.

All of our service technicians have passed their drug screens and background checks, and are fully insured and highly trained to complete any handyman task. This includes residential and commercial drywall installations and repairs, and many other popular handyman services. Our guaranteed workmanship and exceptional customer service are backed by Neighborly’s Done Right Promise, which means that you can expect every job to be done right the first time. Should anything not meet your expectations, we’ll come back and make it right at no additional cost.

FAQs About Cincinnati Drywall Repair

Can I Patch Drywall Myself?

You certainly can, but we highly recommend that you be your own judge when wondering if a professional should handle the repair. Small holes are easy to patch, whereas larger ones may require an experienced technician to further analyze the damage. But if you know the exact cause of the damage, and it is nothing major, feel free to complete your DIY drywall repair by yourself. If you have a drywall repair kit at home, you’ll find spackling compound, adhesive drywall patch, a putty knife, and a sanding block. They are very user-friendly and good quality for small repairs.

Do You Offer Ceiling Repairs?

We certainly do. Our local pros at Mr. Handyman have handled numerous ceiling leaks that have resulted in new drywall ceiling installations.

Does Mr. Handyman Offer Painting Jobs?

Before the start of our Cincinnati drywall repair services, we always make sure to discuss details of each step. As a part of your drywall finishing project, we do offer professional painting and texturing services, so you’ll save time and money by avoiding the need to hire a painting contractor.

Struggling to Find Efficient Drywall Repairs? Cincinnati, OH Residents Hire Mr. Handyman!

Not sure what that hairline crack could mean or why that paint is peeling? When you need reliable Cincinnati drywall repairs, contact us at (513) 657-2926 today to speak with our friendly customer service team. We proudly serve our local clients in Cincinnati and surrounding areas, including Blue Ash, Mason, and Landen. Count on our high-quality workmanship to get the job done fast and efficiently.

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