Professional Landen Handyman for Residential Properties

Landen is a small suburban community of 7,500 residents, of which 84 percent happily own their homes. It’s not only ranked as one of the best places to live in Ohio, but it also offers quick and comfortable access to parks and other amenities—encouraging families to spend as much time as they can being active.

Whether you own a new or old home, your local ;Landen handyman ;at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati recommends inspecting your home annually to prevent early wear and tear and to prepare exterior trim, gutters, and downspouts for extreme weather conditions. It's easy to take the comfort of our home for granted, believing that it doesn't need work in return. In truth, you don't need to do too much work if you hire professional Landen handyman services to take care of the essentials every year. Our team can take care of many maintenance tasks, such as gutter cleaning, siding inspection, or deck sealing.

We understand that you have a busy lifestyle, and you deserve to take the weekend off and spend time with your family. Whether you have small cracks in your siding or gaps in your door frame, it's not always easy to diagnose the root problem without professional handyman services. Mr. Handyman is dedicated to providing you with quality workmanship and customer service that exceeds your expectations. Our expert team of service professionals has passed background checks and drug screens and brings many years of experience in home maintenance, repair, and improvement services. You can trust your local Landen handyman to arrive on time and in uniform to get the job done right.

Owning a house is certainly not a walk in the park, but maintaining your home can be less stressful if you take the necessary precautions and steps by creating a customized seasonal checklist. Maintenance prevents worse headaches down the road because it prevents early wear and tears and provides seasonal protection from severe weather conditions. If you are interested in learning more about ;residential maintenance services ;in Landen, OH, ;contact ;the experts of Mr.Handyman today!


Whether it's time to recover your exterior property's original appearance or you need to remove stubborn motor oil stains from your garage floor, ;pressure washing and power washing ;will get the job done. It can be overwhelming arriving at the hardware store, staring at all the different types and sizes available. You might get confused if someone asked whether you were looking to power wash or pressure wash because you thought they were the same.

Power washers use warm to hot water, whereas pressure washers use cold water to clean surfaces. Heated water is ideal for highly-saturated surfaces such as oil stains on garage floors or other concrete surfaces and is also effective for cleaning grimy siding and fences. It's not always easy to determine the right PSI level needed to clean a given surface, as the setting will depend on the surface material and its condition. It's best to leave pressure washing to your certified Landen handyman to avoid any potential problems. That said, the service requests that we receive often include surface and material inspections to determine whether pressure washing is suitable or not. Typical spots that we pressure wash include:

  • Decks
  • Concrete porches
  • Fences
  • Siding
  • Concrete driveways
  • Garage floors
  • Soffits and gutters
  • Windows


If you live in a tree-dense area and don’t remember the last time you had your ;gutters inspected or cleaned, now is the time! Ohio’s rainy season begins around June, and that’s when our phones ring off the hook because clients are worried about their roof system and siding. Healthy gutters ensure that stormwater safely flows away from your home via securely connected downspouts.

Gutter cleaning is a grimy task that many homeowners dread, and we find that most homeowners don't have certified or inspected ladders which is a huge liability. By law, ladders need periodic inspections, and if your ladder has corroded, you won't be able to claim insurance in case of an accident. But you can rest assured that your local Landen handyman is insured and fully equipped for gutter cleaning, whether using a gutter scoop or a pressure washer. Some typical gutter materials that we deal with include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Vinyl

Whether you have sectional gutters or seamless gutters that are hidden below the fascia board, an inspection, repairs, and cleaning service will ensure they are in great shape and won't clog. In the event of a damaged or clogged gutter, water will have nowhere to go except for over your roofline, where it will compromise your soffit and fascia. All that excess water flowing down your siding could potentially seep through cracks and cause water damage within your home too. If you have any questions about gutter cleaning or installing gutter guards, reach out to your local handyman in Landen. Your home deserves to be safe, well looked after, and free from grime.


Choosing the right ;flooring for your home ;is tricky because you have to consider many factors. While the number of choices can feel overwhelming, we have the right solution to make your life better. Your Landen handyman suggests that you calculate your available budget and make a note of what you want for your new floors. Consider the number of people at home and determine any high-traffic areas that will require more durability and perhaps even sound resistance. The main factor to keep in mind is the room or area because some rooms have different requirements than others. For instance, your bathroom will benefit from tile flooring because it's moisture-resistant, whereas your bedroom or home office could have vinyl, wood, or laminate. With that in mind, every type of flooring material has its own unique characteristics. Some can handle more traffic and impact than others. And of course, what aesthetic you like is an important consideration. Our team has worked with a wide variety of flooring materials, including:

  • Solid wood
  • Engineered hardwood
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Luxury vinyl plank
  • Natural stone, such as granite
  • Tile

The type of flooring you choose matters. Whether you have kids jumping up and down on the main floor or someone flat-footed that takes heavy steps, you want something that's safe, durable, cost-effective, and can handle high impact. If you need a professional floor installer with many years of experience, contact your local handyman in Landen. Homes in Ohio have never looked better!


As your most versatile handyman team in Landen, our service professionals always approach given tasks with a positive attitude—unlike an uncertified contractor. We are thoroughly client-focused and are always working on being your one-call solution for a wide range of repair services and other types of handiwork, including:

  • Fence Installation: Do you need to mark your property and protect your kids and pets? We install a wide range of fence types—from pressure-treated wood and aluminum to composite. Whether you need a new fence or merely an annual maintenance appointment for pressure washing and staining, rely on your local Landen handyman.
  • Door Installation: Doors not only protect us from intruders and pests but also ensure our HVAC system can work properly by keeping hot air out in the summer and preventing warm furnace air from escaping in the winter. Doors have a limited lifespan and require annual staining or painting, depending on the material. Wood doors require more maintenance and minor repairs than metal-based or fiberglass doors. Your Landen handyman will help you choose the right door for your home and complete all the routine maintenance it needs.
  • Ceiling Fan Installation: A ceiling fan also helps your HVAC system work effectively by keeping your home cool in the summer and stopping heat from rising up too fast in the winter.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: This may be one of the most overlooked duties in Landen, OH. While clearing your lint trap after every cycle is a healthy habit, the duct and vent should also be cleaned now and then—ideally, quarterly. Dryer vent fires happen more frequently than you think, which your Landen handyman will remind you of if you hire us for air duct cleaning. We won’t forget your dryer vent!
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: These detectors are required by law and should be installed in all dwellings. When in doubt whether your property is compliant or missing a detector, ask your Landen handyman.

Landen Handyman: Repair Services

Our many years of experience are why Mr. Handyman is so special. We pride ourselves on providing excellent handiwork to residential or commercial properties, helping spot and fix little problems that appear to be minor but could have drastic consequences if not dealt with immediately. When you notice small cracks or bubbling paint in your drywall, your Landen handyman has the tools to run a reliable diagnosis and check for structural issues in the walls, floors, or ceilings. We offer preventative measures to stop issues from worsening. In many cases, our ;repair services ;can serve wonders and push early wear and tear further into the future.


Do you need ;drywall services ;to either complete a patching job or replace a drywall panel? Whether you accidentally punctured the wall with a piece of furniture or had a plumbing issue, drywall repair or replacement is one of our specialties. If you don't like a mess, we don't expect you to work with compound and mesh tape because it involves cutting, mudding, and sanding—just ask your local handyman in Landen. Homeowners deserve some downtime while we get the job done. We will clean up after ourselves as well, leaving no trace of work behind.


While tile floors, countertops, and backsplashes are built to last, you can't overestimate the importance of ;grout lines. When was the last time you inspected your bathroom tiles or backsplash in the kitchen? Whether you're checking for cracks in tile sheets or grout lines, it's best to leave any potential repair work to your expert handyman in Landen. Property owners can rest assured that we know when a tile needs to be replaced and how to effectively clean out old grout before applying new lines. A modern favorite is epoxy grout, which is superior to its cement counterpart. Professionals have praised it for its durability and resistance to stains, cracks, and other chemicals. Since epoxy dries faster, installation or repair requires precision and expertise.


We can provide a wide range of repairs and replacement services for many parts of your home or business, including:

  • Siding
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Wood rot
  • Decks, porches, and patios
  • Stairs
  • Ceilings
  • Windows
  • Tiles
  • Grout
  • Cabinets
  • And much more!

Landen Bathroom Remodeling

When you plan a ;remodeling project ;for an isolated area in your home, you'll have the opportunity to get down to every single detail. ;Bathroom remodels ;a good example! Whether you simply need to replace old plumbing fixtures or plan to get your entire bathroom, we are here to help you create a step-by-step plan. It helps to start with a detailed list of what you truly want in the room while keeping the future in mind. Before you plan to remove your bathtub for good to accommodate a giant walk-in shower, ensure you won't miss a hot bubble bath in the future.

Next, draw a rough sketch of how you want the new layout to look. Then, outline what fixtures you will need to replace, and choose the wall and floor material that will best accommodate your needs. Other important features to consider include ventilation systems, lighting, and vanity mirrors. Mapping out all these details will help your Landen handyman understand your priorities. We also won't shy away from giving you a second opinion if we believe that we can help create a safer environment or elevate your space further.


When You Need a Local Handyman in Landen, You Count On the Experts at Mr. Handyman!

Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, you want your space to be in the best condition possible. The team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati can help you achieve that goal by providing dependable Landen handyman services that cover a wide variety of repair, maintenance, and improvement tasks. We are here to remind you that your property's condition is your responsibility but that you are not alone! From minor repairs to ;home remodeling, you can count on your local handyman in Landen. There's no need to waste time searching for a "handyman near me" when you can choose our pro team.

Get in contact with us today by giving us a call ;us to speak with our friendly customer service reps about booking an appointment for ;home repair services ;or ;commercial services.

A set of stairs and a landing in a home before and after the railing has been replaced with drywall by Mr. Handyman.