Your home's siding is its suit of armor—the first line of defense against extreme weather patterns, wildlife attacks, water damage, slow deterioration and more. The resulting damage affects the curb appeal of your home, sure, but it also prevents your siding from being able to properly do its job to protect the rest of your house from severe problems. Exterior cladding is built to last, but of course, it can't hold up forever against the barrage of destructive elements that are flung at it every day and, eventually, Cincinnati siding repair services are necessary to restore appeal, function and energy efficiency.

Don't let your exterior cladding deteriorate to the point where Cincinnati siding repair is no longer an option. Call your local Cincinnati handyman at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati for help sooner rather than later and we can work efficiently to get the problem resolved and prevent far more serious damage from occurring. We invite you to contact us today at 513-657-2926 schedule an in-home consultation and inspection.

How Our Experts Handle Cincinnati Siding Repair

There's a wide variety of ways that your cladding can become damaged and need siding repair. Cincinnati homeowners can rely on our handyman professionals to get it repaired, regardless of the type of siding they currently have installed. However, if the damage is severe or very widespread across the entire building, replacement is likely going to be the best option because it's more cost-effective and long-lasting than numerous small repairs would be.

If you've noticed some relatively minor damage that requires Cincinnati siding repair, such as nail holes, small cracks or gaps, your cladding needs professional caulking services to get it sealed up. Exterior caulk is a semi-flexible sealant that closes up gaps to stop moisture and pests from getting into the interior of your walls, and to prevent heat transfer from taking place so your home's HVAC system doesn't have to work overtime to compensate for energy loss. Other issues, such as small patches of wood rot, may also be able to be repaired with epoxy filler, but if the damage is more than a couple of small spots, the best course of action is to replace the affected shingles or planks altogether.

In the case of more severe damage like hail damage that has punched holes across an entire exterior wall of your building, missing panels or boards, or all-over, advanced deterioration, replacing the damaged sections or the entire building's siding is the right choice. If there are issues with the moisture barrier underneath, it should also be replaced to ensure water can't get further in and cause interior issues like flattened insulation, wood rot, damaged drywall and more.

Choose Us for Reliable Siding Repair, Cincinnati Homeowners

One of the worst things you can do for your home—and your wallet—is to ignore damage until the condition of your cladding has gotten so bad that it may as well not even be there. Calling your local Cincinnati siding repair service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati to take care of siding repair will actually save you a significant amount of time, money and stress in the long run. Along with siding repair, local homeowners and business owners can rely on our team for a wide range of services such as pressure washing, bathroom remodeling, crown molding installation, door installation, drywall repair and much more.

Our experienced team of handyman professionals undergoes an extensive screening process that includes an employee background check program, so you can count on us for courteous behavior and a safe, worry-free experience combined with excellent customer service. We are proud to serve the people of our local communities in the Cincinnati area with outstanding repair, improvement, maintenance and installation services for their homes and commercial buildings.

Frequently Asked Cincinnati Siding Repair Questions

What Are the Warning Signs of Damage That Requires Siding Repair?

Some of the issues or indications that you need Cincinnati siding repair are: 

  • Cracks, holes and gaps
  • Caulk seams cracking or peeling
  • Panels cupping inward or bulging outward
  • Rotting timber
  • Storm damage from hail stones or high winds
  • Rust and other signs of corrosion
  • Rusty or black gutter stripes or stains
  • Interior moisture damage, such as stained, softened drywall
  • Increased charges on energy bills 

How Long Does Exterior Caulk Last Before It Should Be Replaced?

During a vinyl or fiber cement siding installation, there are always small cracks or gaps where two segments or panels meet, or where siding transitions into another material. Those spaces must be sealed with caulk to avoid moisture penetration and insect infestations. But caulk, even durable exterior caulk, only lasts for around ten years before it needs to be replaced. If it's been about a decade since the caulk was applied, you may notice that it is shrinking and no longer fills the gap properly, or it's cracking and peeling away from the cladding. Issues with caulk can also sometimes be caused by the panels shrinking and expanding in warm or cold conditions, or may be related to poorly-done caulking. If you notice signs that your caulk is in bad shape or is missing altogether, that's a clear indication that you need Cincinnati siding repair.

Why Are There Strange Creaking Noises Coming From My Siding?

No one really expects their siding to be making any kind of noise, let alone strange creaking sounds. It doesn't have any moving parts—or at least it shouldn't—so it can be disorienting to hear creaking, rattling, thumping or popping noises that are coming from the outside of your building. This is actually a strong indication that you should consider calling for Cincinnati siding repair service.

We've mentioned a few times that some siding options will expand or contract in extreme temperatures. While loose siding is not a good thing, material that's fastened on too tight is almost as bad. That's why strange sounds are often caused by incorrect installation, where the panels are nailed down too tight and have no room to flex. As they go through their normal expansion and contraction process, there's not enough room to accommodate that movement and that's how you end up hearing those unsettling noises. It can also be loosened panels flapping in the wind and thumping against the side of the house. Either way, your Cincinnati siding repair expert may be able to solve the problem by simply taking the panels down and reattaching them properly so they're not too tight or too loose and have the space they need to expand and contract as normal.

Why is Wood Siding Vulnerable to Rotting?

Wood like cedar is a beautiful, renewable, easy to work with material that is packed full of natural charm, so it's no wonder it's a popular choice for cladding material. It does have a weakness, however: it's particularly prone to wood rot. The reason why timber that is outdoors is so likely to rot while wood that stays dry indoors can remain virtually unchanged for more than a century is that wood rot is a type of decay that only affects damp timber with a moisture content that has been elevated above 20% or so. Rotten wood softens and breaks apart, leaving the moisture barrier and everything underneath it susceptible to damage. Wood rot is actually capable of traveling to new patches of wood, and some varieties can even travel over non-timber surfaces such as masonry. That's why the most effective treatment is to remove the rotten wood entirely and treat the surrounding wood with a borate solution that kills off any remaining particles of rot.

Can Sun-Faded Vinyl Siding Repair Include Painting?

Most types of siding material will experience some fading over time, especially the parts that get a lot of direct sunlight. But this can be a particular problem for vinyl siding panels. You can restore the aesthetic appeal of your cladding with a coat of paint or two, but it may be better to just replace it at that point because you're likely to experience further problems in the near future. That's because the color should hold for as long as it is rated according to the manufacturer. If you notice that the color has faded significantly and it's been quite a while since it was installed, it's a sign that the material is on its last legs and will need to be replaced soon. That's why siding replacement is typically more cost-effective than Cincinnati siding repair in this situation.

Trust Your Local Handyman Experts for Cincinnati Siding Repair

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