Tools commonly used by handyman in Symmes Township placed on a natural wooden surface before use, including a hammer, pliers, screws, and drywall fasteners.

If you live in Symmes Township, you’re in one of Cincinnati’s most desired suburbs. Many families and young professionals can’t imagine settling anywhere else that could provide them with the same warm feel and close access to nearby amenities or parks where they can wind down after a long day at work. Over the years, Symmes Township earned itself an A on its report card for housing, which is a very promising outlook for a growing city, especially when there are local professionals ready to keep that housing in tip-top shape with handyman services in Symmes Township.

Although owning your own home is a very rewarding experience, you have to consider the responsibilities and commitments associated with it. Besides making your monthly payments, there are also necessary routine maintenance and minor home repairs that are required to keep your property in shape. Not only does this add to your annual costs, but it also takes a huge amount of your personal time. But you know how important gutter cleaning is when it comes to dealing with 44 inches of rain every year or making note of staining your wood deck and fence to prevent them from rotting.

It’s obvious that preventative maintenance is key to keeping your home’s exterior in good condition, so it won’t lead to severe damage to the interior. But no property owners should be alone when doing this. That’s why local residential and commercial property owners rely on their trusted Symmes Township handyman. Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati is a locally-owned and operated business that is a proud member of Neighborly’s community of home service providers.

We are proud to be Symmes Township’s reliable handyman service team for a list of repair and maintenance services, ranging from floor installation to gutter repairs, drywall replacement, and bathroom remodeling.

Your Symme Township Handyman’s Popular Property Maintenance Services:

At Mr. Handyman, we believe that every residential and commercial property should have a seasonal maintenance checklist that includes interior and exterior spaces. As winter comes to an end, you might get motivated to start on interior spring cleaning, during which you declutter anything that you will no longer need.

It is often during spring cleaning that homeowners notice signs of wear and tear, whether you’re scrubbing the door and window frames or moving furniture to check the wall behind it. These are the moments you’ll look closely at your indoor materials and make a judgment on their conditions. For a more thorough inspection, your Symmes Township handyman is at your disposal.


Perhaps your monthly energy bill over the winter seemed high without a good reason. You have a high-performing heating and cooling system, along with new attic insulation, so what else could cause high bills? Could it be your trim?

Your interior trim is for more than just decoration. In fact, your front and back door casings and window frames are essential components of the overall structures, designed to assist your home’s insulation and protect you from air leaks and other kinds of weather damage.

You open your doors and windows every day and may occasionally slam too hard. Over time, wooden frames begin to deteriorate and form holes and cracks. Also, old caulk may wear out and break the seals, allowing cold air to leak into your home.

Signs You Need Interior Trim Repair:

  • Cracks on window sills
  • Shrinking caulk on door frames
  • Poorly installed baseboards
  • Damaged crown molding
  • Rotted wood boards
  • Trim is separating due to warping

Your interior trim is sensitive to the elements and natural occurrences like home settling. When you notice drafts underneath your door or water leaking in from the bottom, your local Symmes Township handyman can help you address this issue immediately before any moisture damage occurs. Our expert team will also go the extra mile to check other parts of your home to ensure they haven’t been affected by home settlement.


Home settlement can also cause drywall damage in the form of hairline cracks and other severe vertical cracks. This is one of the common indoor repairs that require an experienced handyman.

Property owners will not only benefit from our expert repair services, but our local pros will also provide you with a detailed inspection that includes examining underlying issues. Depending on the severity of your drywall damage and whether your house siding is affected too, we may suggest consulting a foundation specialist to ensure your home’s foundation is safe.

What To Expect From Drywall Repairs in Symmes Township:

  • Patching Holes: Drywall patching includes applying drywall compound and mesh tape, followed by sanding and painting
  • Panel replacement: In the event of water damage, it is recommended to replace the entire drywall sheet to restore its functionality
  • Ceiling repair: Most newer residential homes have drywall panels for ceilings, whereas commercial settings tend to use ceiling tile sheets. When repairing ceilings, we’ll ensure ceiling fans and light fixtures are also taken care of.
  • Thorough inspections: Your local Symmes Township handyman never misses a detail. Depending on how severe the damage is, whether you have a hole in the wall larger than six inches or water damage, we’ll always double-check the layer behind the wall, including insulation, sheathing, and your house siding.

While small patching jobs and dealing with popped nails are DIY-friendly, it always helps to have a certified technician check for underlying issues before commencing drywall repair.


When you first step out to your outdoor living space after a long cold winter, it may look grimy and run down like it would not dry, especially when your backyard doesn’t get enough sunlight. If you plan to get your deck ready for the summer, it’s essential that you check your deck’s structural integrity. Wooden decks like pressure-treated or cedar-based decks are generally moisture resistant as long as they are properly sanded and sealed every year or two. But if you don’t remember when you last maintained your deck, count on your Symmes Township handyman to have your back to do the following:

  • Check the deck’s overall foundation: concrete footers, posts, and frame, making sure they are intact and the ground is not eroded or have water in holes
  • Inspect deck boards for cracks, holes, and wood rot
  • Ensure railings are sturdy and properly held by non-corrosive screws and fasteners
  • Ensure gutters are in good health and not leaking onto your deck structure
  • Check the health and integrity of the stairs
  • Deck repairs and maintenance: If needed, our expert Symmes Township handyman team will exchange damaged boards, sand down any cracks or fill holes with wood fillers and reseal the entire structure

With how wet Symmes Township gets, along with snow melting in the early spring, you are faced with a lot of moisture throughout the year, which makes it difficult to maintain your wooden materials. Many homeowners that want a safer outdoor living environment also want to keep maintenance needs to a minimum. When in need of tips and suggestions from a reputable handyman, Symmes Township property owners can count on us to install a highly efficient composite deck.

Composite materials are made of synthetics and wood fibers, combined with resilient bonding agents that are weather- and bug-resistant. Unlike real wood, composite can last for over 25 years with little maintenance. It’s eco-friendly and available in a wide range of colors. Seeking a long-term investment in a rainy state and a Symmes Township handyman near me to do the job efficiently? Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati has you covered!


Unfortunately, all that rain is not going to clean your home’s exterior; instead, it could wreak havoc on your property if certain materials or systems are not well-maintained. The most popular Symmes Township handyman services include pressure washing or power washing in the spring or summer. The sooner you get pressure washing services, the sooner we’ll be able to help you remove any built-up grime, debris, and mildew. When left untreated, these unsightly culprits could lead to more serious issues down the road.

Clogged gutters could spill water onto your roofline or even compromise your house’s structural integrity by attacking your foundation. Algae and moss growing on your siding could lure pests to settle on the surface and even sneak through cracks and build nests without you knowing.

We combine our pressure washer with an environmentally-friendly cleaning detergent that gets rid of any dirt, bacteria, and grease. While the standard washer uses cold water, we can also grab the power washer which operates with heated water and thoroughly blasts away oil stains and tire marks from concrete surfaces.

Whether you have aluminum gutters, wood fences or decks, or vinyl siding, to professionally and safely use the pressure washer, we recommend hiring a qualified handyman. Symmes Township homeowners can rest easy knowing that all of our service technicians are fully insured and trained for the job.

Benefits of Pressure Washing in Symmes Township

  • A clean surface promotes health, hygiene, and materials
  • Surface preparation for sealing or painting
  • Boosts curb appeal
  • Helps extend your materials’ longevity and restore their efficiency

Bathroom Remodeling

Multiple stages of a bathroom remodeling project involving the removal of a bathtub and installation of new flooring and a new enclosure for the replacement bathtub, as well as replacement of the subfloor underneath the tub.

Are you the second property owner of a home who loves everything about it, except for the bathroom? As the most intimate space throughout the house, your bathroom needs to make you feel comfortable. If the toilet looks older than ten years and the bathtub is too small or the existing lights are hurting your eyes, you’ll need to sketch out a plan for a bathroom makeover. Planning a successful bathroom remodeling project could be a stressful endeavor, but we guarantee that it is totally worth it!

When you hire our Symmes Township handyman for an inspection and consultation service, we guarantee to speed up your preparation process without wasting any valuable time.

Make a list of what you want to be replaced or added:

We believe that our customers shouldn’t restrict themselves from choosing what they love the best if it’s for the long-term benefit. Even if something is not within your budget, you’ll never know where you might find a good deal. Therefore, always include what you want (and perhaps also have a backup preference ready).

  • Toilet
  • Tub-to-shower conversion
  • New tiles (shower walls and floors)
  • New countertops and base cabinets
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Light fixtures
  • Ventilation systems

Manage your budget

Of course, basing your remodeling project on your available budget makes sense. Besides, it's also recommended to store away some emergency funds, as you'll never know if you might encounter any issues with your project. Sometimes, problems hidden under the surface can be revealed while a remodeling project is underway.

When hiring our professional handymen, Symmes Township homeowners can rest assured that we will inspect the entire bathroom and ensure that there are no existing issues that need to be addressed prior to the remodeling service. An unlicensed handyman wouldn’t go the extra mile to check for potential water damage behind tiles or underneath floors, but our team will always work to provide the most thorough inspections and outstanding remodeling results possible.

Set a Timeline

At Mr. Handyman, we typically complete bathroom remodeling projects within three weeks if everything goes smoothly according to plan, depending on the size of the room and the work needed. Delays in delivery, materials that need prior acclimatization, or repairs are often the reasons that might hinder a project from meeting your timeline. But your local Symmes Township handyman will ensure to remain in communication with you throughout the process to provide accurate updates for your timeline.

Looking For a Symmes Township Handyman?

No property owner should handle their home maintenance, basic home repairs, or other larger projects on their own. Life’s too short to spend it all on repairs. With a professional handyman, you save time and money and can make the most of your living space after it’s been made safer and more comfortable.

When investing in a qualified handyman, Symmes Township property owners should know that they have hired trained professionals that know exactly what they are doing. That’s exactly what you get when you choose Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati.

Are you in Symmes Township or a nearby community? Whether you’re in LandenBlue Ash, or Mason, get in contact with us today by giving us a call. Speak with our friendly office team about our common handyman services or book a no-obligation consultation or inspection service to find out how we can enhance your living space!