That tile was absolutely perfect when it was installed 10 or 15 years ago—but surface damage and wear have built up over time and now it's not looking so hot. If your wall or floor installations are blemished with chips and hairline cracks, or individual pieces have been smashed by impact damage, the solution is expert tile repair. Cincinnati, OH homeowners and business owners can trust their local Cincinnati handyman to restore their tile surfaces to like-new condition.

The professional handyman team at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati has decades of combined experience in repair, maintenance, and improvement trades, including Cincinnati tile repair, and we take great pride in serving our local communities with top-notch handyman services and dedicated customer care.

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How Our Team Handles Cincinnati Tile Repair

From bathroom floors to kitchen backsplashes, tile is the perfect surface covering for any area that is prone to moisture exposure because it's so water resistant. It's also very attractive, versatile and durable. But as long-lasting as it's meant to be, it's not entirely impervious to damage. Problems like crumbling grout, cracks, loose tiles, and broken or missing pieces are unsightly, but they can also be a hazard that could cause a tripping injury. When it's necessary to invest in tile repair, in Cincinnati, OH homeowners can rely on our team to handle the entire process efficiently and correctly.


Every tile installation includes grout joints between individual pieces to hold them in place. However, grout is a cement-based product and it's simply not as durable and long-lasting as the actual pieces themselves. Your tiles may still be in great shape when your grout starts to crack and crumble apart, and that's when grout repair becomes necessary. It's actually more accurate to call it grout replacement because your handyman will simply remove the old grout while leaving the tiles in place, then re-grout the surface to make the joints whole and even again.


If you've got a couple of chips or hairline cracks in the surface of your ceramic tile or porcelain tile, there's no need to have them replaced. Our tile repair professionals can conceal damage to make your overall installation look great again. The process involves filling the damage with epoxy, sanding it smooth, then hiding the repaired zone with paint and sealing over it to hold out moisture.


If one or two pieces are coming loose from your grout, we can simply re-grout them to get them secured back in their place on your floor or wall. If you've got a smash, broken tile, it's sometimes possible to handle tile repair by replacing just the damaged piece. This strategy can be a more cost-effective alternative to full tile replacement, but there are some potential drawbacks as well. It’s often difficult to find a perfect match for previously installed tiles, and a non-matching piece will stick out in a really unattractive way. But if a matching piece is available, we'll remove your damaged unit and put in a new one to restore your wall or floor.

Trust Mr. Handyman for Expert Tile Repair in Cincinnati, OH

When it comes to experienced tile repair, in Cincinnati, OH homeowners can rely on the professionals at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati for top-quality services that meet or exceed the highest industry standards, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. But our services aren't just for residential properties. Business owners can count on us to deliver the same outstanding services for commercial properties as well. Get in touch with us today by calling to schedule an appointment or find out more about what we can do to transform your property for the better.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Repair


Aside from the obvious appearance-based advantages of eliminating damage, tile repair also gets rid of hazards that could cut your foot on a sharp edge or trip you up and cause a fall injury. Furthermore, it protects your subfloor or wall substrate from moisture damage by blocking out water.


You may already know what caused the problem in question, especially if it was sudden damage caused by something like a piece of heavy furniture being dropped on the floor and shattering a piece of flooring. But in other cases, the cause isn't so obvious. In our experience, the type of damage that calls for tile repair is caused by factors such as:

  • Building movement over time
  • Minor problems like a hairline crack that slowly worsens
  • Foundation issues such as heaving or sinking
  • Incorrectly installed floor joists that are too far apart, causing the surface to sag inward in the middle


That's a fair question because you don't want to bother with the replacement process if all you need is tile repair. Cincinnati, OH professionals on our team typically look at two things before they decide whether to recommend repair or replacement: the nature of the damage and whether replacement tiles are available. If you saved a few pieces when the original installation was done, you have a matching piece that can be installed. But if you didn't have that opportunity, it may not be possible to find a perfect match to purchase. In that case, replacement is the best choice. If the damage is very widespread across the whole surface, tile repair just isn't going to be adequate to conceal the problems and it won't look right until the entire thing is replaced.

When It's Time for Tile Repair, Cincinnati, OH Can Count On Mr. Handyman

Do you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, or a nearby community such as Blue Ash, Landen, or West Chester? Trust the pros at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati for expert handyman services and devoted customer service. If you're interested in finding out more about what we have to offer, call us to chat with our office staff or schedule an appointment.

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