Going without windows in our homes certainly isn't an option—they're a core feature and we can't live without the natural light, views and fresh breezes they provide us while we're indoors. But they can also cause some major problems like poor energy efficiency and water incursion when they are in bad shape and need Tulsa window repair services from a qualified, local Tulsa handyman.

If you need window repair, Tulsa, Oklahoma professionals at Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa have the skill and experience to get the work done right. Local home and business owners trust us to deliver capable workmanship, courteous service and clear, honest communication on every job.

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A handyman using a screwdriver to adjust the latching mechanism on the side of a window during an appointment for window repairs in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our Dependable Tulsa Window Repair Services

A handyman examining a tall window’s shutters during an appointment for window repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Keeping your windows in good condition is extremely important, because they represent potential weak points in your building's exterior that can make your home less comfortable, let in excessive moisture, and cost you a significant amount of money in increase charges on your energy bills. Making sure they are in great shape will benefit your property and household and save you money in the long run. Our Tulsa window repair services include:

  • Glass Replacement: If you've got broken or cracked panes of glass, it's no secret that they need to be replaced. We can also replace single-pane windows with energy efficient insulated glass for significant energy savings.
  • Caulking: It's important to seal around the edge of window frames with caulk so moisture and air drafts can't get in, but caulk does degrade over time and needs to be replaced every five years or so to preserve your home's indoor comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Sash Repair: When a window is difficult to open and close, the issue is often that the sash is warped and doesn't fit in the frame properly, or it is crumbling apart due to wood rot from moisture exposure. We can correct those issues by replacing the damaged wood or reinforcing it with wood filler epoxy so the sash operates smoothly again.
  • Trim Repair: Trim such as frames and sills can be damaged by everything from water exposure to pets gnawing on them. Our Tulsa window repair strategies will vary depending on the nature of the problem, but you can count on us to get your trim looking and functioning at its best again.
  • Painting: If you have painted frames, sashes, muntins and mullions, the paint will eventually peel or flake and need to be replaced. It's important to remove the old paint first, because if your handyman just keeps adding new layers, it can build-up and actually interfere with the operation of the sash or latch mechanism.

Count On Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa for Window Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A handyman using a screwdriver to adjust the mechanical components of a casement window during an appointment for window repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When they need an experienced professional to take care of a home repair, installation, maintenance or improvement project such as window repair, Tulsa, Oklahoma property owners turn to the experts at Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa. Get in contact with us to schedule an appointment for service.

Advantages of Calling Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa

  • Experience to find a correct long-lasting solution for a variety of repair issues
  • Professionals are screened by a background check program
  • Workmanship is guaranteed
  • Licensed and insured
  • Convenient appointment times
  • We arrive on time, in uniform and driving a company vehicle
  • Locally owned and operated business in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Customer satisfaction is our first priority

Frequently Asked Questions About Tulsa Window Repair

What Are the Warning Signs My House Needs Window Repair?

While it's certainly possible for windows to suffer sudden damage—that classic image of a baseball smashing through a pane of glass tends to come to mind—it's actually more common for the deterioration to start small and slowly worsen over the years. That can make it a lot less noticeable, as homeowners slowly adjust and learn to live with the inconvenience until it gets to the point where it simply can't be ignored. If you know the signs of trouble, you can get Tulsa window repair services before the problem is out of control. Those signs include:

  • Air drafts
  • Rotting wooden sashes, sills and frames
  • Moisture damage such as mildew and softened drywall
  • Insect infestations
  • Difficulty opening and closing
  • Broken latch
  • Condensation trapped between glass panes
  • Poor sound separation
  • Bubbling or peeling paint

Why Is Condensation Trapped in My Double-Pane Windows?

Double-pane units feature two panes of glass with a small gap between them, sealed together at the edges. Sometimes the gap is filled with argon gas, which insulates the panes and makes them more resistant to heat transfer. The unattractive problem of misty or foggy windows occurs when the seal is broken, which causes the argon gas to escape and lets condensation get in between the panes. It is possible to replace the seal, but it's usually a temporary solution that will need to be repeated, so it's probably more cost effective just to have the unit replaced.

Is Tulsa Window Repair Always the Right Option?

Not always. While there is a wide variety of issues that can be handled by the right Tulsa window repair strategy, there are some situations like the foggy glass mentioned above where it makes sense to consider your window replacement options. The two basic choices are pocket or full-frame replacement windows. Pocket replacements are less costly, but they reduce the visible glass by several inches. If you're not sure which is best, consult with your local Tulsa Mr. Handyman for some expert advice.

Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa is Your Local Tulsa Window Repair Expert

Does your home or commercial property in Tulsa or nearby areas such as Jenks, Broken Arrow, Sapulpa, Glenpool, or Bixby need window repair services? Just call to chat with our friendly customer service representatives at Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa and schedule an appointment, or find out more about what we can do to enhance your property.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you why we're considered Tulsa's top choice for trustworthy, experienced handyman services and expertise for everything from window repair, weather proofing, door installation and repair to drywall repair and carpentry.

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