Keller Patio Repair: Our Responses to Texas Homeowners' Questions

A white rubber mallet used for patio repair lying on a stone patio as it is in the process of having new stones put in.

When the long, hot Texas summer arrives, one of the best ways to beat the heat is by heading outside to lounge on a shady patio with an ice-cold beverage. It's the ideal outdoor living space for grilling dinner, hanging out with friends and family members, or just relaxing and enjoying a fresh breeze—as long as you've been keeping up with regular maintenance and the occasional Keller patio repair services.

But when your patio has fallen into disrepair, it's not such a pleasant, inviting location to spend a summer afternoon. Problems like uneven stones, crumbling mortar, or puddles of water—not to mention a thick layer of dirt and grime—make your patio less safe and comfortable for your household and also lower the overall appeal of your backyard.

Fortunately, there's a simple solution: invest in expert patio repair services from a qualified Keller handyman to get your patio back in the best shape it has seen since it was installed. The team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke, and Alliance have a lot of experience with patio repair issues in this little corner of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, so we know what needs to be done to restore the function and beauty of your outdoor space. We strive to always provide the best quality of workmanship and customer service that goes the extra mile.

Are Patios and Decks the Same Thing?

This is a fair question because those terms are often used interchangeably, but they're actually not the same. They are both outdoor relaxation and entertainment areas, usually found in the backyard. But while a deck is typically a raised platform made with wooden planks or other materials such as composite decking, a patio is at ground level and is made with masonry products such as pavers, poured concrete, or natural stones. "Patio" is a Spanish word that originally referred to a courtyard, but the meaning has shifted somewhat in its English translation, and in the U.S., patios are usually not enclosed. Whether you need Keller patio repair or deck repair services, you can rely on our professional handyman team to get your outdoor living areas back in excellent condition and ready to be enjoyed all summer long.

What Are the Signs My Property Needs Patio Repair in Keller, TX?

There's no doubt that your masonry surfaces are made to last. Patios don't suffer from the same issues with rot and rust that plague wooden and metal surfaces outdoors, so they've got an advantage when it comes to durability and longevity. That being said, your masonry surface is not impervious to damage. There are a number of factors that can have a big negative effect on its condition and cause it to require Keller patio repair.

Grime Build-Up

This is the most common issue our Keller patio repair experts deal with on a regular basis. Over time, masonry becomes coated in a thick layer of dirt, pine needles, decaying leaves, and other debris. This can get particularly bad during the winter when the space isn't being used, and if it's been a few years since it was dealt with, you might not even be able to see the real surface under all that grime anymore. Even if you can see your bricks, pavers, or concrete, you may be very surprised by the true color that can be revealed with professional pressure washing service.

Pressure washing is the best Keller patio repair strategy for built-up grime that can't simply be swept away with a broom. The pressure is what makes it far more effective than other cleaning methods when it comes to getting dirt, stains, and other stubborn substances off outdoor surfaces and items. Pressure washers are capable of pressures that range between about 750 and 3,000 psi, or pound-force per square inch. In comparison, a garden hose clocks in at about 400 psi, while a typical faucet only delivers about 50 psi. Pressure washing removes oil stains, mineral deposits, and other grime that most cleaning techniques can't budge.

Plant Growth

Speaking of pressure washing, it's also an excellent way to remove unwanted organic growth like moss or a slick coating of algae. That type of plant growth makes it difficult to walk on and use your patio without tripping, but the plant matter also breaks down the masonry surface over time, causing accelerated damage. Our team of Keller patio repair professionals can strip away unwanted plant growth, leaving a clean, ready-to-use surface behind.

Cracked or Broken Pavers

When bricks, stones, or pavers have loosened up in the mortar, have suffered cracks, or are missing pieces, they need to be replaced. While masonry is made up of individual units, their combined strength is what creates a durable structure, and a weak link can cause serious structural stability issues. For pavers that have been cracked or smashed apart, Keller patio repair is more like Keller patio replacement. Repairing a broken paver wouldn't provide good results, and the fix probably wouldn't last too long.

But you may not need to have the entire installation replaced. If you saved a few extra pieces from the original installation, your handyman can remove the damaged paver and replace it with one of the matching spares. If you didn't have the opportunity to save any extras, a complete replacement of the whole thing would likely be necessary. It may seem like it would be a simple matter to just purchase a few more matching pieces, but it's usually not that easy. Specific designs of pavers are often discontinued, so they may not be available anymore. They're also manufactured in lots, so the same type from a different lot might not be a great match. Anything less than a perfect match will stick out like a sore thumb, so for the sake of appearance, it's better to go with a replacement.

Spalling on Concrete Surfaces

Spalling is a type of deterioration where chunks of a concrete patio surface fall out in chips, leaving behind an ugly, uneven, pockmarked surface. The deterioration may be due to old age, but it can also be related to a faulty installation if the concrete mix contained too much water or it didn't cure properly after it was poured. However, this does not necessarily call for the entire surface to be ripped up and poured again. Your handyman may be able to get it looking great again with a Keller patio repair strategy that involves resurfacing it with a concrete overlay that's about half an inch thick.

Pooling Water

Patio installation is a lot more complicated than just putting some stones or pavers down on the ground and calling it a day. It needs to be designed in such a way that water naturally drains off and away from the surface to avoid serious water damage issues and soil erosion. If you notice puddles of water forming on your masonry, there's a problem that needs to be corrected sooner rather than later with Keller patio repair service. Your handyman will need to work out some drainage solutions to get the water moving away from your surface so you can avoid more severe water damage in the future.

Heaving Pavers or Concrete

When moisture makes its way behind brick and seeps into the backing, it pushes on the bricks and can cause them to bulge outward or cave inward. This typically happens as a result of the freeze and thaw cycle. Needless to say, ingress of water is a big problem, and your Keller patio repair professional will need to remove the affected bricks, repair the moisture damage underneath, and put in a replacement section.

Crumbling Brick Mortar

Mortar is one of the most vulnerable parts of your masonry installations, and deteriorated mortar joints are a common problem. When mortar crumbles apart, it leaves the bricks and stones without sufficient support, causing them to rub against each other and suffer damage or fall out of the structure entirely. Most brick or stone surfaces will require Keller patio repair to fix up the mortar every 15 to 20 years, but it could be more often based on the type of damaging elements it is exposed to.

Can Hairline Cracks in Concrete Be Fixed with Keller Patio Repair?

It may seem like it would be a simple matter to get a small hairline crack in concrete fixed up with professional patio repair in Keller, TX—but it's not. Hairline cracks are extremely common in concrete and are really just a cosmetic problem. It may be technically possible to try patching it with grout or cement, but in all likelihood, the repair will look worse than the original problem. Hairline cracks can be safely ignored. However, larger cracks where the concrete is actually separating and there are noticeable gaps are real problems that need to be addressed by an expert.

How Do You Fix a Sliding Patio Door That Won't Slide?

The actual walking surface isn't the only part of your outdoor space that may need Keller patio repair services. Our team is often called to deal with sliding glass door repair for patio doors that are difficult to open and close. Sliding doors are supposed to slide—it's right there in the name—so if you have to throw all your weight into heaving or shoving just to budge your door a few inches, that's clearly not right. Sliding glass doors operate with a roller and track system; small rollers on the bottom of the heavy panel roll along a track on the floor. But if your entryway has suffered track damage such as denting or crushing or the rollers are broken, missing, or out of alignment, that smooth gliding action disappears, and it can be a struggle just to get outside and enjoy your patio space.

When that happens, the best course of action is usually for your handyman to replace the track and/or the rollers to restore full function. But that may not be necessary. Sometimes the tracks and rollers are in relatively good condition, and the reason they aren't operating properly is because they are clogged up with dirt, hair, and other debris that is preventing the rollers from moving smoothly down the track. If you don't see any obvious damage, but there is quite a bit of grime accumulated, grab a scrub brush and some warm water and give the tracks a thorough scrubbing. Once they're dry, vacuum up any remnants and give the door a push to see if it's moving any better.

What Can I Do to Avoid Keller Patio Repair in the Future?

Once you've gotten Keller patio repair service, you may be looking for some ways to maintain your outdoor surfaces, so you don't need to make another service call for an extended period of time. Here are a few maintenance tips for keeping your patio in excellent condition:

  • Don't Use Salt: If your outdoor masonry develops a few patches of ice during the winter, you may be tempted to add some de-icing salt to avoid a nasty slip and fall. Salt can really eat away at the stone, pavers, and concrete, so it's not a good idea—sprinkle down some sand instead to give extra grip, as it can simply be swept up once warmer weather arrives.
  • Sweep-Up Dirt: Give your patio a sweep with a broom every now and then to remove excess dirt that encourages destructive plant growth.
  • Keep Gutters Clean: Get regular gutter cleaning and repair service from your handyman to avoid the severe moisture damage that can be caused by overflowing rain gutters.

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