A community like Trophy Club earns its name easily. Not only because of the golf course designed by champion golfer Ben Hogan — from which the community gets its name — but also from the stunning properties that line its streets. Those exceptional homes deserve the best support available from a skilled local handyman.

Trophy Club property owners need a handyman whose skills are worthy of decoration. The badge of experience that adorns a skilled local handyman is more valuable than the best tool or technique. There's no substitute for the expertise that comes from professional handyman services.

Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance provides exceptional service for every property owner in Denton and Tarrant County. If you want reliable handyman service for your home in Trophy Club, trust the team with the expertise to guarantee that you'll be satisfied, and the skill to meet all your needs.

Property Maintenance Services

Trophy Club homes might be impressive, but they're not immune to wear and weather. Every building in Texas suffers from the effects of daily stress and blunders. Gradual wear and accidental damage are unavoidable, but they're not unstoppable. Routine property maintenance is the solution for all minor damage and gradual wear in Texas.

If you haven't completed your seasonal maintenance checklist, you're not alone. Beautiful homes like those found in Trophy Club need a lot of work to avoid future complications. Gorgeous trim, siding, decks, and other features come with a collection of tiresome chores. It's enough to make you feel like hiring your own maintenance coordinator, but that's not necessary. Your local handyman company could easily handle all that maintenance for you!


  • Pressure washing: for siding, stone, and other surfaces with built-up layers of grime, dust, and debris.
  • Fence repair services: for broken boards, sagging posts, stains, and other types of fence damage.
  • Dryer vent cleaning: to clear clogged ventilation and reduce fire risks.
  • Gutter cleaning service: to save you from climbing ladders and scooping grime.
  • Deck repairs and refinishing: for lasting protection and peace of mind.

Repair Services for Trophy Club, TX

Some damaging mishaps require professional intervention beyond basic maintenance — even in Trophy Club. Every homeowner and business owner will eventually face multiple types of repairs over the course of owning a property. Each specific repair requires unique skills, tools, and knowledge. Those varied repair projects present challenges to homeowners without repair experience, but they're all easy jobs for an experienced handyman.


Damaged drywall is a common problem. That's partly because it's so widely used, but it's also because drywall has several weaknesses. Water causes serious damage to drywall — even in small amounts. It won't stand up to impacts either. Holes and dents could be caused by anything from a doorknob swinging into a wall to an accidental bump from a sudden fall.

One of the chief benefits of using drywall is that it's easily repaired, which means that even if you do suffer from sudden damage, you don't have to worry about it being a major pain — as long as you repair it quickly.

Unless you already possess the necessary equipment and experience for dealing with drywall dust and refinishing a wall, it's recommended that you hire a professional handyman for full-service drywall repairs — especially for fixing large holes.


Trim features, like crown molding and window trim, are essential for adding that unique touch to homes in Trophy Club. Trim repairs are key services for property owners who want those aesthetic features to continue creating an appealing appearance.

Wood rot is one of the most common issues that affect exterior trim in Trophy Club. All wooden door frames, window frames, and other pieces of trim are vulnerable to the effects of wood rot. If that slowly spreading deterioration isn't dealt with, it could enter your property through a window sill or door jamb and spread onto interior surfaces. It could infect your actual frame too, thereby compromising the safety and security of everybody inside. Luckily, wood rot solutions are some of the most popular services offered by your Trophy Club handyman.

Interior trim is vulnerable to wood rot too — especially in bathrooms and other areas affected by moisture buildup — but interior trim is also affected by many other issues. Holes, gaps, dents, and other minor issues are all possible problems for indoor trim. Those damaged surfaces achieve the opposite goal of their intended function. Instead of making rooms look great, they make them look decrepit. Excellent service from a Trophy Club handyman will undo that reversal, ensuring that your interior trim always looks magnificent.


  • Decks
  • Siding, soffit & fascias
  • Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Floors
  • Gutters
  • Grout
  • Stairs & railings
  • Tiles

Trophy Club Home Improvement Services

It's tough to improve perfection, but even Trophy Club homes become outdated eventually. Repairs and maintenance are the most essential projects for property owners, but improvement projects are important too. Larger projects like kitchen and bathroom remodel transform properties from great buildings into outstanding spaces, and no bathroom or kitchen remodeling project would be complete without outstanding handyman services.


For both kitchen and bathroom renovations, tile is an important finishing touch. Older tile with stained grout and cracks is an eyesore — even in newly renovated rooms. Great tile that's been carefully selected — and installed by a professional handyman — makes a room seem even more remarkable.

Tile installation is an arduous, time-consuming task with ample opportunities for mistakes that lead to future problems, but the results of great tile are worth the effort. That's why a Trophy Club handyman is so essential for bathroom and kitchen remodeling. They'll take all the work out of tile installation, so all you have to worry about is picking great patterns!


New floors also make a big difference in renovation projects — especially in kitchens, where spills and impacts are more common. Picking new floor material is difficult enough on its own. Actually putting that new floor in is a task for skilled professionals — like a local Trophy Club handyman.

Professional flooring installation doesn't just lower your chances of accidents caused by incorrect technique. It also lowers the chances of overspending and reduces the amount of time that the project will take.


Older cabinets are also common troublemakers in outdated rooms. New, impressive cabinets could improve your comfort and convenience while adding an astonishing appearance to kitchens, cabinets, and other storage areas. With a Trophy Club handyman that offers specialized carpentry services, you could get cabinets designed specifically for your needs!

For Trophy Club homeowners that just want an attractive update without replacing their cabinets, resurfacing is the solution. Cabinet resurfacing refers to a process of replacing the outer appearance of cabinets, such as doors, hinges, and handles, without replacing the actual units themselves. It's like giving your cabinets a facelift.

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