Bathroom Remodel Lehi, UT

A handyman sealing a glass shower wall installed during a shower remodel in Lehi, UT.

Is your bathroom unattractive, uninspiring and full of components that don't suit your family or don't really work well at all? There's no need to suffer a malfunctioning or bland bathroom any longer when you can simply call your local Lehi handyman to deliver your dream bathroom with experienced, efficient installation and improvement services.

When you're ready to wave goodbye to your old space and get started on a bathroom remodel, Lehi, UT professionals at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo and Spanish Fork are available to help. We have decades of experience with renovation and remodeling trades, so we have the skill to get your entire project taken care of on time and to the highest standards of excellence.

Our Experienced Lehi Bathroom Remodel Services

A new toilet installed during a Lehi bathroom remodel.

Whether you're interested in a complete overhaul that involves tearing out everything down to the wall studs and subfloor to start from scratch or you had a more modest project scope in mind to make a few much-needed changes here and there in the room, we can help with your bathroom remodel. Lehi, UT homeowners can avoid the hassle and stress of hiring and managing independent contractors with various specializations when our multi-skilled team has the ability to not only get the job done right but also communicate clearly with each other and you throughout the process. In our many years of professional experience, communication is one of the most critical factors in getting a project done smoothly, on schedule and to the homeowners' exact specifications.

Some of the services we offer for a complete bathroom remodel are:

  • Drywall installation and repair
  • Tile installation for floors, walls and shower
  • Flooring installation
  • Bath remodeling
  • Custom shower remodel
  • Shower installation
  • Interior painting
  • Trim installation and repair
  • Tile repair
  • Toilet installation
  • Installing sinks and other fixtures
  • Single or double built-in vanity installation
  • Mirror installation
  • Bathroom countertop installation
  • Installing cabinets and other types of storage space
  • Light fixture and bathroom fan installation
  • Bathroom window repair and installation
  • Installing accessibility features such as grab bars and walk-in tubs
  • Installing finishing touches such as the toilet paper holder and towel rack

Choose Our Team for Your Next Bathroom Remodel, Lehi UT

Accessibility grab bar installed during bathroom remodel in Lehi.

If you've been thinking and dreaming of the perfect bathroom remodel, Lehi, UT homeowners can get the peace of mind that comes with knowing it'll be handled flawlessly when they turn their project over to the expert team at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo and Spanish Fork. Our highly experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the best quality of service combined with skilled craftsmanship and long-lasting repair solutions. We also offer a wide range of other services, including kitchen remodeling, flooring installation and more.

Frequently Asked Bathroom Remodel Questions

What's the Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in Lehi, UT?

This is something homeowners commonly want to know. While we don't have the data specifically for Lehi, the average cost of bathroom remodel projects in the United States is just over $10,000. But in our opinion, that information isn't very helpful when trying to plan a budget for a bathroom remodel. Lehi, UT homeowners need to keep in mind that the average represents a wide range from just a couple thousand dollars to well over $30,000. But more importantly, average bathroom remodel costs don't take into account what you personally want to get out of the project in the end. It makes a lot more sense to think about what you want, be realistic about how much you can afford, and then find ways to make those two considerations meet in the middle at a cost you're happy with and a remodel plan you love.

Can a Bathroom Remodel Improve Property Value?

Absolutely. Any real estate agent will tell you that the bathroom and kitchen are key areas of concern for most prospective home buyers. When they view your property and see a newly remodeled bathroom, it reassures buyers that the house is in good condition, well-maintained, and that they won't have to deal with a renovation shortly after moving in. If raising property value is your main goal with a bathroom remodel, Lehi, UT real estate experts recommend sticking with neutral colors such as white tile and simple, classic designs that won't turn buyers off.

Do I Need a Building Permit for a Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Lehi City does require permits for work that involves plumbing or electrical changes, among other things, so you will likely need a permit for your bathroom remodel. Lehi, UT homeowners don't have to worry about that, though—we have years of experience working in this area, so we know exactly which types of work require state or municipal permits and we'll get them pulled on your behalf so you don't have to deal with filing the paperwork.

How Do I Prepare My House for a Bathroom Remodel?

When it's nearly time to get started on a bathroom remodel, Lehi, UT residents can take a few simple preparation steps to help everything go efficiently. Here are a few tips on preparing your Lehi home for an expert bathroom remodel:

  • Take everything out of the room, including items in drawers, shower curtains, wall hangings, and everything else that can be picked up and removed.
  • Check to ensure there's a clear path from the nearest exterior door to the space that will be worked on, with ample room to carry large, heavy items. It's also a good idea to remove hanging photos and decorations from the hallway so they don't get accidentally knocked down.
  • Keep pets safely and comfortably confined in a part of the house that is far away from the remodel so they're not bothered by construction noises.

Ready to Start a Bathroom Remodel? Lehi, UT Homeowners Can Rely On Mr. Handyman

If you live in Lehi or a nearby part of Utah such as Highland, Alpine or Cedar Hills, trust the pros at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo and Spanish Fork for an expertly done bathroom remodel and many other repair, installation or improvement services. Our friendly customer service team is standing by to take your call at (801) 890-3843.

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