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What else can you ask for if you're merely one footstep away from the mountains as your backyard? Alpine is a suburb of Salt Lake City, comfortably nestled between Mt. Timpanogos and Lone Peak. Whether you like your morning jog or afternoon hike, you won't ever run out of outdoorsy activities no matter what time of the day or what season of the year. About 90 percent of proud young professionals and families own their homes in Alpine, and everyone enjoys going at a slow pace and being in tune with nature, but you could find that equilibrium becoming interrupted by home maintenance and repairs. That's where an Alpine handyman comes in.

We don’t want to stop you from running across the poppy field or hiking along Dry Creek during your free time. Your local Alpine handyman at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork is a friendly neighbor who wants to help you stay on top of your home maintenance and tackle your seasonal checklist so you won't fall behind.

Every member on our team has passed a background check program and brings many years of experience in home improvement, maintenance, and repairs. With the help of a highly-qualified handyman, Alpine, UT, homeowners will save time and no longer have to worry about wear and tear spiraling out of control. If you’re working or busy planning a family vacation, rely on your local Alpine handyman to get the job done efficiently and correctly. As your one-call handyman solution, we deliver high standards of workmanship and customer service that exceeds expectations for a wide range of handyman services.

Alpine Handyman Services for Property Maintenance

We believe that every property owner needs a trusted handyman. Alpine, UT, homes are exposed to unpredictable high and low temperatures in the fluctuating patterns of its continental climate. Large seasonal temperature changes can be hard on your exterior materials unless you maintain them well by providing the necessary care. When you step on your deck or porch after a long, cold winter, how do the wooden boards feel under your feet? Is it stable enough to hold a new bigger gas grill and a new set of furniture this summer? Or perhaps you had an ice dam over the winter, and the ice remnants are melting and leaking from your gutter sections onto your deck. It may seem like a harmless part of snowmelt season, but unfortunately, not on your property. Any type of leak could cause water damage to your materials, leading to deterioration and wood rot.

We strongly recommend that once you’re done with your interior spring cleaning tasks, you check your outdoor living space too. Winter damage of any form is all too common and often goes unnoticed until you start making use of your exterior space.

The same goes for preparing your property for the winter season by ensuring your exterior trim, such as window and door frames, is intact and your gutters are free from decomposing leaves and debris. Don't worry if you can't find the time or don't have the tools to execute these jobs. By hiring an expert handyman, Alpine, UT homeowners can look forward to enhanced safety and a restored curb appeal with little effort on their part.


When you prepare for the summer, your deck is probably one of the first things that come to mind, as well as long evenings and barbecues. Alpine's cold temperatures and deep snow covers are bad enough for wooden decks to suffer from seasonal weather damage. While you're still stuck with your indoor spring-cleaning duties, why not contact your expert Alpine handyman to take care of your property's exterior? If you don't remember the last time you sealed or restrained your deck boards, now is the time to call your handyman. Alpine property owners who rely on Mr. Handyman will get a thorough diagnosis of any deck repair needs and receive general maintenance and repairs that include:

  • Pressure washing
  • Staining, sealing, or painting
  • Replacing rotten boards
  • Sanding
  • Fixing or replacing loose railings
  • Replacing corroded fasteners and screws with non-corrosive stainless steel
  • Replacing stairs

Pressure-treated wood or natural types like cedar are common decking types in Utah, but they require a fair amount of maintenance, such as the examples mentioned above. Despite that, they will last you anywhere between seven and 14 years. However, if you’re not fond of routine maintenance, we recommend going for composite decking. Composite is made of wood fibers and polymers that create resilience and durability. It has become very popular throughout Alpine because it’s weather-resistant, requiring only a minimum amount of maintenance. Although composite building materials may cost more, the shelf life of up to 25 years will eventually pay off in the long run.


No matter where you live, having a sturdy, weather-resistant front door is important to keep you safe and back up your HVAC system. Living in the mountains, you're likely a wood aficionado who takes good care of your door by sealing and painting it annually. However, not every homeowner in Alpine, UT, has the time for that. When door edges start to splinter or show signs of wood rot, you may want to question its efficiency and seek a second opinion from your local handyman. Alpine, UT property owners often ask us to recommend energy-efficient door upgrades that require little maintenance.

While wood and steel doors have energy-efficient qualities with the right amount of care, we have found that fiberglass doors are an ideal option for homes during every season. Made of compression-molded fiberglass, these doors have three major components which are skin, frame, and core. The core has rigid insulation made out of polyurethane material and glass-reinforced polymer, whereas the frame is made of either wood or composite. The skin is typically a layer of artificial grains that give your door a wood-like appearance but with enhanced durability that needs less care.

If remembering to prime and paint is not preferred, you can count on your local Alpine handyman to meet your needs for a successful door replacement with a higher durability material like fiberglass.

Pet Door Installation

Pet owners that work full-time may need to leave their pooch alone at home for consecutive hours. You may not always see it, but all dogs always hate it to see their owner leave without them. That said, not all of them are suited to attend the doggy daycare, and not every dog walker is reliable.

Do you have a safely fenced backyard and wish your pooch would just grow some thumbs so he or she could open the door? We have a better solution to this problem. With the wide range of dog doors available, both you and your pooch can get more freedom. We offer pet door installation services for a wide variety of pet doors, such as screen pet doors or sliding glass door inserts. You can even get a more high-tech version that includes electronic smart dog doors with corresponding microchips. Feel free to get in touch with your expert Alpine handyman for more information.


We are versatile technicians who always approach our tasks with a positive attitude. We aim to be as client-focused as possible, always thriving on being your one-call solution for all the handiwork that needs to be done.

  • Finish Carpentry: What is finish carpentry? Let's say the certified carpenters on our team never leave a project half done! We complete the finishing touches of a designated area inside your home by enhancing interior trim work like baseboards or crown moldings. Mantels, shelving units, and cabinet installations are also some of the additional carpentry projects we can complete!
  • Gutter Cleaning: We’ll inspect and clean your gutters in the spring to ensure they’re set for the rain. We also recommend cleaning them in the fall to prevent decomposing leaves from settling and causing clogs and ice dams in the winter.
  • Caulking: Is the caulk in your bathroom or kitchen wearing out? There’s a lot to learn about caulking, especially if you want it to last for at least five years. Besides purchasing quality caulk and efficiently applying it, you need to be able to determine whether there’s any existing rot or water damage and ensure you deal with it first.
  • Ceiling Fans: Not many people are aware that a ceiling fan installation can help save you money on your cooling and heating bills. Set your ceiling fans counterclockwise, and it will bring cool air down and lower the overall temperature by about 6°F. This way, you won’t need to reduce your AC’s temperature. In the winter, set your fan’s rotation clockwise and set it to low. This is how you bring warm air down that has risen to the ceiling.
  • Aging in Place Modifications: If you have reached your golden years and suffer from reduced mobility, you deserve to stay in your own home and maintain your independence. That can be easily achieved with the help of your reliable handyman. Alpine, UT property owners could benefit from grab bar, handrail, and guardrail installations that will enhance your safety and flexibility, making it easier to move around. We can also complete bathtub/shower modifications, raise toilet seats and enhance light fixtures and switches for better accessibility.

Alpine Handyman: Repair Services

We offer more than just basic maintenance services. From minor home repairs to larger projects, our service providers are geared up for anything that you need us to look at. While preventative maintenance will help prevent some problems, it’s still possible for repairs to crop up over time. You can rest assured that our handyman pros will be ready to meet your needs for all kinds of property repairs with detailed inspection services and the best repair solutions for your particular situation.

If it happens that certain damage is beyond repair and your safest option is a replacement, as your local Alpine handyman, we will be transparent about it and ensure you receive long-term benefits from our services. Our priority is your safety and comfort, which means that it’s highly important to promote the longevity of every part of your property, from your exterior siding to your interior drywall.


Wood materials are common throughout the state of Utah, whether it's commercial doors made of wood or wood cabins in the wilderness. Those materials can last you for a very long time under the right circumstances and with the right maintenance treatments. Unfortunately, all types of wood have one major weakness, and that's the fungi that cause wood rot when timber is exposed to a certain temperature with a high level of moisture. The right amount of oxygen will enable either dry rot or wet rot to impact your wood structure.

Your local Alpine handyman recommends checking specific areas for rot, especially after a wet season and even after snowmelt. Wood rot is likely to occur when you forget to reseal your deck boards or fence posts. Extreme weather conditions can also lead to peeling paint, splinters, and cracks, which allows moisture to penetrate the wood.

Signs of Wood Rot include:

  • Cuboidal cracking (forming cube-like shapes)
  • Velvety skin
  • Dry and powdery appearance
  • White, gray, or yellowish discoloration
  • Fungus grows several millimeters per day
  • Lumber appears to be shrinking
  • Musty smells
  • White spots
  • Spongy texture

Areas to Check for Rotted Wood:

  • Deck boards (surface and underneath)
  • Floors in a mudroom or entryway
  • Steps and staircases
  • Fence posts
  • Window frames, sills
  • Sheds, gazebos, and playhouses
  • Underneath sinks and other plumbing fixtures
  • Near appliances with water lines
  • Underneath water heaters
  • Attics and crawl spaces


  • Drywall repair and installation
  • Tile installation
  • Ceiling repair
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Basement finishing
  • TV mounting
  • And much more!

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