Why You Should Use Mr. Handyman for Your Next Drywall Project

Drywall is an important part of maintaining the value of your home. Mr. Handyman can help with drywall repair tasks and projects that can help transform a room or add final touches to a remodeling project. Mr. Handyman is a capable and professional contractor that can patch, install or finish drywall projects throughout your home. Let Mr. Handyman save you money and handle the wear and tear that occurs in your home so you don’t have to.

Knowledge and Experience

We know drywall! There are various types of drywall that work best in specific locations of your home. Typical drywall can work well in your living room or bedroom but not in your bathroom. What you may not know is that some areas of the home require water resistant drywall. Give us a call to assess your drywall needs and get the job done right the first time.

Save Time and Money

Our technicians provide safety and deliver quality all while saving you money. Our technicians are contractors by trade who have multiple skills to get the job done right. Their high standards of excellence and attention to detail will find the solution that works best for you and your budget.

Dependable Performance

Our technicians can perform multiple drywall projects. We can help you complete a remodeling project or focus on fixing cracks and holes in your drywall that occur over time. Mr. Handyman contractors have seen it all. Let our drywall professionals address your drywall needs to help improve the value of your home. Mr. Handyman technicians are experienced and will show up to you home driving a clearly marked van in uniform with the tools to do the job right!

McKinney Drywall Repair Services

Walls are essential in making a room complete, providing you with both safety and privacy. However, your interior walls are designed to do more than that. Not only do they shield your home’s interior from everything tucked out of view, but they back your insulation system by acting as a vapor barrier, heat conductor, and heat convector. Fortunately, the complexity of wall construction was greatly reduced ever since drywall hit the North American market in the late 1950s. This means that the costs aren’t as shocking as they used to be. Back in the day, lath and plaster required many hours of labor, leading to higher expenses for both installation and repairs.

Nowadays, we can’t imagine building home interiors without drywall, which is also known as its brand name “Sheetrock.” Made of gypsum minerals sandwiched between two layers of paper, gypsum boards (or plasterboards) are flexible, lightweight, and easy to install. Drywall ingredients include finely ground gypsum crystals and a mix of several types of fibers (paper, glass fiber, plasticizer, foaming agent). In some high-end types, you will find different types of additives for increased quality to serve different purposes.

A hand smoothing out joint tape being used for McKinney drywall repair services.

Drywall is also fire- and moisture-resistant but despite its unique qualities, it’s prone to accidents and not bullet-proof in the event of water damage. If damage is due to high impact, calling for McKinney drywall repair will fix the problem unless you’re a DIY professional with a drywall patch kit. It’s important to note that medium- to large-sized holes can’t be repaired without new panels because patching won’t effectively fix this problem. Instead, cutting, sanding, taping, and mudding are involved.

Does that sound like too much? Count on your local McKinney handyman from Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County to get the job done for you. We are your locally owned and operated business with licensed and insured service technicians that bring many years of experience in home maintenance and repairs, delivering excellent workmanship that will exceed your expectations. When you hire our handyman service, trust our uniformed service professionals to arrive on time in a clearly marked company van, equipped with professional handyman tools to get the job done right.

When Do I Need Drywall Repair?

McKinney TX homes could have interior walls showing no warning signs of damage but that doesn’t mean nothing might be lurking behind them. To ensure your drywall is in good condition, you must also inspect your exterior house siding for cracks and holes. From external forces to foundation cracks, these problems have a huge impact on your interior walls. Unfortunately, it’s not an everlasting material, and wear and tear are especially common if minor damages are left untreated.

McKinney drywall repair services will get rid of any hairline cracks and holes in drywall efficiently. One added benefit to this service is our McKinney handyman’s superior eye for detail, which they use for inspections. This way, we’ll be able to determine the best and most cost-effective drywall repair method that will bring you long-term results.

In the event of a leak issue that involves water damage, we will be honest and transparent with our diagnosis. Some McKinney homeowners believe that allowing their drywall to dry would restore its performance but unfortunately, that is not the case. Water damage will reduce its efficiency and even attract rodents.

Signs You Need McKinney Drywall Repair, Plus Tips!

Here, we will expand on some visible and non-visible warning signs all of which require close investigations and paying attention to things you wouldn’t usually notice unless you step into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes or a McKinney handyman!

Hole Damage:

Most holes in drywall are probably familiar to you, whether you decided to remove a TV mount or pictures on the wall or you accidentally punctured a hole with a piece of furniture. Determining the severity of this type of damage can vary because it’s self-made, so you can rule out any underlying issues behind the damage unless you accidentally hit some important wires.

Nail pops: It’s important to keep in mind that random nail holes can be a sign of concern. A small bulge on the drywall surface suggests that an interior movement has loosened the joint compound that was originally covering the nail. A visible nail head is usually no sign of concern and nothing our McKinney drywall repair experts haven’t seen. While a DIY professional will likely tap the nail back down using a hammer, your McKinney handyman recommends giving your drywall more support by inserting two additional drywall screws—one about an inch above the affected area and one below.

If you like, you can pull out the damaged nail head with a pair of pliers as long as the other new screws are in place. Please do not just cover the popped nail with compound paint as it could compromise your drywall’s stability in the future. Drywall screws ensure your panel is securely attached to the drywall stud.

Termites: Besides wood, termites also have a huge appetite for gypsum or any solid material that contains cellulose. Termite wall damage might be difficult to spot at first because they start with mild, faint, brown lines. It might look like your pet has scratched the paint off the wall, but pay attention to whether it grows bigger or get our McKinney drywall repair professionals for a faster diagnosis.

If termites are the culprit, no patching job will solve the issue, even if you manage to get rid of them. The damage caused would be so severe that a replacement will be inevitable.

Rodents: The first step to getting rid of rodents is to call pest control services. Then, it may depend on the damage the mice have caused; but similarly to the point above, you might need more than drywall repair. McKinney TX property owners’ safest option to ensure efficient walls is a replacement.

Drywall Cracks And Home Settling

House settlement might start with popped nails, hairline cracks, or even a 45-degree angle crack during severe cases. While small incidents pose no harm, your McKinney handyman still recommends hiring a foundation specialist for a detailed inspection. If they suspect something bad that involves foundation issues, you should consult your home insurance company immediately to ensure they will cover the repair.

Other times, these cracks are harmless and McKinney drywall repair and maintenance will restore its looks and functions. Additionally, your skilled McKinney handyman will inspect your house siding for potential cracks. We know Texas soil too well! Clay soil dries in the heat and shrinks, whereas in the cold it expands and puts pressure on your foundation. There’s always something to worry about unless you carefully inspect any unusual cracks.

Three Types Of Home Settlement

  • Uniform: All houses should undergo a uniform settlement, which means all four corners drop evenly with no tilting or uneven dropping.
  • Tilting: Suppose you built a new home and two years later, your floor system appears uneven. The bigger picture may suggest that your house appears to be tilting or leaning. This means that one corner has sunk, whereas the other stayed in place. Because your foundation is still safely intact, the tilting settlement doesn’t usually pose great danger.
  • Differential: This is a form of foundation damage where a part of your foundation drops or shifts. Obvious signs include severe vertical cracks on your exterior and interior walls. This is when structural damage is at play.

Watch out for these important warning signs:

  • Drywall cracks on the main floor
  • Door and window cracks
  • Wind and storm damage

Water Damage

A burst pipe or stormwater seeping into your home’s interior will easily trigger water damage on your drywall. Water supply lines behind walls, ceilings, or beneath your floors can break due to high pressure, or clogs.

But if water damage is caused by clogged gutters, soffit, and damaged fascia boards, your McKinney handyman will inspect your gutters’ health and check your house siding for cracks. It usually takes longer for exterior moisture damage to reach inside your home due to the several layers the moisture has to pass through. This is an alarming situation because the water would have entered through your home’s sheathing and insulation before reaching your drywall. Immediate McKinney drywall repair and siding repair are required to protect your property’s structural integrity.

What You Need For DIY Drywall Repair in McKinney, TX

Applying a drywall patch to a small hole is something most DIY professionals have already done before. But sometimes, the damage requires more than just taping, and you’ll need to use mud, compound, and other repair materials to get the job done.

When a small patching job requires precision as you have to adequately match the wall thickness. The standard thickness of most drywall is 1/2 inch because windows and door jambs are typically sized to match 1/2 inch walls. Some essentials that you will need for your DIY McKinney drywall repair job, include:

  • Drywall compound (joint compound)
  • Mesh tape, paper tape, or reinforced paper tape
  • Piece of the drywall panel
  • Right-size nails or other fasteners
  • Wood strips (plywood)
  • Corner beads to connect corners and intersections
  • Drywall repair kits
  • Sanding pads


  • Pencil and chalk
  • Dust mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Putty knife (six-inch)
  • Taping knife
  • Staple gun and staples

How To Repair A Popped Nail:

  1. Similar to our tip above, once you have located the popped nail, you either re-secure it by tapping it back in or remove it. Nail holes are challenging to remove if the nail is bent. In that case, you will need to remove it with either a pair of pliers or by cutting it out with a utility knife. If it’s a drywall screw that looks straight, use a drill set counterclockwise to pull it out.
  2. Drill in a new 1 1/4-inch drywall screw about one inch above the old screw. While not too tight, it should be deep enough not to crack your wall.
  3. Use a putty knife to fill in any holes or cracks by smoothing the joint compound overtop. It may be necessary to repair damage caused when removing the screw or nail by using a mesh patch with compound applied on top as well.
  4. Allow 24 hours for the compound to dry and apply a second coat.
  5. When dry, scrape off any ridges with a sanding sponge.

How To Repair A Small To Medium Size Hole

  1. Check your repair kit for an 8x8 inch mesh tape.
  2. Smoothen out the surface around the hole with sandpaper.
  3. Wipe off the dust with a damp cloth.
  4. Peel off the paper backing of the mesh square and stick it onto your wall over the damaged area.
  5. Use a putty knife to spread a layer of compound over the top of the patch.
  6. Give it 24 hours to dry and gently sand the ridges the next day.
  7. Apply a second coat and use your best judgment to decide if it requires a third coat of compound.

How To Repair A Six-inch Large Hole

  1. Cut a piece of drywall down so that it is approximately 2 inches larger than the hole you are trying to repair.
  2. Cut a square into the back of your piece of drywall, about one inch in from the edge, and be sure not to cut the backing paper.
  3. Snap the edges off the piece at your newly created cuts, leaving the backing paper behind.
  4. Hold the piece of drywall against the hole in your wall and trace its edges (not including the loose backing paper) with a pencil
  5. Use a drywall saw to cut away the edges of the hole around your pencil lines, leaving a clean hole behind.
  6. Clean away any debris from the hole and sand down its edges
  7. Apply drywall compound to the backer paper on your replacement piece of drywall, and carefully fit it into the hole in your wall.
  8. Press down on the paper backing and even it out before adding another layer of compound on top.
  9. Let it settle for 24 hours before sanding away any imperfections. Then apply a second layer of joint compound and allow it to dry completely before once again sanding it down.

Holes larger than six inches will need at least two wood strips installed onto which you fasten the panel for better stability. You will also need more mesh tape during this type of drywall repair. McKinney homeowners who aren’t familiar with cutting, mudding, sanding, and taping should leave this messy job to their expert handyman. Our McKinney drywall repair services will ensure that the job is done right the first time.

What Else To Expect During Mckinney Drywall Repair

  • To meet customer satisfaction, we go above and beyond and that includes interior painting jobs after our repair services.
  • Whether it’s after remodeling or repair service, we don’t leave behind any mess. Expect us to clean up after ourselves, so the treated area looks like new.

Need Drywall Repair? McKinney TX Homeowners Can Trust Mr. Handyman!

Our McKinney handyman experts can reassure you that you’re in good hands! The team at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County is your expert at drywall repairs and replacement. Building a brand-new home or planning a home improvement project? Our quality drywall installation services will come in handy! Our courteous professionals are here to help property owners throughout McKinney and in many nearby areas, including Allen, Whitewright, and Melissa. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives to learn more about how we can help improve your living space! From drywall repairs to other wall projects like crown molding installation, we’re ready to meet all your home improvement needs.

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