Gutter repair is one of the most neglected household chores, and that makes sense—most homeowners don't have the inclination or ability to climb a ladder and deal with problems on their roof edge, and many don't recognize the warning signs that their house is in desperate need of gutter repair. McKinney, TX homeowners also don't always realize how much their gutters do to protect against serious water damage, from roof to foundation. Along with your roof, they are your home's first line of defense against moisture incursion, which can cause problems such as wood rot, mildew, and structural damage.

If your gutters are currently in poor condition and displaying signs of damage, the McKinney handyman team at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County has the skill and expertise to deliver expert gutter repair. McKinney, TX residents can trust us to get their gutters back in excellent shape and prevent major water damage issues.

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How We Tackle McKinney Gutter Repair Services

If your rain gutters are seriously clogged with dead leaves, pine needles, insect or bird nests, trash, grime, and other debris, rainwater from your roof can't reach your downspouts and spills over the edge instead. But all that weight also causes major strain on your rainwater disposal system, causing parts to crack, sag, tear loose from hangers and pull away from your fascia board, and eventually just crash down to the ground altogether. All that rotting muck also contains harmful bacteria that eat away at the system, causing small holes in the bottom of the channels.

When it comes to maintenance services such as gutter repair in McKinney, TX, the professionals at Mr. Handyman will first need to evaluate the extent and nature of the damage. Fixing the problem may involve re-securing sagging or loose gutter segments, and it may be necessary to replace entire sections that are crushed or severely dented. We will seal up little cracks or holes with watertight epoxy as well to prevent leaking.

We're the Right Choice for Local Gutter Repair in McKinney, TX

Don't stay up at night worrying about the damage that could be occurring because your house needs gutter repair. McKinney, TX homeowners can turn to the team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County to get their rainwater disposal system back in perfect working order and prevent major water damage issues from affecting their homes. We also offer gutter cleaning services and many other home repairs, maintenance, installation, and improvement services such as deck repair.

A Mr. Handyman technician repairing a gutter

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Repair


When considering whether it's best to choose replacement or gutter repair in McKinney, TX, the professionals will tell you that a key factor is the extent of the problem. If there are only a few small cracks and holes, your handyman can likely fix them with an epoxy sealant. In the same sense, if only one or possibly two segments have suffered damage from harsh weather or a falling tree branch, we can replace just those sections rather than the entire installation.

The type of gutter matters as well—for example, copper gutters are made to last much longer than other types, but they have a much higher upfront installation cost. Because of that, it makes more sense to try to repair them in any way possible if they incur damage. But if the problems are more extensive, the most cost-effective option will probably be to get a complete system replacement. Lots of little repairs or attempting to straighten mangled or crushed segments just isn't worth it, and it's probable that they would need replacement before long anyway.


Your siding and other exterior elements of your home are designed to resist moisture, but they can only take so much abuse before they begin to degrade.

Here are some unpleasant symptoms of water damage from broken and clogged gutters.

  • Leaking Roof: When the flow of water is prevented, it can remain on your roof instead, causing a lot of major roofing problems that include leaks, missing shingles, and rotting fascia boards, which are the part of the roof where the gutters are usually attached and therefore the first casualty of damaged rainwater disposal systems. It also causes water to leak into window and door frames as well as siding, where it can cause more water damage inside your walls.
  • Rotting Wood Trim: Timber is vulnerable to wood rot when it has a high moisture content. Door and window casings are frequently made from timber, and that deteriorated, crumbling wood lets even more water seep in. It also ends up costing you money by degrading your home's energy efficiency and forcing you to pay more on your monthly energy bills.
  • Damaged Foundations: Excess water accumulates in the soil around your foundation, eating away at the concrete until it cracks. It can also wash soil out from under the foundation, causing major problems like sinking or heaving.
  • Pest Infestations: All the gaps, cracks, and holes caused by damage from excessive exposure to rainwater are ways for insects, rodents, and other pests to find their way into your home and cause trouble. Some species, such as carpenter ants or termites, can cause major destruction in a short span of time.


Gutter guards stop debris such as pine needles from getting into the rainwater channels, while still letting water in. They reduce the need for gutter cleaning, but they can't lock out 100% of all debris, so the occasional cleaning is still necessary. But they do prevent wear and tear damage, and don't need to be cleaned as often, so it is worthwhile. We can take care of gutter guard installation as part of your McKinney gutter repair services.

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If you live in McKinney or another nearby part of North Texas such as Grayson County, Greenville, or Lucas, call the pros at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County for expert gutter repair. McKinney, TX homeowners often recommend our services once they've seen our skills for themselves.

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