Weston residents are proud of their hometown’s rich history, contributing to Texas and its independence. With a population of less than 300, this community has lots to offer to its people and visitors, from comfort food restaurants to exquisite hotels and museums to outdoor activities. It serves as the perfect gateway for families to nearby communities like Frisco and Plano, and local residents have access to many of the same amenities found in those communities, including Weston handyman services.

Every property owner in Texas will eventually need some form of home improvement or commercial service to keep their properties in good shape. Our versatile team of technicians at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County is proud to serve Weston home and business owners. Bringing over 20 years of experience, we provide reliable drywall repair, crown molding repair and gutter cleaning services, to name a few.

If you need a Weston handyman, we look forward to providing our expertise and outstanding customer service for you. Our wide range of services will help you complete many different projects, whether you need basic repairs and maintenance or something more complicated like a fence installation or a kitchen remodel.

Weston Maintenance Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Are you a busy property owner who can’t find the time to tick off your maintenance chores? Perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to inspect your gutters because your rusty old ladder isn’t safe? There are many little details, or nuisances, that might not strike you as urgent until more items add to your list.

Suppose they don't necessarily affect you but others around you, such as family or employees at work. In that case, you will know that you need to take immediate action to recover everyone's comfort. We care about your well-being and want to take this pressure off your shoulders, so you can continue to focus on your routine tasks and keep the workflow going. Don’t invest your free time in something that doesn’t give you pleasure and always takes you a long time to get done. Your Weston handyman could get it all done within a few hours or a day, depending on the job.


If your area has a high density of trees, and you don’t remember the last time you cleaned your gutters, you should urgently check their current state. Chances are that sediment and debris have clogged your gutters, and your soffit and fascia might be suffering.

Gutter cleaning is probably one of the most dreaded DIY jobs by Weston residents because they’re often not fully aware of the equipment needed, or they don’t trust their rusty ladder that has been hanging in the garage for years.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, which is why our licensed and insured handyman team doesn’t want you to be a liability to yourself doing something you don’t practice on a daily basis. When you hire a Weston handyman to do gutter cleaning, they will simultaneously inspect your gutter’s functionality and install gutter guards if needed.

We highly recommend an annual cleaning appointment with your handyman, especially during the fall and spring, because that’s when weather conditions are most unpredictable and you want to ensure that your gutters are always adequately directing water away from your house. That’s the best way to protect your roof, drywall, siding and house’s foundation.


Fences are safety barriers that protect both people and pets. Moreover, they clearly mark your territory and add more privacy to your home. We offer a range of custom-built fences, using sturdy materials, such as wood, vinyl, wrought iron and aluminum.

If you have an existing fence that hasn’t been cleaned for a few years, Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County also offers professional pressure washing services that will remove any stubborn moss and grime. You may have forgotten the original beauty of your home's exterior, but we could recover former looks through proper fence repair.

Additionally, we’ll help you preserve your fence by doing the following:

  • Remove weeds and rocks near the fence

  • Check for termites and ants

  • Remove flaking and peeling paint and refinish the surface

  • Repair or replace broken broads and lose hinges


As a highly versatile team, Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County approaches tasks with a positive can-do attitude. Each team member has gone through background checks, so you can rest assured that your home improvement needs are in good hands.

  • Painting and Staining: Whether it’s your fence, deck or door, we provide quality painting and staining service with a meticulous eye for detail.

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: We added this important service to remind Weston homeowners that clogged dryer vents could have serious consequences. Excessive lint and debris that obstruct the vent could cause dangerous fires.

  • Furniture Assembly and Carpentry: While it may be easy assembling a bookcase or cabinet using an IKEA manual, we have helped clients assemble larger projects like decks, tables, shelving units, cabinets and much more. Do not hesitate to ask us about custom carpentry as well!


If you are a Weston business owner with a commercial space, we offer convenient services to meet your needs. From small businesses and corporate offices, every office requires a comfortable workspace for its employees to focus on their work fully. As everyone’s superior, you already have a lot on your plate to keep business running. The last thing you need is a slamming door every time someone uses the stairway exit. Or perhaps you haven’t had time to set up the desk for your new employee who is bound to start next week.

Some of our most requested commercial handyman services include:

  • Commercial Carpentry: Convenient assembly and construction using power tools to create custom displays, storage spaces, workspaces or anything else you might need.

  • Graffiti Removal: Corporate and other public buildings suffer from unwanted graffiti. We’ll be able to determine whether pressure washing, acetone or other solutions are the best way for removal.

  • Hands-Free and Automatic Door Installation: If you need help with specific commercial door installations, we’ll ensure your doors are installed securely and are not a safety hazard.

  • Doorknobs and Lock Installation: We can replace and install new door knobs, handles or locks to ensure that your doors are always fully functional.

Property Repairs from a Weston Handyman

Despite taking good care of our houses and scheduling our annual maintenance services, certain interior parts will eventually show signs of deterioration because aging is inevitable. Gradual wear and unpredictable weather damage could be signs of poor-quality materials or even poor initial installation.

Your local Weston handyman is happy to inspect any affected areas. Whether you have a hole in your drywall, wood rot in your siding or need advice on home remodeling, we will provide helpful services and advice.


Did your anxious pet scratch your drywall too hard while seeking attention, or did you suffer water damage that requires drywall replacement? A Weston handyman could handle these issues, whether in your home or commercial shop. Depending on the severity of the drywall damage, it’s a messy, time-consuming task. What if we say that you won’t need to deal with any of it, and we’ll make it all go away and clean up like nothing has ever happened?

We help repair all different types of durable drywall panels, including fire-resistant or water-resistant boards—which have waxed surfaces but are not entirely waterproof. Those are mainly installed in bathrooms behind cement tiles, which means damage there could also affect tiles. If you need help with tile installation or repair—whether floor or wall—we can help you with that too.

If cutting, mudding, sanding, dusting, taping and painting aren’t your cup of tea, your Weston handyman service experts are happy to take the drywall repair burden off your shoulders and clean up after themselves like nothing happened. The results are very rewarding and will boost your overall home value, providing you with long-term solutions and less maintenance work.


Those are the fancy names of your roof’s structure closest to the gutters. Even if you take good care of your gutters, it’s worth monitoring your soffit and fascia’s condition too.

Soffit is an essential element that protects your roof. It is the horizontal underside of the roof eave, extending past the exterior wall. It’s as though your roof has a supporting ceiling underneath. Ideally, it’s appropriately vented to provide your attic and rafters with decent air circulation. Another essential purpose is moisture and condensation reduction.

Fascia is the horizontal finishing board connecting to the roof rafters’ ends. It sits above the soffit and is mounted exactly where your roof meets the rooflines. It’s designed to support your gutter system by creating a barrier between the outside elements and areas inside your roof.

As joined forces, they protect your roofing system from weather damage and infestation. You will need repair if they are worn out or suffer water damage. Our skilled team at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County can inspect your roof’s overall health and ensure that your soffit and fascia are in good shape.

If you have wood material, we’ll check for wood rot too. If that’s the case, a fascia board replacement will be your best solution. Switching to vinyl or aluminum would give long-term benefits due to their enhanced durability and resistance.


Siding is the main exterior protection of your house, and there are different materials that house builders use—vinyl, aluminum, composite and wood. With siding, damage might be hard to notice until it spreads into your home through your drywall or basement. Problems can start small but if the telltale signs are insidious or continue to go unnoticed, they could develop into devastating events.

Depending on siding type and maintenance service, sidings can last up to 50 years, but sometimes it’s not in our control to keep our assets in good condition. Whether your siding needs repair or replacing, our skilled Weston handyman experts have a meticulous eye for detail and are able to give you options that will make your siding shine again.

Common signs that you need Weston handyman services for damaged siding include:

  • Wood rot: Rotten areas beneath siding require a specialized technician’s inspection. While handling wood rot is one of our specialties, the required solutions depend on how far the decay has spread.

  • Water Damage: Moisture accumulation or stains on interior walls means that you could have water damage inside your home caused by damaged siding.

  • Warping and Bulging: Vinyl tends to warp, fade or melt in extreme heat. Other times, parts could bulge outward. Those are all problems that should be addressed with Weston handyman services.

  • Dents, Gaps and Holes: Storm damage or general wear and tear can cause these issues. If you have cedar siding, chances are that squirrels and woodpeckers are chewing on your siding or picking at it.

  • Increased Energy Bill: Worn out exterior cladding can compromise your home’s insulation and overall energy efficiency. A specialist should also check your attic in these situations because you may have a damaged roof as well.

  • Gutter and Downspout Complications: Keeping an eye on our home’s exterior drainage system requires lots of maintenance, especially if you have bad weather conditions. Regular gutter cleaning will help ensure your fascia board stays in shape and, thus, protect your siding from dampness.


We’re here to help with your next bathroom or kitchen remodel too! We encourage you to map out your dream kitchen or living room—whether it’s new countertops or custom cabinets, your Weston handyman is able to visualize your needs and make them come true. Homeowners often look into the best ROI options and discover that many home remodeling projects could give you 70% ROI. Why not invest money in your own home with help from a professional Weston handyman?

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