Some people believe that ceiling fans are old-fashioned, but these units are more modern and energy-efficient than you may think. Besides backing up your heating and cooling system, our North Oklahoma City ceiling fan installation services can help improve your indoor comfort and save you money on energy costs.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.
A recently completed ceiling fan installation in North Oklahoma City.

Over the years, your local North Oklahoma City handyman has completed multiple ceiling fan installations in North Oklahoma City, OK. As a result, homeowners have reported improved energy efficiency throughout their homes. We offer installation services for many different types of fans that are made for different purposes and spaces. Keep on reading to learn more about this handyman service, or contact the team at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond directly today!

North Oklahoma City Ceiling Fan Installation

Before and after photo showcasing a ceiling fan installation in North Oklahoma City performed by a handyman.

As we specialize in indoor comfort and making homes safer and more energy efficient, our North Oklahoma City ceiling fan installations are a worthwhile investment for homeowners who seek to save 8% to 10% on heating and cooling costs on their utility bills.

There is a wide range of types of fans that can be connected during ceiling fan installation in Oklahoma City, OK. This means that you have many options to choose from, including those with built-in light fixtures, Energy-Star ceiling fans, dual-motor ceiling fans, and so many others.

The largest part of a ceiling fan installation comes before we ever step foot in your home: picking out and procuring the fan you would like installed. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, it may take you a while to decide on one that's right for your space. Once you've made your decision, pick it up or have it delivered to your home, and give our team a call to schedule your North Oklahoma City ceiling fan installation.

Our Process for Ceiling Fan Installation in OKC


The first part of any installation process starts with an inspection. Even if you have an existing fan in place, we need to know that there are no issues with your ceiling joists, the drywall around your fan, or the electrical wires. In many cases, we find damaged drywall with issues such as cracks and water damage, and these will need to be repaired before we can install your fan.

Ideally, you will call us to inspect the area where you wish to install your ceiling fan before your actual service day. Our initial inspection will take note of any damage and ensure you get the repair services you need (if any) before the date of your installation. If we are inspecting your property for the first time on your installation day and everything is in good shape, we will proceed with taking measurements.


Next, your handyman will measure your ceiling height. If the height exceeds nine feet, or if you have an angled ceiling, we'll need to install a downrod to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Fans installed too high in a room with high ceilings will not give you the airflow you want. A downrod will lower the height of the fan so that you receive better air circulation; plus, it will help stabilize your fan so that it doesn't wobble when at high speed. There's nothing worse than an annoying, noisy fan when you're trying to relax. In addition, stabilizing your fan with a downrod will help prevent further loosening and damage.


Ceiling fan hanging varies slightly if you already have an existing fan in place versus if you don't. The entire process of installation is easy when you have an existing ceiling lamp in place that you would like to convert. However, if you don’t have a ceiling fan wiring cable in place, some drilling is required so your service professional can install a ceiling fan-rated electrical box that will house your future unit.

Our experts can install a ceiling fan in any room of your home, as well as outdoor covered patio spaces. We know the difference that a quality fan can make in the heat of the North Oklahoma City summer and the coolness of the winter, and we offer this service to ensure your needs are met year-round.


Some ceiling fan installations can get messy. If you have popcorn ceilings or require drywall repair on your ceiling, some debris may have fallen onto your floor, and large sections of drywall may have been removed. Don't worry, we're pros in the trade, and that means we will always respect your home. We'll be sure to remove and clean up any mess we make during the installation process of your ceiling fans in OKC.

For the best outcome of our ceiling fan installations, we always recommend scheduling an in-home consultation appointment, which allows our service technicians to carefully inspect your space and recommend the best product for your needs. This is particularly helpful if you have angled ceilings, any signs of drywall damage, or do not know which model of fan will work best for your space.

The Mr. Handyman Difference

A technician from Mr. Handyman standing on a ladder while completing a ceiling fan installation in North Oklahoma City.

As North America’s leading home service expert, Mr. Handyman has grown into a renowned franchise made up of hundreds of locally owned and operated handyman businesses. What makes us stand out from the competition is that every member of our team is background-checked and fully insured. Furthermore, we are bonded, courteous and highly experienced in working on local properties in and around North Oklahoma City.

We are committed to delivering quality craftsmanship to exceed our customers’ expectations, which is why every service we provide is covered by our Done Right Promise®. Here are a few more reasons we think you'll love the services we provide:

Convenient, One-Call Solution

As a homeowner, you have a to-do list that's a mile long. A ceiling fan installation is just one of the many tasks you need to complete, along with a roster of home maintenance jobs such as gutter cleaning, fence repair, window repair, and more. When choosing Mr. Handyman, you're getting a company that does it all. One call to our qualified team will see all of these maintenance and improvement tasks complete without the need to ever call another handyman business. Since our team is made up of a collection of carpenters, electricians, and remodeling pros, once you tell our friendly customer service reps your needs, we'll take care of the rest.

Professional Service

When it comes to home maintenance and improvement services, professionalism matters. It's the difference between having full confidence in the team you hire and not, and with us, you'll never second guess your decision to hire us. From the minute you call our helpful customer care team, you'll notice that our service is a cut above the rest. Proving helpful information, arriving on time, wearing uniforms, and completing jobs quickly and correctly, at the end of the day, we want to be a handyman team you can rely on when looking for top-tier service.

Guaranteed Workmanship

With ample experience in the trade, our ceiling fan installers work diligently to provide a service that exceeds your high standards. Just ask our satisfied customers or check out our local reviews and ratings. We're known as the handyman team that delivers exceptional service, but the reason our clients have full confidence in our company is that our workmanship is guaranteed. Giving you total peace of mind means that on the off chance that something does not meet your expectations during your repair or installation, we'll come back to make it right, no questions asked–and at no additional cost.

Fully Insured

Knowing that your service is backed by a guarantee is one way you can have confidence in our company. Another? Knowing that we're fully insured with general liability and worker's compensation. While we're a licensed handyman company and our staff has ample training and experience, accidents happen. It's important that the company you choose for your North Oklahoma City ceiling fan installation is fully insured for good measure.

Would you like to learn more about our values, team, or services? Meet our team, contact us online, or call our friendly staff to schedule service.

North Oklahoma City Ceiling Fan Installations FAQs

How Do I Save Energy Costs With North Oklahoma City Ceiling Fan Installation?

North Oklahoma City homeowners who want to better manage their HVAC system’s energy efficiency will benefit a lot from a ceiling fan. If you operate an air conditioning system, set your fan blades counterclockwise to better distribute cooled AC air. This also allows you to turn down your AC a little to reduce energy consumption. Alternatively, set the blade rotation in reverse (clockwise) during the wintertime to reduce heat transfer. Heated furnace air tends to rise very quickly, but with a high-quality ceiling fan installation in Oklahoma City, homeowners will get more out of the heat. And this is how you can save up to 10% on your energy bills.

Does A Ceiling Fan Improve Air Circulation?

It’s important to note that a ceiling fan only redistributes existing air in the room, whether it’s cooled AC air or heated furnace air. It moves and circulates air, and thus, it improves airflow. You may call it an artificial breeze, and depending on the type you have, you can even create a wind chill effect (i.e., with a 3-blade unit), so it has different functions to improve air circulation and can also temporarily raise or lower the room temperature.

Is a 3 or 5 Blade Ceiling Fan Better?

When you wonder which type of fan to install during your North Oklahoma City ceiling fan installation, your choice will depend on various factors. A 3-blade unit may seem neat and less cluttered. But its motor capabilities also create less drag, which means it can be a lot louder than other types. However, these units are also able to create a wind chill effect.

On the other hand, 4- or 5-blade units like the one in the image below are less noisy, but they create more drag on the motor, so they distribute air a lot slower. This is good if you seek a more balanced airflow. But as far as blade assembly is concerned, it’s really a matter of preference. A young professional who doesn’t mind cool temperatures will certainly get more out of a 3-blade, whereas a standard family home may benefit more from a 4- or 5-blade.

A 5-blade ceiling fan installed on the ceiling of a home by Mr. Handyman.

What’s The Cost Of A Ceiling Fan Installation in Oklahoma City?

It will depend on the types of ceiling fans you choose and if you have existing lighting fixtures in place. Otherwise, your North Oklahoma City handyman needs to install new electrical wiring and a ceiling fan box as an additional part of the installation. We highly recommend that you give us a call, and we might be able to give you a price range.

Looking for North Oklahoma City Ceiling Fan Installation? Mr. Handyman Has You Covered!

Some ceiling fan installations are very straightforward, others require drywall repair, electrical box installation, and feeding electrical wires to the desired location for your fan. Because of the need for electrical services and the chance of electrical issues, it's always a good idea to hire an experienced professional with electrical experience for the job. That's where we come in.

Mr. Handyman’s skilled and courteous service technicians are here to provide the community of North Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, including Deer Creek, The Village, and Nichols Hills, with exceptional handyman services.

When you’re ready for North Oklahoma City ceiling fan installation, give our friendly customer service reps to schedule your in-home appointment.

While you’re here, why not learn about our service for drywall repair, tile installation, and bathroom remodeling services? We're always happy to answer any questions you may have about what's possible for your home.

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