Interior walls do more than just determine rooms and spaces; they are also designed to insulate homes and provide soundproofing qualities. But if they lack functionality due to damage, it’s essential to act fast. Efficient North Oklahoma City drywall repair services provide individuals with safety, comfort, and privacy. Many types of damage can start small with, for instance, a popped nail or a hairline crack.

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When hiring your local North Oklahoma City handyman service for a closer inspection, you can rest assured that our skilled team will detect the underlying problem quickly and efficiently. Trust Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond to complete their drywall repairs in OKC like no other pros! Call our friendly office team today to learn more!

North Oklahoma City Drywall Repair

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OKC homeowners may wonder what constitutes drywall damage, but the truth is that you’ll often need an experienced professional to properly inspect the issue. For example, a sudden wall crack could indicate problems with your foundation, whereas wall bubbles could indicate moisture damage.

When hiring Mr. Handyman for professional drywall repair, OKC homeowners can expect our skilled technicians to complete the following:

  • Full inspection of interior and exterior walls, which includes checking for foundation cracks, moisture damage, and insulation performance.
  • Patching small holes caused by inadequate picture hanging, TV mounting or minor accidents.
  • Termite damage: When termites find access into your home, you likely have small cracks or crevices on your outside walls that may be affected by water leaks. It’s important to quickly stop the leak and eliminate the pests. Otherwise, it could quickly become worse and even lure rodents.
  • Large holes in drywall: Larger holes are often caused by accidents like moving a piece of furniture. Medium size holes (smaller than six inches in diameter) can be easily fixed with mesh tape and compound, whereas holes larger than six inches require a panel replacement and additional wood strips for support.
  • Water damage is the most destructive of all and often needs a full replacement. Since drywall contains cellulose, it will become less effective once wet. Our North Oklahoma City drywall repair technicians will likely swap out your wall insulation as well.
  • Ceiling repair is also a common service we provide, whether you have a ceiling leak or a wall crack that has spread all the way up.

When it comes to proper drywall repair, OKC service technicians use professional tools to perform the taping, mudding, sanding, and painting services. During a panel replacement, cutting on-site is also required, which means that it will get messy. We do not recommend you do it by yourself if you are not properly equipped, especially with safety gear.

When hiring Mr. Handyman for drywall repair, OKC homeowners will get peace of mind knowing that our insured professionals will keep them safe. Furthermore, our team in North Oklahoma City will clean up after ourselves, so all you’ll find is a healthy wall and a spotless space.

Why Hire Mr. Handyman For North Oklahoma City Drywall Repair?

Mr. Handyman is your locally owned and operated business that has been around for decades to serve its local communities. Over the years, we have grown into North America’s leading home service provider, with certified service technicians on the team that bring an average of ten years of experience from working in the trades.

Backed by Neighborly’s Done Right Promise™, we are committed to providing high-quality workmanship to always ensure customer satisfaction. This means that any service you hire us for will be done right the first time, if not, we’ll be back to rectify the issue at no extra cost.

We believe in transparency which is why we have an upfront pricing system in place to provide our customers with a detailed cost guide. Cost estimates are made upfront upon a thorough inspection service, during which our service technician will check for underlying issues. The goal is to carefully check for undetected problems that need to be addressed prior to the initial service requested.

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Frequently Asked Questions About North Oklahoma City Drywall Repair

OKC property owners may want to learn about drywall damage in more detail, as well as the causes and how we implement our professional and proper repair methods. Our expert drywall repair technicians have answered some questions!


To determine the exact cost of drywall repair, OKC handymen need to see the state of your damaged walls. The cost of patching and replacing drywall sheets varies by a lot. When you call us and describe your situation in more detail, we may be able to give a price range. Though we highly recommend that you schedule a no-obligation inspection with one of our expert technicians.


Most drywall damage is caused by accidents, like doorknobs slamming into walls or scratches created by careless furniture movers. However, some drywall damage can be the result of natural causes instead, such as shifting soil or water damage caused by moisture and humidity.

There are tools our OKC technicians can use to check for soil movement in your area. They are typically the culprits for unsightly cracks on the wall besides home settlement. During home settlement, the four corners of your house settle into the foundation. As long as it’s a uniform settlement, you won’t have to worry. The minor cracks in our OKC home should be easy to fix.

Another typical problem involves clogged gutters. If stormwater can’t safely flow away from your property, it will spill over your roofline and cause various issues to your soffit, fascia, and attic. If you spot water stains on your siding, you’ll know you have inefficient rain gutters. When exterior moisture seeps through wall cracks, it will only be a matter of time until it affects your interior walls. When you call for drywall repair, OKC repair technicians at Mr. Handyman will take the necessary steps to tackle your drywall issues.


OKC homeowners are free to patch unsightly nail holes with drywall mud, followed by sanding and a small paint job, but medium-sized holes (up to six inches in diameter) always need sufficient drywall tape before you apply a coat of compound. Depending on the actual size, you may also need to apply a second coat. For the best and safest result, we recommend hiring one of our North Oklahoma City drywall repair experts for an in-depth inspection.

Need Trusted Drywall Repairs, OKC? Hire Mr. Handyman To Get It Done!

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Mr. Handyman’s highly-rated local pros are ready to serve North Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, such as Edmond and The Village.

Are you ready to book your Oklahoma drywall repair service? Call our excellent customer service team to arrange a convenient appointment. We’re also happy to tell you all about our other popular handyman services, including tile repair, door replacement, or kitchen remodeling.

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