After a windy, cold winter, you probably can’t wait to make use of your outdoor living space again, such as your beloved deck. Sitting down outside on an elevated area, watching the sunset and your kids and pets playing in the yard. But there is a fair bit of work to do yet. If you haven’t been maintaining your wood deck, and you don’t remember the last time you applied a new coat of protective sealant, it may be time for an effective Edmond deck repair service.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls

The local pros at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond are experts at maintaining outdoor structures, especially wooden types that require routine maintenance and repair services to stay in shape. Unfortunately, a lack of deck maintenance means it will suffer from a series of weather damage. From fading colors to wood rot issues, trust your local Edmond handyman for expert deck repairs. Edmond, OK property owners who are behind with their spring cleaning duties, can expect our experienced handyman to complete their list of to-dos in no time!

Reach out to our friendly customer service staff today by dialing to book an inspection! Find out how our courteous Edmond deck repair technicians can restore your wood deck’s original looks and functions!

What Our Popular Edmond Deck Repair Service Includes

When in need of efficient deck repairs, Edmond, OK homeowners want trusted technicians who are aware of potential safety issues and know exactly what to do to tackle them. Luckily, our team is well-versed in what they do. On top of that, they are fully insured and certified for professional Edmond deck repair services on residential and commercial properties. Plus, we don’t judge when you neglected regular maintenance; rather, we’re happy that you called for an inspection service! During that, our Edmond handyman will inspect various areas for safety.

We’ll check for common signs of:

  • Surface damage, like loose boards or rotted deck boards
  • Discoloration which can be a sign of wood rot in development
  • Faded colors due to strong UV exposure
  • Wobbly railings due to corroded hardware
  • Missing hanger nails
  • Soil erosion around your concrete deck footings
  • Deterioration on deck posts
  • Rot in deck stair stringers
  • Inconsistencies in the framing: rims, beams, and joists
  • Insect or termite damage
  • Drainage issues, like leaky gutters

Our professional Edmond deck repair experts are detail-oriented and rather than just go ahead with the repairs, they will ensure any underlying issues are eliminated before they can cause more serious problems. They’ll also ensure your initial deck installation service was performed correctly. This way, your outdoor space remains safe all year round.

We’ll replace rotted, broken boards immediately before the fungal growth spreads any further. Stringer replacement behind the stairs is also a common task that we do to reinforce the structural integrity of the stairs.


An absolute must for maintenance and sometimes before comprehensive deck repairs, Edmond, OK service technicians will provide a pressure washing service to clean the surface from all the dirt, grime, and algae buildup. These elements contain moisture and could deteriorate your wood deck sooner than later, as well as rob its natural beauty. High-pressure water jets will blast away any stubborn grime and bacterial growth, providing our Edmond handyman team with a clean surface to work with during their deck repair. Edmond, OK property owners can rest assured that major repairs will be done effectively after pressure washing. Once dry, we’ll be able to use epoxy putty or wood fillers to repair cracks and holes, followed by sanding down the ridges and deck edges before moving on to resealing the surface.


While sealing is an absolute must to protect the surface from further weather damage, there are also alternatives that Mr. Handyman offers to our clients. If you prefer to give your wooden deck a new, fresh look, we’ll be more than happy to offer you painting or staining services. Detailed steps of the Edmond deck repair process will be discussed during the initial consultation and inspection service, so there won’t be any surprises.

Why Mr. Handyman Is Your Best Choice for Edmond Deck Repair Service

Having provided excellent handyman services since the 1990s, the Mr. Handyman franchise has grown more popular than ever. What makes our brand stand out from the rest is our highly experienced team of service technicians. They bring an average of ten years of experience providing excellent workmanship with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our high level of versatility has many customers refer to us as their one-stop shop for all their handyman needs, from property maintenance to house repairs and improvement projects. Residential and commercial clients can count on our certified handyman team to complete a wide range of handyman services that include ceiling fan installation, window replacement, gutter cleaning, and much more!

FAQs About Edmond Deck Repair Service

Mr. Handyman offers professional Edmond deck repairs for all the unique structures out there! We understand that you may have a list of questions prior to scheduling repairs, which is why we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our customers. If you don’t see your question listed, feel free to give our team a call and describe your situation!


Sometimes, the repair process is similar to routine maintenance during which we carry out sanding, filling gaps, and pressure washing, followed by applying a sealant. From our experience, every situation is different, and there are occasions when we charge either by project or by the hour. For that reason, we recommend that you give us a call for more information. We may be able to provide you with a price range.


The most popular types are wood-based, such as pressure-treated wood, which you can easily purchase at the hardware store. But as a resident of North Oklahoma, you are surrounded by red cedar and other desirable redwood species. For that reason, you have easy access to all that wonderful local lumber! Despite the high level of maintenance, many customers have opted for a cedar deck, which is naturally moisture-resistant and durable. Although they don’t require sealing, it is strongly recommended that you do so as it will protect your cedar’s natural colors and shine. A high-quality sealant will also reduce the risk of early damage, such as cracks, holes, and splinters. These are the main culprits behind water intrusion and wood rot.


In most cases, yes. Composite decking materials are made of a blend of wood fibers and synthetic products that create a flawless surface and core. Composite materials don’t require sealing and are ideal for outdoor structures. However, they are pricier than their wood counterparts, but they’re also more durable and don’t require repairs. They are designed to withstand damage. Besides the high price tag, there is one more disadvantage; it doesn’t provide a natural look, and you’ll have fewer color options.


There is a process called joist sistering where the damaged piece of wood is sistered together with a new healthy piece of wood. It is similar to how you could repair interior floor joists. But that is only if it’s possible to easily access the structure from underneath. But during most types of Edmond deck repairs, we’ll have to remove some surface boards to access the affected joist. If lucky, the damage is only minimal, and minor repair can be performed with wood hardener or epoxy. However, in more serious cases, demolition may be the only way.


A Z-flashing is a piece of galvanized steel that you install above horizontal trim boards. It could be the top of an exterior window frame, door frame, or behind the joints of your siding layer. In this case, a Z-flashing is installed over your deck’s ledger board, which is the wooden board that holds your entire deck to your house. The Z-flashing will serve as a protective barrier that sends water away from the structure.

Revive Your Outdoor Living Space With Mr. Handyman’s Edmond Deck Repair Service!

You want your backyard to be more than just a nice space for your family and friends to hang out. But before you plan the next big gathering at your place, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Hiring trusted Edmond deck repairs will not only increase safety but also boost your property’s curb appeal!

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