Are you a proud pet owner in Oklahoma City looking to make life easier for both you and your furry friend? Look no further! Mr. Handyman is your trusted OKC handyman for professional dog door installation in Oklahoma City. Our team of skilled professionals is here to simplify your daily routine and provide the freedom your pets deserve.

Why You Need a Dog Door Installation in Oklahoma City

Pets are not just companions; they're cherished members of our families, bringing joy, comfort, and loyalty into our lives. At Mr. Handyman, we deeply appreciate the unique bond you share with your pets and recognize their pivotal role in your daily routines. Here are some compelling reasons why considering a dog door installation isn't just a convenience—it's a heartfelt way to enhance your pet's life and yours:


Imagine a world where you no longer have to drop everything to let your dog in or out. With a professional dog door installation, your furry friend gains the freedom to come and go as they please. No more hastily putting down your coffee or leaving your work unfinished. A doggy door seamlessly integrates into your daily life, reducing interruptions and allowing you to maintain your routine uninterrupted.

Health and Exercise

Our pets thrive on outdoor exploration and physical activity. Pet doors empower them to enjoy fresh air and exercise whenever they desire it. This constant access to the outdoors promotes their overall well-being, leading to healthier, happier pets. Whether it's a romp in the yard or a simple breath of fresh air, your pet will relish the opportunity to stay active and engaged.

Eliminate Accidents

We understand that sometimes, pets need to heed nature's call urgently. Pet doors can be a lifesaver, especially during those moments when your pet can't wait. No more indoor accidents or hurried clean-ups. A dog door allows your pets to relieve themselves outside, reducing the stress and mess associated with indoor emergencies. Your floors and carpets will thank you!


Pets have their own desires and schedules, and they thrive on a sense of independence. Dog door installation is a thoughtful way to grant your pets the autonomy they crave. They won't feel cooped up when you're away at work or running errands. Instead, they can explore the outdoors, bask in the sun, or simply relax in their favorite spot. This newfound independence helps reduce pet anxiety and ensures they're content and secure in your absence.

At Mr. Handyman, we're not just installing pet doors; we're enhancing the lives of your beloved furry companions. Our team of skilled pet door installers is dedicated to providing you and your pets with the utmost convenience, safety, and satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss how a dog door installation can transform your home and the lives of your cherished pets.

About Our Types of Pet Door Installations

When it comes to pet door installation services, Mr. Handyman has got you covered with a variety of options tailored to meet the unique needs of your beloved pets:

  • Dog Door Installation: We understand that every dog is unique, and their door requirements can vary. That's why our expert technicians offer customized dog door installations. Whether you have a small breed or a large one, we ensure a perfect fit for your canine companion. Our dog door installations are designed for both ease of use and security, ensuring your furry friend can move freely while keeping your home safe.
  • Cat Door Installation: Cats are known for their independent nature and love to come and go as they please. Our cat door installation services are designed to give your feline friends the freedom they desire. We install cat doors that are just the right size for your cats, allowing them to explore the outdoors, chase butterflies, or simply lounge in the sun. Our cat door installations are secure, preventing unwanted intruders from entering your home.
  • Cat Flap Installation: If you're looking for a seamless and hassle-free solution for your cats or smaller critters, our cat flap installation services are the perfect choice. Pet door flaps are discrete and unobtrusive, blending seamlessly into your home's design. Our skilled team can integrate a cat flap into your door or wall, ensuring your cats can access the outdoors without any hindrance. It's the ideal solution for homeowners who want to maintain the aesthetics of their living space while giving their cats the freedom they crave. These plastic flaps are customizable, too! They can be rigid flaps for less noise or even double flaps for more elegance.
  • Electronic Doors: These advanced pet doors are equipped with electronic sensors, remote controls, or microchips that allow only your pets to enter. They provide an extra layer of security by keeping out unwanted animals and are highly customizable in terms of access control.
  • Sliding Glass Doors: Designed to be installed in sliding glass doors, these pet doors offer a convenient solution for homes with sliding patio doors. They don't require structural modifications and can be easily removed or replaced.
  • Wall-Mounted Doors: When a door installation isn't feasible, wall entry installations are a great alternative. These installations require securely cutting a hole in the exterior wall and installing the pet door. They are ideal for homes where the door placement doesn't suit your pets' needs.
  • In-Glass Doors: These pet doors are installed within a glass panel, such as a window or a glass door. They provide a sleek and modern look, allowing your pets to move freely between indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Energy-Efficient Doors: These pet doors come with insulated flaps and frame materials to reduce energy loss and increase energy efficiency. They help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home while providing your pets access to the outdoors.
  • Custom Doors: Some homeowners opt for custom door installations for unique situations or specific pet needs. These installations are tailored to fit any space or accommodate pets with special requirements.

At Mr. Handyman, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to providing the best solutions for your pets. No matter which type of pet door installation you choose, you can trust us to deliver a high-quality, safe, and reliable product that enhances both your pet's life and your home's functionality. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, and let us help you choose the perfect pet door installation for your furry friends.

Depend On A Man's Best Friend With Mr. Handyman

When it comes to dog door installation in Oklahoma City, Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond stands out as the trusted choice for all your pet access needs. Here's why we are your top pick for dog door installations in OKC:

  1. Experience: Our team boasts years of invaluable experience in the field of dog door installation. Our seasoned technicians are experts in their craft, ensuring that each installation is carried out with precision, resulting in a perfect fit and seamless operation. Your pet's convenience and safety are our top priorities.
  2. Quality: We understand the significance of longevity and durability when it comes to your pet’s door. To guarantee lasting satisfaction, we exclusively use high-quality materials and products. Our commitment to quality ensures that your pet door will withstand the test of time, providing your furry friends with reliable access for years to come.
  3. Customization: Every home and every pet is unique. That's why we take a customized approach to each installation. During our initial consultation, we carefully assess your needs, home architecture, and pets' requirements. This personalized approach ensures that the pet door we install is a perfect fit for your home and perfectly accommodates your pets, regardless of their size or breed.
  4. Professionalism: At Mr. Handyman, professionalism is the cornerstone of our service. From the moment you reach out to us for your dog door installation needs, our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. We provide clear communication, punctual arrivals, and respectful interactions throughout the process, ensuring you a seamless and stress-free experience.

So, before you embark on a search for a "dog door installation near me," consider the unparalleled advantages of a dog door installation by Mr. Handyman. Give us a call today to harness our expertise and experience for the benefit of your beloved pets. With our excellent workmanship, you can provide your furry companions with the freedom they deserve while maintaining the security and integrity of your home.

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FAQs About Dog Door Installations in Oklahoma City

Can You Install a Dog Door on Any Door or Wall?

We offer versatile dog door installation services for various door types and walls. However, the feasibility of each installation is dependent on the unique characteristics of your home. During our consultation, our handymen assess your specific situation, ensuring a safe and effective installation that integrates seamlessly with your home's design and structure, including any exterior doors and outer frames.

Are Your Professional Installations Pet-Safe?

Yes, our dog door installations and pet door frames are designed with safety in mind. They include features to prevent unwanted access and protect your pets. Our dog door installations prioritize safety through features like secure locking mechanisms, size customization, durable materials, and options for added security panels or electronic access control. These measures ensure that your pets can enjoy the freedom of outdoor access while preventing unwanted entry and maintaining the security of your home.

Don't Delay Your Beloved Pet's Independence; Get A Dog Door Installation Quote Today!

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