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It’s rewarding to own a home; however, it comes with a high level of commitment. When you’re no longer renting like a college student, you’ll begin to pay close attention to a wide range of systems around your home. You may also refrain from cheaping out on the cost of materials that will bring you long-term benefits. And you may find yourself booking annual gutter cleaning services to make sure you protect your expensive roof system.

As a conscientious property owner in Mustang, you can’t get all the work done by yourself without sacrificing valuable time that you need for yourself. Seasonal duties like deck maintenance, paint jobs, or pesky repairs can easily drive you mad. With a professional handyman, Mustang, OK homeowners can rest easy knowing that they will get the job done right.

Mr. Handyman is a trusted Neighborly company and a leading home service provider in North America with over 200 locally opened and operated locations. When you’re in need of commercial property maintenance or basic home repairs, hire our local Mustang handyman services.

Door Installation

Before and after photo showcasing door installation service provided by a handyman in Mustang, OK.

You may not be aware of it, but your front door contributes to your home’s energy efficiency. Daily use may include some slamming, which not only compromises your door’s health, but also the frame and your walls. Some common door types include steel and wood doors, which can be high maintenance, depending on how severe the weather conditions are.

Door installations are popular projects that our Mustang handyman team completes on a regular basis because door maintenance, such as sanding, sealing, or repainting are often neglected and homeowners are unaware that drafts by their entryway are due to air leakage around the frames or a worn out threshold. Another reason is that your door’s structural integrity is damaged from the inside out, so it’s unable to insulate and contribute to your home’s energy efficiency.

Pro Tip: When you’re looking for a durable and low-maintenance front door, your Mustang handyman recommends installing a fiberglass door. They have gained popularity in the last decade due to their weather-resistant qualities that can handle any kind of climate. It’s made of wood fibers and high-quality polymer products on the outside, whereas the core consists of insulating polyurethane foam. With only minimal maintenance, fiberglass doors can last for over 20 years.

Drywall Repair in Mustang

There's no doubt that the unsightly appearance can lower the appeal of your home and stand out in the all the wrong ways, but it's not just a cosmetic problem. Damaged walls and ceilings can lead to other unpleasant effects as well, such as making your home less comfortable, increasing your energy expenses, and encouraging rodent and insect infestations. That’s why it's important to invest in prompt drywall repair service sooner rather than later by an experienced handyman in Mustang, OK.  

If you need wall or ceiling drywall repair for issues such as holes, dents, scuffs, stains, cracks, softened patches or other types of moisture damage, count on the trusted service professionals at Mr. Handyman of North Oklahoma City and Edmond.

Our services for drywall repair in Mustang include:

  • Room preparation to minimize mess as much as possible
  • Removal of the damaged section of wall or ceiling
  • Applying a drywall patch or a supporting beam
  • Cutting and installing a new piece to fit the hole
  • Covering joints and corners with joint tape
  • Applying several layers of joint compound over the tape
  • Sanding down the dried compound to create an even surface
  • Applying texture spray when necessary
  • Painting the repaired segment of wall or ceiling
  • Re-installing baseboards and other trim as needed
  • Cleaning up the mess before we leave

Tile Services

Before and after photo of tiles around a drain repaired by a Mustang handyman.

Every home has some kind of tile system, whether it’s on the floor or wall. As your highly experienced handyman in Mustang, OK, you can rely on our professional team to expertly handle ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, and glass tile for areas that include:

  • Walls (shower walls)
  • Floors
  • Backsplashes
  • Countertops

We are efficient in tile installations and tile repairs, so whenever you need a new system installed or have chipped tile sheets and crumbly grout lines that you need someone to repair, your qualified handyman in Mustang, OK, is the one to call!

Fence Repair in Mustang

Whether you have a wooden fence system or wrought iron, they easily suffer from weather damage over time and require routine maintenance services to stay intact. Your fence has to be in great shape to protect pets and small children, enhance your home's curb appeal and mark the borders of your property. If it is looking worse for wear or not able to fulfill its intended function, our Mustang handyman service professionals have plenty of experience repairing and building durable, attractive fences.

Two common issues that call for fence repair include poor installation (such as installing pickets directly into soil) or a leaning fence due to soil erosion. Here are some other warning signs to watch out for that indicate it's time for fence repair in Mustang:

  • Rust or patches of wood rot, or other signs of corrosion and decay
  • Boards are cracked, broken, splintered or missing altogether
  • Fence posts move or wobble when you touch them
  • Bottom of the slats or rails are touching soil
  • Paint or wood stain is peeling and flaking off
  • Gate is difficult to open or close

In our professional experience, in cases where more than around 25% of the total fence structure is damaged, or insects such as carpenter ants and termites have infested the fence, it will likely be more cost-effective to replace it than to attempt multiple or extensive fence repair in Mustang. If your fence was hit by something like a falling tree branch or vehicle, it may be possible to replace just the damaged or knocked-down sections.

Pro Tip: Cedar wood is probably one of the most popular wood types because it’s naturally moisture-resistant and can get away without sealing. Still, our team of experts recommends sanding and sealing your cedar fence if you want the reddish hue to keep shining.

More Mustang City Handyman Services

We are proud to be our community’s most versatile Mustang handyman company and are proud to also offer the following professional services:

Commercial Handyman in Mustang, OK

Your local Mustang handyman near me is also familiar with commercial settings and highly trained in maintaining and repairing interior and exterior systems. Whether you are the business owner of a retail shop, office space, or another type of business, or are the building manager of a corporate facility or financial institution, you can rely on our professional handyman in Mustang, OK.

Mustang business and commercial building owners can benefit from the following handyman services:

  • Furniture assembly, cubicle assembly
  • Commercial carpenter services (custom furniture, finish carpentry)
  • Restroom repairs
  • Automatic door services (automatic door closer installation)
  • Drywall or stucco repair
  • Graffiti removal
  • Improved light fixture systems
  • And much more!

Hire a Reliable, Experienced Handyman in Mustang, OK

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