Maybe your fence's purpose is to look pretty, boosting the curb appeal of your property. Maybe it's there to keep out would-be trespassers or to keep small children and pets safely contained within your yard. Maybe it's meant to serve all those purposes at once. But your fence can't serve those purposes if it's deteriorated or damaged. If you need fence repairs in OKC, then you need a local Oklahoma City handyman to help fix it.

If your fence is in rough shape and could use a bit of a fix, then you know to call the expert handymen at Mr. Handyman. Homeowners and business owners know that they can count on our reliable team for professional fence repair in Oklahoma City. We have decades of combined experience with repair, maintenance, installation, and improvement tasks, including fence repair. Thus, we know exactly what needs to be done to restore your commercial or residential fences to a sturdy, appealing condition.

Expert Services for Fence Repair: OKC and Area

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Admittedly, fences are relatively simple structures, especially when compared to more complex construction projects like a house or even a deck. However, that relative simplicity leads people to assume that a fence repair in OKC will be an easy task that anyone can handle on their own—without prior experience or specialized tools.

And, sometimes, that might be the case for certain types of fence repair in OKC. But often homeowners will start their own DIY fence repairs, only to realize that it takes a lot more expertise than they originally thought.

Regardless of the issue affecting your fence's structure, our experienced handyman team has the skill and knowledge needed to properly assess the nature and extent of the damage. They'll come up with the right fence repair strategy, completing the work efficiently and without cutting corners.

It's important to us that the results of our work not only look good but that they're done correctly so as to last the test of time and serve your household well for years to come. Some of our professional services for fence repair in Oklahoma City, include:

  • Replacing missing or broken slats, pickets, and rails
  • Fixing sagging or warped chain link fence panels
  • Removing rust and corrosion from metal fences
  • Repairing cracks or holes in vinyl fencing material
  • Fence gate repair for misaligned, broken, or sagging gates
  • Replacing a broken or rusted gate latch
  • Painting vinyl fences that have faded from exposure to direct sunlight

Leaning Fence Repair

Are you noticing that a section of your fence is noticeably leaning to one side or sagging downwards, making contact with the ground? Or maybe you've got a gate that no longer opens or closes properly or has a misaligned latch due to a leaning gate post? These types of issues usually happen because a fence post has broken off underground (often due to wood rot or a sudden impact) or because the buried concrete has crumbled and can no longer hold the post upright.

Here at Mr. Handyman, we can handle these repair problems by removing the old post and its footing, repairing or deepening the hole if necessary, putting a new post in place and pouring a new concrete footing. Once the concrete is cured and hardened, we can fill in the soil on top and attach rails or the gate to the newly installed post.

Wood Rot Repair

Wooden fences are popular for their renewable, timeless nature, making them a sustainable material that's easily sourced. Its natural appearance and versatility make it a desirable option for residential and commercial properties. But wood fencing requires quite a lot of maintenance to maintain its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Wood that's exposed to the elements has a major weakness: it's vulnerable to wood rot. This type of decay only affects wood with elevated levels of moisture, which generally comes from soaking up water. Heavy water damage or excess exposure to moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria that break down the cellulose and lignin in the wood, which leads to decay and weakening structures.

Although pressure-treated or rot-resistant wood is typically used for fences to increase their longevity, you need to help them out by ensuring you undertake regular maintenance. That means sealing the wood with paint or stain on a regular basis. The fence experts at Mr. Handyman can help you with maintaining and repairing your fence on an as-needed or regular basis.

Wood affected by wood rot can't be repaired, so replacing the affected boards is the best option when it comes to dealing with wood rot. Minor repairs are possible, if the problem is caught early enough. These rotted areas, in such a case, can be scraped away and filled with either epoxy or wood putty, and then painted or stained over.

Let Mr. Handyman Tackle Your Fence Repair, OKC!

If your fence is in particularly bad condition or you've noticed a couple of minor problems and need them corrected before they become major ones, you can count on the team at your local Mr. Handyman for dependable, experienced, professional fence repair in Oklahoma City.

Mr. Handyman is your convenient, one-call stop for all your handyman needs. OKC homeowners and business owners can rely on our experienced handymen to take care of a wide range of other repair and maintenance services, including drywall repair, ceiling fan installation, window replacement, gutter cleaning, and so much more.

You can entrust your fence project to us and know that it'll get done and get done right. With our Done Right Promise, you can trust that our work will be high-quality and, if you feel it wasn't done right the first time, you know that we're committed to making it right. Don't just take our word for it: trust our customer reviews.

Fencing Options: What We Can Repair

There's a wide range of fencing material that you can choose from. Fence materials can vary greatly in terms of their aesthetic appeal and practicality; from beautiful privacy fences to practical chain link fences, we repair them all.

All fence materials bring their own unique challenges. The types of fences we repair include the following:

  • Wooden fences and wooden posts
  • Chain link fences
  • Vinyl fences
  • Aluminum fences
  • Wrought iron fences

Frequently Asked Questions About Fence Repair: OKC

What are the warning signs that my fence needs repairs?

Not sure whether your structure is in good repair or if it could really use the attention of a fence professional? OKC homeowners should inspect their fence every so often by walking along the full length of it—on either side, if possible—and examine it carefully for signs of damage and deterioration. Potential warning signs include:

  • Broken or cracked timber
  • Rotten wood
  • Weathered, splintery wood
  • Missing slats or pickets
  • Peeling paint or stain
  • Rust or efflorescence
  • Wobbly or leaning fence posts
  • Warped or loose chain link panels
  • Rails or slats that touch the ground
  • Faded vinyl from sun exposure
  • Broken hinges or latches on the gate

Why is wood fencing prone to rotting?

Wood fences are one of the most common types of fence here in OKC, so it makes sense that our fence repair experts are often called in to deal with wood rot repair. Fences made of timber are especially vulnerable to wood rot because it's a type of decay that only affects wood that has a high moisture content, at or above 20%.

Given that your fence is exposed to the elements, without much to shelter it, it tends to absorb moisture from rain, snow, and humidity without getting much of a chance to dry out completely.

Wood rot causes timber to soften and crumble apart easily which creates major structural problems. The earlier its caught and corrected, the better—but there's no way to completely restore rotted wood to its former condition.

That's why our fence repair professionals here in Oklahoma City typically choose to replace rotted wood with new, fresh wood. But if the damage is fairly minor or small, we might be able to fix it by scraping out the rotten wood and filling the gaps with epoxy, then covering it with paint or stain.

It's also important to remember that your wooden fence requires regular maintenance. This includes an annual coat of paint or stain, to help seal out moisture. At Mr. Handyman, we can help with this sometimes arduous task. Contact us today for an Oklahoma City fence repair service.

Is OKC fence repair or replacement the better choice?

When you're thinking about whether to have a fence installer come in and install a brand-new fence or just repair your existing one, homeowners in Oklahoma City sometimes don't know which is the best option for them.

In situations where the damage isn't too severe or widespread, then fence repair in OKC is the best choice, as our expert team of handymen can handle the damaged areas and restore your fence's overall structure.

However, it's important that homeowners know and understand that there are situations where a complete replacement is the better, most cost-effective choice. That's because, in certain situations, it's less costly than having to pay for a lot of time-consuming, small repairs. Plus, the end result will last longer and be more attractive.

Here are some signs that replacement is the better option:

  • More than 25% of the entire structure has noticeable signs of damage.
  • Significant, sudden impact damage from a vehicle or something similar.
  • An infestation of destructive insects, like termites.
  • The material is aged and doesn't look its best anymore.

Do I need a permit for fence repairs in Oklahoma City?

According to Oklahoma City Development Services: "a fence permit is required to construct, erect, install, alter, or repair a fence on your residential property." That being said, certain minor repairs don't require a permit. But if a section needs replacement or we're altering the structure in any way, then a permit will be necessary.

If your local Oklahoma City fence contractor is carrying out your repairs, then they are required to obtain a permit. Here at Mr. Handyman, we've completed dozens of similar projects, so we know exactly what work requires a permit and will ensure that we have it before work begins.

On that note, local property owners can always rest assured that our work will be in full compliance with all state and municipal building regulations. We value a safe workplace and long-lasting results, but we also want to make sure that you won't be slapped with a fine for non-compliance or be forced to have the work redone to avoid a fine.

What's the best way to maintain my fence and avoid it needing repairs?

If you're looking to keep your fence in great condition for longer, then the answer to your question is to invest in regular maintenance. That involves the following steps:

  • Clearing away weeds and soil buildup from underneath the fence.
  • Watching for signs of water damage, such as peeling paint or stain.
  • Refinishing wooden structures every year or so with a sealant, like paint or stain.
  • Regular inspections to check for signs of damage or deterioration.
  • Occasional pressure washing to remove dirt, algae, moss, and other destructive substances.

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