Is Your Sump Pump No Longer Working Correctly?

Sump pumps are a device that removes the water from a basement when it begins to flood. This is not needed in every single home—rather, it is needed if a home flood regularly or if a home’s basement is built with a shallow water table. Sump pumps can play a critical role in keeping your home dry and clean. Due to how crucial sump pumps are to your home, it is important that a broken one is replaced quickly.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

Here are a few signs that it may be time to replace your sump pump:

  • Your sump pump is an antiquated model—such as the pedestal-style.
  • Your sump pump cycles on and off frequently, even with heavy rain.
  • Your sump pump runs for an unusually long time.
  • Your sump pump does not turn on when it needs to.
  • Your sump pump makes an abnormally loud volume when working.


A sump pump works by automatically detecting and pumping water away from your home. It generally has a sump basin with a float switch, which turns the sump pump on when the sump basin begins to fill with water. The sump pump then moves water through a discharge pipe to an area away from your home's foundation, such as outside or into a storm sewer. By doing this, sump pumps help to prevent flooding and water damage.

When your sump pump in Strongsville needs replacing, it is important to find a qualified contractor who can properly install your sump pump system. The wrong sump pump can be ineffective at removing excess water from your home and could lead to costly repairs down the line. Make sure to do your research and find a reliable sump pump replacement service in Strongsville so you can rest assured knowing that your sump pump will be working properly and protecting your home from water damage.


You have enough on your plate without worrying about replacing your sump pump on your own. Instead of adding it to your to-do list, add it to ours. We can get the job done quickly and on time—and even perform other projects around your home when we are there, such as toilet repairs, faucet upgrades, and more.

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