A hammer, screwdriver, power drill, and several screws resting on a wood board before being used by a handyman in Greenwich, CT.

As an A-graded suburb of New York City, Greenwich has attracted many urban Manhattan workers with its charms and dense suburban feel. Many moved away from the city to enjoy a slower paced lifestyle with fantastic skyline views, as well as access to a wide range of outstanding professional home services, including Greenwich handyman services.

Commuting to and from the city is probably a daily chore that is both draining and exhausting, so by the time you’re home you want to wind down and relax rather than think about drywall repair or pressure washing your house siding. You settled down in Greenwich to find the perfect balance for you and your family, with easy access to local amenities, such as shopping districts, parks, hiking trails, and convenient beach access for residents and tourists. 70 percent of Greenwich homeowners proudly own their homes but rarely find the time to deal with seasonal maintenance and necessary repairs.

Trust your Greenwich handyman for prompt maintenance, repair, and improvement services that could save you time while providing enhanced safety and comfort for your home or business property. Completing routine maintenance is what the service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County are geared up for. When you choose us, you can rest assured that our uniformed team arrives on time, ready to perform quality service that will exceed your expectations. As a locally-owned and operated company, you can rely on our expertise and experience, which is backed by our done right promise!

Greenwich Handyman For Maintenance

Buildings are designed to last but require periodic maintenance and repairs to eliminate warning signs of wear and tear. This is when you need a qualified handyman. Greenwich CT property owners take pride in preserving their homes and business premises, but sometimes, unexpected occurrences like accidents or harsh weather conditions might call for door trim repairs, stair installations, or siding replacements. We always encourage our clients to think of long-term results and take action as soon as they notice something out of the ordinary. Whether it’s a crack in drywall or cold drafts, a clogged dryer vent, or a broken pet door, we have the expertise to act fast on your emergencies.


Researchers have proven that horizontal lines have a tranquil effect on our eyes, as though watching the sunrise or sunset on the horizon. Trim work is a crucial part of our homes and offers the same qualities. Along with making hallways or rooms look neat and safe, baseboard installation helps hide ugly gaps and imperfections after drywall or floor installation. Efficiently-installed baseboards will also protect against water damage if you ever spill something. Door casings and window frames or sills have a similar purpose of covering gaps and spaces between drywall and frames.

In some instances, your drywall might not match the flooring system, making the area look off. Floor casings could eliminate that headache by evening out any inconsistencies. Besides functionality, baseboards have an aesthetic purpose if you think about fancy corners. However, this might not be ideal for a busy household where kids could injure themselves or pets might chew on the decoration. Instead, how about adding crown moldings?

Searching for a handyman near me for trim repair or upgrade could boost your home’s value, whether you install new crown moldings or door frames—new looks create a more vibrant and modern environment that is pleasing to the eye. As this job requires precision and experience, you can count on our local handyman. Greenwich CT homeowners will have functional and beautiful interior trims in no time!

Common Trim Materials:

  • (Engineered) Wood
  • MDF
  • Vinyl
  • PVC
  • Metal
  • Polyurethane


Gutter cleaning is probably one of the most overlooked home duties that Greenwich homeowners dread. Or you may have some candidates that aren’t keen on climbing tall ladders, and we don’t blame you. In the past, your local Greenwich handyman has seen many ladders in customers’ garages or sheds that were overdue for inspections.

Unfortunately, ladders suffer from corrosion over time, affecting the spreaders and rails. A bent step is not always visible either. We recommend taking in your ladder for a safety inspection if you decide to clean your gutters by yourself. If your ladder fails inspection, or you just want a professional to take care of cleaning, you can rely on your certified handyman. Greenwich CT property owners aren’t always equipped with a gutter scoop, gloves, and safety glasses. Not only is our Greenwich handyman team equipped with everything they need, but each service technician is fully insured. Besides, it only takes us a few hours to cross this task off your list.

Our team of skilled craftsmen will also inspect your gutter’s shape during the cleaning, giving you a full diagnosis of your gutter’s age and any additional measures that you should take to protect it. This way, you won’t have to worry about potential leaks that could damage your siding, drywall, or basement. These incidents could lead to structural damage and costly repairs. Hiring a professional Greenwich handyman for gutter cleaning will save you money on costly repairs in the future.

Are there many trees in your area? If so, we recommend gutter cleaning at least once a year to avoid debris from settling and blocking your downspouts. Installing gutter guards could protect your soffit and fascia, ensuring that stormwater will flow away from your home.

Greenwich Handyman Repairs

Experience matters! This is why we are happy to provide excellent Greenwich handyman services to residential or commercial properties, where you will always find areas that show signs of wear and tear. If you notice anything unusual that needs inspection, count on your local handyman. Greenwich property owners will get a thorough analysis as we check for structural issues and offer a relevant repair service. Our preventative measures will help keep everything in shape, so all you will need are minor repairs rather than replacement.

Gradual wear inevitably gives you a headache. Although it doesn't necessarily call for emergency repairs, you shouldn’t wait until unexpected damage occurs and leads to costly replacement. Your Greenwich handyman will help you identify and fix any telltale warning signs so that you will face fewer problems in the future. Residential and commercial spaces require safety and comfort. If you have crooked drywall panels or cracked grout in your shower, you will need to address these issues immediately. Your local Greenwich handyman could make all that go away with services like:


Today’s trends have breathed new life into the art of tiling, in which artists play around with patterns, colors and shapes to make Greenwich homes stand out. More importantly, they serve important functions, whether as part of our home’s flooring, walls or backsplashes.

Tiling may seem easy at first, but when taking a closer look at the details and required surface prep, you might not even know where to start or what material to choose. Endless questions will go through your head, like, “What type of grout do I need?” or “Do I need to worry about backer boards?”

Signs of damage include cracked tiles or grout, which could trigger water damage behind walls or beneath your flooring system. Whether you need tile repair in your kitchen or tile installation in your bathroom, your local Greenwich handyman experts will take care of every step. You tell us what you need done from ceramic to porcelain to marble, from shower walls to your kitchen floor. Every material has its pros and cons, depending on your needs, but we will help you make the right choice.


Do you have large holes in your wall staring back at you? Drywall repair and replacement in residential and commercial environments is very common. Your local Greenwich handyman brings many years of experience in patching holes in drywall and replacing drywall panels that have suffered water damage.

Drywall became popular in the mid-20th century due to its durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Unlike plaster walls, drywall installation requires less labor, saving homeowners time and money. The fire-resistant component also makes drywall an attractive option for interior walls.

Many modern houses have turned to drywall as an affordable option for fixing outdated ceilings. The average drywall thickness is 1/2 inch, and while durable, drywall is not waterproof. Other types include cement boards and green boards that have a waxed waterproof surface. These are commonly used as backer boards behind tile installation in bathrooms.

Here is a DIY guide on quickly fixing a hole in the wall. However, not everyone enjoys cutting drywall panels, mudding with drywall compound, or sanding edges, but your local Greenwich handyman has the experience and knowledge to do the job efficiently. We always clean up after ourselves, leaving no trace of any mess.

A before and after comparison of completed drywall repairs in a residential bathroom in Fairfield, CT.

More Greenwich Handyman Repair Services

We are proud to be Greenwich’s most versatile handyman team who approaches jobs with a positive can-do attitude and a wide selection of services that not many handyman companies offer.

Need a Greenwich handyman near me? Trust our expert team for outstanding workmanship for your home maintenance needs with customer satisfaction guaranteed.


We repair and install interior and exterior doors. Whether they have gone through general wear and tear or show signs of wood rot, your local Greenwich handyman has the tools and experience to fix it all in a day. We also specialize in framing and molding around windows and fixing sills or the space between your frame and wall. We also offer smaller jobs that involve oiling and caulking.

A before and after comparison of the front door of a home in Fairfield after the screen door has been replaced


These are the Latin and French names for the parts of your roof’s structure closest to the gutters. When you have clogged gutters and the water has nowhere to go, your soffit and fascia can’t hold the weight and are likely to break. The damage could also potentially affect your home’s siding, causing water damage and cracks that allow an infestation of insects, birds or rodents. If not dealt with right away, it will also severely impact your home’s insulation system.


Some siding types can last up to 50 years if they receive all the required maintenance services and repairs in time. You also have to take into account that weather damage is the number-one culprit for siding damage. We recommend keeping an annual checklist for your exterior cladding during which you could take pictures, schedule an annual inspection and complete minor repairs. Popular siding types include vinyl, brick veneer, wood, fiber cement, and metal.

Here are the most obvious signs of damage that call out for repair or sometimes even replacement.

  • Water damage
  • Wood rot
  • Warping, bulging
  • Dents, cracks and holes
  • Increased energy bill
  • Damaged gutter and downspout


A solid fencing system not only marks your property’s territory, but it keeps your kids and pets safe. Whether you have wood, vinyl, PVC, wrought iron or aluminum fencing, we want to ensure they are in good condition. If you are looking for custom-built fences or fence gates to guard your home, count on your local handyman. Greenwich CT homeowners can trust our quality workmanship for all fencing work and other carpentry jobs.

 A before and after comparison of a wooden fence that has been repaired by Mr. Handyman.

Also Count On Your Greenwich Handyman For:

Greenwich Handyman Services for Commercial Spaces

Greenwich business owners with commercial spaces need reliable handyman services to keep their properties in shape and safe for employees. Every workplace requires a comfortable workspace for workers to focus and execute their tasks.

As everyone’s boss, you already have a never-ending list of things to do to keep your business in check. The last thing you need is the peeling paint on your shop’s exterior or employees worrying about broken door handles. Perhaps you own a little retail shop that needs sturdy shelves and storing racks.

Some of our most requested commercial work includes:


We provide furniture assembly for all types of commercial spaces, whether it’s connecting a row of desks, frames or other unique fixtures. We can install and build commercial furniture, displays and many other types of equipment, such as:

  • Work desks
  • Desk dividers, partition panels, cubicles
  • Office chairs
  • Demountable walls
  • Shelving units
  • Cabinets, filing cabinets
  • Storage racks
  • Wall-mounted TVs


We ensure your doors are secure and energy-efficient, whether they are automatic motion sensors or just manual hinges. We can install and replace all kinds of doors to meet every commercial need.


We can replace your doorknobs, locks and other parts of your door to ensure that your entryways are always safe, secure, and convenient. We can also replace similar hardware on your windows, and complete many other minor repairs around your property at the same time.

Need a Trustworthy Greenwich Handyman Near Me?

When you need expert Greenwich handyman services and exceptional customer service from a dedicated team of professionals, rely on the experienced handymen at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County. We will help with a variety of projects around your property, including all your repairs, maintenance and other larger projects. Whether you’re in Greenwich or nearby communities, such as New Canaan, Darien, or Stamford, you can rely on our skilled, experienced service professionals.

Give our friendly customer service staff a call today to find out more about our trusted handyman in Greenwich or schedule a service appointment. We would love the opportunity to show you all the ways we can enhance your property and make your life easier.