Top Signs You Need Roof Repair Services in Knoxville, TN

A residential roof with damaged shingles and a ladder placed nearby for workers to access the roof and complete roof repairs.
Even though your roof takes up as much as 40% of the visible height of your house, it probably tends to be overlooked—figuratively, that is. You can't literally look over it from the ground, and that's a big part of the problem. It's one of those things that's just out of sight, out of mind—and you may not realize that you need Knoxville roof repair until it's too late and it gets to the point where it could be blown right off your house in a strong wind.

If you're aware of the signs of trouble and carry out a roof inspection every now and then (or have a handyman do it for you after you experience particularly bad weather conditions), you can get the professional Knoxville roof repair service you need to keep this critically important part of your house in great shape. Quality roofing services will help you keep your home in sturdy, comfortable condition and save you a significant amount of money on your monthly utility bills.

Have you checked out your roof and noticed some of the signs of trouble listed below? Count on capable, professional roof repair service from your local Knoxville handyman. The team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville is proud to deliver the highest standards of excellent workmanship and always goes the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service on every job.

How Does Roof Damage Affect Energy Costs in Knoxville?

Before we get started on covering the symptoms that indicate your property needs Knoxville roof repair solutions, it's important to explain why the service is so important for Tennessee property owners who want to reduce the energy charges on their utility bills. Issues such as a leaky roof actually have a surprising impact on energy costs—not to mention the structural integrity of your house—and you could save a considerable amount of money in the long term with commercial and residential roofing services.

Your HVAC system uses quite a bit of fuel, whether it's electricity or natural gas, to keep your home at the temperature you have entered on your thermostat. In fact, we're guessing that heating and cooling are the biggest expenses on your energy bill by far—that's usually the case, even in the most energy-efficient building. Here's the problem: thermal energy naturally moves from a warmer place to a colder place, meaning heat from sunlight comes into your house during the summer when you're running your air conditioner, and heat from your furnace escapes outside in winter. When your roofline is in poor condition, it's a lot easier for that heat transfer to take place. It changes the temperature in your house, which means your HVAC system needs to operate longer in compensation and use more fuel, increasing the amount you have to pay for energy.

The other issue that connects rising energy costs and a roof in poor condition is moisture damage. When you have problems like missing shingles or improperly sealed vents, they let moisture into your attic space. That causes your attic insulation to flatten and deteriorate, which once again makes it much easier for that heat transfer to occur and drives up your energy costs. It can also cause problems like wood rot that worsens and spreads, affecting the structural stability of the whole building. That's why exterior home services such as Knoxville roof repair are such a key part of preventative maintenance to keep those costs down and keep your money in your bank account where it belongs.

What Are the Signs That Roof Repair is Needed?

Now that you know what's at stake let's dive into the signs that your property could really benefit from a professional roof repair in Knoxville, TN. A big part of why this part of a house is often neglected is because they're so difficult to see from the ground. If you're not up to the task of climbing a ladder to get a better look at your roofing materials, don't worry—our handyman team will take care of inspections for you. We are experienced with common issues in this area, and we may notice things that others would miss. We'll get your repair taken care of efficiently and effectively so you can rest assured that the uppermost part of your building is in great shape.

1. Warped, Broken, or Missing Shingles

This is one of the most common and also one of the most alarming signs of a home that desperately needs Knoxville roof repair. Shingles are meant to be durable and long-lasting—but they can't keep going forever without professional repairs and roof maintenance. The top of your house is, of course, exposed to the elements and can be affected by everything from pooling water to serious wind and storm damage that breaks shingles in half or blows them clean off the house. Whether you have wood shingles or an asphalt shingle roof, we can replace all your broken, missing, or lose shingles to prevent water from warping your roof deck and seeping into your attic space.

2. Moisture Damage on the Ceiling

Speaking of water seeping into your attic, as we all know, water will continue making its way downward—and that means it will eventually reach the drywall or plaster covering your ceiling on the top story of your residential or commercial building. If you have a roof leak, your first sign of trouble could be brown water stains on your ceiling or water dripping out from around a lighting fixture. If you find a mysterious puddle on the floor in the middle of a room and you can't figure out where it came from, look up—does your light fixture look wet, or do you see signs of softening, stained drywall around the fixture plate? That water is coming from somewhere, and it probably means you need roofing repair. However, it is possible that it's related to a hidden plumbing leak or some other source of water, such as damaged siding or deteriorated window and door frames.

3. Cracked or Broken Vents

Most roofs feature at least a couple of vents that are connected to appliances, such as a hood fan over the stove in your kitchen or a ventilation fan in the bathroom. The edges of those vents need to be sealed properly, and the vent itself needs to be in solid, sound condition to keep out moisture. If your vents have cracked or otherwise deteriorated over the years, the seal around the vents or your chimney has degraded, or they weren't installed properly, to begin with, you could end up with leaks. Your Knoxville roof repair expert can seal them back up or replace broken components, so your house is protected again.

4. Clogged Soffit Vents

When you stand right beside an exterior wall of your house and look straight up, you will normally see soffits, the boards that cover the underside of your eaves where they extend past the walls of the building. They are typically ventilated with holes or slats, and those little roof ventilation slats are extremely important to help prevent your house from incurring serious moisture damage.

When your roof gets damp from rain or humidity, it needs air circulation through the soffit vents to help it dry out again. If they get clogged with dirt and debris or blocked by something from the inside and there's not enough ventilation, you can end up dealing with a situation called "attic rain." That's when condensation forms on the underside of the roof and drips down, damaging your attic insulation and ceiling drywall. It can also cause supporting beams to soften and crumble apart over time, increasing the risk that your entire roof could collapse. Repair may involve cleaning the soffits thoroughly or unblocking them, or they may need to be replaced altogether to improve air circulation.

5. Damaged or Missing Fascia Boards

Often grouped together with soffits, fascia boards are another part of your eaves. They cap off the edge of your roofline, running parallel to the exterior walls of the house, and are usually where your rain gutters are attached. Because they are prone to moisture exposure from overflowing gutters that haven't been cleaned in a while, fascia can be damaged by rot, rust, and other types of decay. It can also sometimes be affected by harsh weather patterns. If your fascia boards are in rough shape or there are sections missing altogether, it's important to get them fixed up with Knoxville roof repair to prevent moisture from getting into the interior of the structure. Need to know more about taking care of your rain gutters? We can answer all your questions about gutter installation and repair.

A broken fascia board at the corner of a residential roof before and after it has been repaired by Mr. Handyman.

6. Bits of Shingles in Gutters

When you clean out your rain gutters, do you find a lot of "grains" of what looks like coarse, black sand? That has come off the surface of your composite or asphalt shingle roofing. It's an early warning sign that it is deteriorating, and you likely need repair services.

7. Peeling or Blistering Paint

As we all know, heat rises—that's why heat and humidity will build up in an attic space that is not properly ventilated. In the middle of a Knoxville summer, that added heat building up on the inside can actually cause the paint on the exterior of your house near your roofline to blister or lift and peel away in strips. While this may seem like more of a siding or trim repair issue, it ultimately calls for Knoxville roof repair services from a professional handyman who can both restore ventilation to the attic and refinish the damaged surface.

8. Visible Light in the Attic

If you stick your head up into your attic space on a sunny day and you can see beams of sunlight shining in, you probably don't need us to tell you that's not a good sign. If your roof itself has degraded to that point, you probably already have extensive water damage and need a total replacement. But if the light is coming in around areas with damaged exterior trim or at gables, Knoxville roof repair may be all you need to get it sealed back up again.

9. Moss Growth

When you gaze upward at the outside of your house, can you see patches of green moss or algae growing on the shingles? This seemingly benign plant growth is actually really harmful to your roof. It's not as easy as you may think to remove it completely, so it won't just reappear immediately. Your Knoxville handyman can get up there to remove every last trace and check it out for other signs of trouble that might require Knoxville roof repair while we're up there.

Can a Handyman Do Knoxville Roof Repair?

Absolutely! Our skilled handyman team can handle Knoxville roof repair service on or off a ladder for both residential properties and commercial properties. Whether you need minor roof repairs for your home or commercial roof repair for the typical flat roofs that top businesses, we will meet your needs. We have all applicable licensing and full insurance coverage, so you can rest assured that we have the training to work safely and adhere to all building codes.

Our employees also undergo a background check program when they are hired, and we are confident that they will behave professionally and courteously at all times. Homeowners and business owners alike can also have peace of mind knowing that we will get the job done right the first time. We stand behind our skilled team members with the Done Right Promise, a warranty on workmanship. If it's not done right, we'll make it right.

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