Most of us would hope to prevent opening the floodgates to our homes with a sturdy rain gutter system. They must be fully intact as they reduce the likelihood of flooding, wood rot, and overall costly water damage. As your home’s exterior rainwater disposal system, your rain gutters are responsible for removing and diverting excess water runoff that would otherwise pool around your property. This would result in soil erosion and the worst-case scenario of a damaged foundation as water is redirected toward your home rather than away from it, washing away more and more topsoil. This series of unfortunate events can be avoided with professional gutter repairs. Knoxville, TN property owners are best advised to rely on a qualified, licensed, and fully insured Knoxville handyman.

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Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville is your locally owned and operated handyman business that specializes in a wide range of property maintenance, house repairs, and improvements. When in need of gutter repairs, Knoxville, TN service professionals will help refasten your gutters and protect you from the wrath of rainfall during Knoxville’s rainy season. Our experienced team members are well-equipped with the knowledge, tactics, and techniques to offer you quality workmanship and ultimate satisfaction. Upon request, our Knoxville handyman will actively listen to your concerns and provide an authentic solution for the most durable Knoxville gutter repair service possible. This way, you won't have constant repairs after your troughs become chock-full of nasty debris.

Residential Gutter Repairs, Knoxville, TN

So long as you practice routine maintenance, such as gutter cleaning services, there is a slim chance you’ll require serious gutter repairs. Knoxville, TN homeowners sometimes, unfortunately, become complacent and don’t get into a habit of cleaning and inspecting their troughs, which, semi-annually—once in spring and again in fall—allow debris of stones, twigs, branches, pine cones, and more to accumulate into a pesky clog. Clogged gutters, in turn, wreak havoc, as every time it rains, stormwater will overflow, spilling out of the system onto your home’s exterior rooflines. It will also splash against attached soffits, fascia boards, and siding, resulting in wood rot or other water damage. You can avoid this misfortune with expert gutter repairs. Knoxville, TN residents will find that after a repair, their troughs will reshuffle the flow of water from the roof through the downspout, which is readily charged to a designated spot far away from their house, thereby preventing your basement from being flooded.

Our Verified Knoxville Gutter Repair Process

Sometimes getting a handyman repair service is more cost-effective than a complete replacement. A minor tweak to a downspout outlet or repatching a hole in the trough will do the trick. At Mr. Handyman, we can handle both sectional and seamless gutters. Sectional systems are made of individual ports but are left vulnerable as seams render them susceptible to leaks, as bringing connections easily become loose over time. On the other hand, seamless units are exactly measured to your roof’s dimensions and have no seams. They work well for deep corners and reduce the chances of leakage. Depending on your gutter’s material and trough type, our professional handyman can perform a Knoxville gutter repair for broken, clogged, or sagging gutters by patching, caulking, or refastening troughs with a power drill.

Types Of Gutters We Repair

It’s always advisable to choose a material that suits your personal preferences, budget, and level of durability. Based on the sturdiness of the material, you will be less likely to need repairs, so don’t be afraid to invest more money upfront. Here are some materials used for a residential gutter repair in Knoxville, TN:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum gutters are the most common type used for new gutter installation services. They are durable, lightweight, rust-proof, and don’t easily dent. But beware: most standard aluminum is susceptible to corrosion, and it can become disfigured into an awkward shape if put under heavy pressure. Routine maintenance and minor repairs are recommended to keep them in shape.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl gutters are a popular and inexpensive choice. It is plastic-based material that is lightweight and easy to install for DIY professionals. However, it is prone to hairline cracks and fractures and doesn’t bode well in fluctuating temperatures. So it is susceptible to leaks.
  • Steel: Steel is more durable than aluminum, but it comes with a higher price point. It has galvanized and stainless steel options and has a likelihood of rusting if it’s not properly maintained.
  • Copper: Copper gutters are the most expensive of all materials due to the material itself and the complex installation process which involves soldering. But copper is a worthwhile investment as it can handle fluctuating temperatures and pressure. And it has aesthetic appeal as it gleams from your roof miles away, with its shiny finish easily boosting your home's curb appeal.

How Mr. Handyman Handles A Sagging Gutter Repair | Knoxville, TN

There’s more to it than meets the eye for a gutter repair. Knoxville, TN homeowners can expect that we have a failsafe method for repairing sagging residential gutters for a Knoxville gutter repair:

  1. Get Rid Of It: Our Knoxville handyman will remove only half of the loose sections with an electric drill by loosening the brackets that are connecting your troughs to the side of your roof. We’ll take away any screws and fasteners. We go halfway, so the trough doesn’t completely fall off.

  2. Extra Support: Now, we’ll screw in a few screws smack dab in the middle of your rain gutter to serve as supports along the central edge. We’ll also drill in extra screws to the left and right ends of your trough, so it doesn’t shift, wobble or separate from your fascia board.

  3. Added Protection: Next, we’ll install an extra gutter hanger, so the trough doesn’t shift in place. We’ll attach the hanger by hooking it underneath the inside groove of your system. The hanger will be placed in the exact middle of the new system, so the full length of the structure is supported. The idea is that one end of the hanger will hook under the trough and the other end of the hanger will be attached directly through the trough on the side of your house. We’ll screw everything in place, using the drill.

  4. Repeat And Replay: Our Knoxville gutter repair technicians will do the same process, spacing hangers at least four inches apart and continuing to screw them along the entire length of the replacement gutter. This way, it will remain erect and secure and sag no more.

Why Mr. Handyman Is The Keen Choice For Gutter Repair! Knoxville, TN Can Call Us Today!

Mr. Handyman technician repairing gutter on Knoxville home

It’s about time for a gutter repair! Knoxville, TN property owners know it’s beneficial to sign up for our expert handyman repair service to avoid attempting a DIY makeshift hack that may become faulty if you don’t use the appropriate technique.

We recommend not outrightly ignoring the need for gutter repairs. Knoxville, TN homeowners can expect clogged gutter problems to result in permanent and costly water damage to their homes. For those of you who are indecisive, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Rest assured that our transparent, upfront pricing alongside our one-year parts and labor guarantee will give you the peace of mind that we are accredited contractors not looking to upsell you any product or service. Mr. Handyman always strives to deliver competitive prices and quality craftsmanship with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Repairs | Knoxville, TN

What Is The Most Common Problem That Calls For Gutter Repair?

Knoxville, TN residents living among tall trees are most susceptible to repair needs if they don’t regularly schedule maintenance services. The most obvious problem is a gutter clog as once your troughs become blocked, they can no longer redirect the flow of water into the downspout outlet and fully drain away from your property. As a result, troughs will overflow as water splashes against your home’s exterior and onto the ground, where it pools around your house and eventually causes soil erosion as water runoff infiltrates your home’s foundation. Yes–one little clog can compromise the structural integrity of your home! Pine trees and their little pine needles are also culprits that are able to cause clogs.

What Damage Can Broken Gutters Cause?

Aside from permanent water damage to your soffits, fascia boards, and siding, your attics and basement can get flooded too as gutters serve as a first line of defense for your home’s roofline. It can also lead to detrimental health effects due to mold and mildew growth. And a worst-case scenario is a crack in your home's foundation, which can shift the structure of your home, impacting its overall structural integrity, not to mention the safety and security of you and your family members.

Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

Guard systems are worth it if you opt for high-quality ones. Some mesh screen units are effective unless you regularly clean them. By cleaning, we mean every other week, depending on the current weather conditions. Debris and pine needles often get caught in those tiny holes and need to be picked out manually.

If you have seamless units in place, they should do a good job of blocking most large leaves and debris. While those are leak-resistant, they’re still able to clog. In that case, an enclosed leaf guard system would be your best option. Feel free to contact Mr. Handyman for more details.

Protect Your Roofline With Mr. Handyman’s Gutter Repair, Knoxville, TN!

Your gutters shield your home so getting them repaired is inevitable if you want to avoid costly water damage later on. Whether you’re in Knoxville or nearby areas of Oak Ridge, Powell, or Karns, our trustworthy Knoxville handyman will show up unformed and promptly give your gutters a tweak or two.

Reach out to our friendly customer service representatives today as we earnestly await your response.

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