A handyman using a notched trowel to spread mortar across a subfloor while replacing a single tile using a level and putty knife during an appointment for tile repair in Wichita, KS.

Those tiles were the perfect enhancement to your home five, ten or maybe even 20 years ago. But now the grout is dingy and crumbling, there are a few chips or hairline cracks in the surface, and you may even have a piece that has been smashed apart by a sudden impact. Those are strong indications that it's time to get in touch with a qualified Wichita handyman who is experienced in tile replacement and tile repair. Wichita, KS homeowners can count on our help to restore their wall and floor surfaces to attractive condition once again.

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Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area is the expert when you need a professional tile repair in Wichita, KS. Our professionals are available to deliver trustworthy repair, maintenance, and improvement services for your residential or commercial property. As a locally owned and operated business, we are proud to serve the people of our local communities. With years of experience and training, we are highly qualified for all your repair, maintenance, and installation projects, including tile repair in Wichita, KS. Reach out today and let our professionals help you enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Our Wichita Tile Repair Methods

There are many ways to use tile in a home or commercial building, from kitchen walls to bathroom floors. It’s a popular choice for areas prone to water exposure, but it also makes an excellent decorative element for almost any room. There are various types of tiles used in home construction and home improvement:

  • Ceramic: These are popular for floors, walls, and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Porcelain: Durable and moisture-resistant, used in similar areas as ceramic tiles.
  • Natural stone: Includes marble, granite, slate, etc., commonly used for floors, walls, and decorative purposes.
  • Glass: Often used as accents or backsplashes in kitchens or bathrooms such as bathtubs or shower stalls.
  • Mosaic: Small tiles assembled to create intricate patterns or designs used on walls, floors, and backsplashes.
  • Vinyl: Typically used for flooring, known for being affordable and easy to install.
  • Travertine: Used for floors, walls, and countertops, known for their unique natural patterns.

Homeowners can save themselves from costly fixes and installation with prompt services for a tile repair in Wichita, KS. When damage happens, reach out to your team to help you avoid bigger problems like unsightly cosmetic mishaps, potential injury, or future water damage to your subfloor or wall substrate. Tiles can experience many different types of damage from different factors or over-usage.

Common types of damage that we fix include:

  • Stains: Tiles, especially porous ones like natural stone, can get stained from spills or chemical exposure.
  • Wear and Tear: Continuous foot traffic or heavy usage can lead to surface wear and fading.
  • Water Damage: Water infiltration can weaken the tile adhesive, leading to loose or displaced tiles.
  • Efflorescence: A white, powdery substance can appear on the tile surface due to water migration and mineral deposits.
  • Thermal Expansion: Extreme temperature changes can cause tiles to expand as well as contract, leading to cracking or delamination.
  • Scratches: Hard or sharp objects can scratch the surface of some tile materials.
  • Lippage: Uneven tile installation can result in raised edges or lippage between adjacent tiles.

Proper care, maintenance, and addressing issues can help extend the lifespan of tiles and reduce the risk of damage. Regular cleaning, sealing, and professional tile replacement or repairs are essential to keep tiles looking their best and functioning properly. Here are our technician’s strategies for some of the common problems needing tile repair in Wichita, KS:

  • Damaged Grout Lines: Grout is necessary for any tile installation, but as a cement-based product, it’s really not as durable and long-lasting as the pieces themselves. That’s okay—when your excess grout lines start cracking or crumbling apart, or they’ve just become packed full of ground-in dirt that you can’t get rid of, we can use a carbide-tipped scoring tool to remove the grout and leave the pieces in place. We’ll then fill in the lines with fresh grout to make the entire surface look as good as new. If it’s a particularly moisture-prone area like a shower, we’ll use epoxy grout for a watertight seal.
  • Chips and Hairline Cracks: Minor surface damage is unattractive, but it can also let in water or cause you to trip on an uneven surface. We can handle chip repair on porcelain or ceramic tile by filling it in with epoxy, sanding it smooth, and concealing the repair with a few coats of paint followed by a sealant.
  • Loose Tiles: Occasionally, you may have a piece that is technically undamaged but has simply come loose from the mortar that was bonding it to the floor or wall underneath and needs tile repair in Wichita, KS. Our expert technicians not only take care of that easily by re-mortaring and re-grouting the loose piece to get it firmly back into place but will ensure that they provide lasting long-term solutions.
  • Broken or Smashed Pieces: If one or two pieces have been smashed, the best broken tile repair strategy is to replace those individual pieces. However, it’s often difficult to find spare tiles if there weren’t any set aside when the original installation was done or if the unused ones no longer match the rest because they haven’t taken the same wear and tear damage over time. If a perfect match is unavailable, the entire surface will likely need tile replacement.

Our professional technicians repair various types of tiles commonly found in homes and commercial spaces. Whether it’s cracked ceramic tiles, chipped natural stone tiles, or loose vinyl tiles, we are skilled in addressing tile-related issues efficiently. Let’s explore the common household tiles and how our team will follow a meticulous repair process:

Ceramic and Porcelain:

  • Inspect the damaged area to determine the extent of the issue.
  • Remove any debris or loose pieces around the damage.
  • Safely break the cracked pieces using a chisel and hammer.
  • Clean and prepare the area for the new installation.
  • Apply tile adhesive to the back of the replacement tile.
  • Press the flat edges firmly into place, ensuring they align with the surrounding tiles.
  • Allow the adhesive to set for the recommended time.
  • Grout the repaired area, making sure to match the existing grout color.
  • Clean any excess grout from the surfaces.

Natural Stone:

  • Examine the chipped or damaged stones and assess the best approach.
  • Use a diamond blade grinder to carefully smooth out minor chips or cracks.
  • If necessary, remove and replace the damaged pieces of stone using a chisel and adhesive.
  • Clean and prepare the area for the new stone pieces.
  • Apply a stone-specific adhesive to the back of the replacement tile.
  • Set the new one in place, ensuring it is level with the surrounding tiles.
  • Allow adhesive to cure for the recommended time.
  • Apply a stone sealer to protect the repaired tile and enhance its appearance.


  • Assess the loose or damaged vinyl and identify the cause.
  • Lift the affected tile carefully using a putty knife or scraper.
  • Clean the subfloor to ensure a smooth and even surface.
  • Apply a fresh layer of vinyl adhesive to the subfloor.
  • Press the vinyl back into place, making sure it adheres securely.
  • Place a heavy object on the repaired section to ensure proper bonding.
  • Allow the adhesive to set as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Clean any excess adhesive from the surfaces.

It’s important to note that these are general guidelines, and the specific repair or replacement process will vary depending on each unique circumstance and the extent of the repair job. Our professional expertise ensures a high-quality, professional repair for many different types of tiles. Reach out today and book your service appointment with one of our expert professionals. Your home deserves the best, and we can help you achieve it!

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Tile Repair in Wichita, KS?

A handyman from Mr. Handyman spreading tile sealer across a shower floor after completing tile repairs.

We are proud to be your local handyman team in Wichita, KS. We bring many years of experience in helping local customers maintain a safe and comfortable home. Some of the top reasons we are the top professionals in the industry:

  • Certified technicians with background checks who are skilled, bonded, and insured
  • Quality workmanship and parts are guaranteed
  • Excellent customer service with guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • In-house consultation and inspections
  • Upfront transparent pricing system with no hidden fees
  • Done Right Guarantee™ backed by Neighborly— the world’s leading home service franchise
  • Every job includes a thorough cleanup with no mess left behind

With Mr. Handyman’s professional approach, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that every detail is taken care of, so you’re guaranteed long-term results with increased comfort.

Furthermore, we offer many other handyman services, from the interior to the exterior of your home or commercial business, and we have become one of the top handyman professionals. We are the team that can do it all with just one call! Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial services. We are ready to help you knock down that to-do list today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Replacement and Tile Repair in Wichita KS

Are Tile Services Really Necessary?

You know what’s best for your property and household, no doubt about that. But there are some big advantages to calling your local handyman services to take care of tile replacement or tile repair in Wichita, KS. Locals can benefit in these key ways:

  • Prevent Water Damage: When pieces are damaged, they let water seep into the cracks and cause big water damage problems like wood rot. Tile repair or replacement will protect your wall substrate or subfloor from moisture damage, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Improve the Appearance of Your Home: Problems like broken pieces are unattractive and can really hurt the design appeal of your house. Our experienced team in Wichita can erase the damage with the right tile repair or replacement strategy.
  • Avoid Getting Injured: Cracked or missing pieces have sharp edges that can cause tripping or cut your foot. Tile replacement or repair services will give you peace of mind that your floor tile is in safe, sturdy condition and doesn’t pose any risk of injury to you or others.

There are many popular types out there with different densities and maintenance needs. Some may have a rough surface, whereas others have a smooth surface. But to determine when you need repair or replacement, it’s best to have a trusted handyman who brings the knowledge and expertise to properly inspect any issues.

Can I Do Tile Repair Myself?

If you have some degree of experience with home repair projects in Wichita, you can likely handle minor chips and hairline crack repairs in ceramic or porcelain. However, replacing an entire piece of tile may look easy, but they do require a practiced hand to make the results look good. We’ve all seen poorly installed tile floor and wall surfaces, and they tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, that system needed immediate replacement. So if you’ve never done it before, you can save yourself time and money by letting the pros tackle it from the start.

How Much Does It Cost For A Tile Repair in Wichita, KS?

This highly depends on the type of damage you have. Hairline cracks and other small cracks are easy to treat, whereas a water line leak behind your shower walls could lead to costly repairs. The best way for our service professionals to determine the issue is to schedule an in-home inspection, so we can measure the scope of work that’s required. Once we have gathered all the details, we’ll be able to provide you with upfront pricing. Sometimes, our handyman team detects underlying issues that need to be addressed, and this can involve a tile replacement service which will be more costly than repairs.

Do I Need A Tile Replacement Or Tile Repair In Wichita, KS?

To determine if you need a repair or replacement, we consider the extent of damage and the age of the tiles. For minor issues like small cracks, chips, or grout problems, you likely need a tile repair in Wichita, KS. As such, if it’s localized to one area and not severe, tile repair should be enough to get your surface back in good shape.

However, if the tiles have severe cracks, breaks, water damage, or major discoloration or are beyond repair, then a replacement is likely the best option. Furthermore, if it’s widespread across the entire surface or entire floor, repair just isn’t going to be sufficient to deal with it. Likewise, if the area underneath your tiles is damaged from a different issue, such as something requiring plumbing repair, then a full replacement will likely be necessary.

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