A fence is not only the first line of defense for your home but sets healthy boundaries among the perimeter of your property line to ward off suspicious intruders, and curious wild critters alongside allowing a closed pen and safe playing area for your small children and pets. But most of all it allows for a sense of privacy as you can retreat indoors into solitude without having to worry about some random person entering the premises unwarranted. Atop this, a fence system is aesthetically appealing and readily bolsters both your home’s curb appeal and property value whether it's a rustic redwood fence or a wrought iron one that makes your garden more pleasant. Although, any fence serves the same purpose of giving extra protection as a physical enclosure so regardless of which type you have it’s best not to allow it to fall into disrepair by asking for a Walpole fence repair. By participating in preventative maintenance including getting your fence annually inspected or doing a touchup with a fresh coat of paint or stain or replacing any loose hinge on the fence’s gate you can reduce the likelihood that your fence will break anytime soon. Sometimes, however, a fence repair is inevitable as your damaged fence is riddled with problems from hairline cracks and fractures, small holes, dents, crumbling exterior, loose fasteners, discolored rust resulting in leakages, and more. In those circumstances, it's best to rely on a certified, licensed, and fully insured Walpole handyman from Mr. Handyman of Central-Eastern Norfolk County & S.Shore for a fence repair.

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Walpole, MA residents are suggested to be proactive about maintaining their fence as if they remain complacent they’ll have to get a costly and brand new replacement. Plus by overlooking a structurally sound fence you by default compromise on its structural integrity and put into jeopardy your safety as a rickety fence can topple over at a moment's notice. Our trustworthy team members have just the quick fix for a Walpole fence repair, Walpole MA homeowners must never bargain away their right to safety and security. At Mr. Handyman we showcase a remarkable track record having served Walpole and nearby areas of Duxbury, Pembroke, and Quincy for 18 years and counting. We always advocated for our clientele by actively listening to their perspectives and offering long-lasting and effective solutions for fence repair. Walpole, MA property owners can expect us to offer the triple whammy of superior products and services, quality workmanship, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Recall we never upsell but do offer transparent, upfront pricing alongside a one-year parts and labor guarantee. So if your fence happens to wobble out we will return and make the proper adjustments.

Our Worthy Walpole Fence Repair Services

If you’re a first-time homeowner who has purchased a pre-owned property the previous owners may not have been about maintenance let alone the proper upkeep of their enclosure. For starters, they may not have bothered staining their side of the wood fence at all explaining its faded grayish color and peeling layers. A professional carpenter may be able to salvage what’s left of it through a fence repair service. Responsible Walpole homeowners know their home is one of their biggest assets and will invest in an expert contractor for repairs and replacements as home remodeling is a worthwhile investment that will help them preserve the value of their home. An expert handyman can for example seal your iron fence with layering on a thick coat of wax which will serve as a protective barrier against water and moisture damage. Or if you have a wood fence we can apply a varnish stain to stop the rot from spreading. Just a single application will readily prevent your fence’s material from drying out as the stain itself serves as an added protection mechanism for your fence guarding it against harsh local weather conditions including scathing precipitation or direct sunlight. During your Walpole fence repair service appointment your handyman will determine the best course of action to restore your fence to shipshape condition.


Gate Repair: If the hinges on the fence’s gate have become loose you may notice the gate tends to drag or not move at all. For a fence repair, the latch itself needs to be realigned or perhaps it has broken and needs to be replaced. Either way, if your gate doesn’t swing as readily as it used to you need a Walpole fence repair. Walpole, MA clients can expect their skilled handyman to apply lubricant to a jammed gate or to fix any attached posts if the fence is stuck.

Post Repair: A post is the vertical portions of a fence that are placed at measured distances apart from each other. They are situated within a concrete base that is dug deep beneath the ground allowing for greater stability. Sometimes the post itself rusts, crumbles, or accidentally slips off its concrete base and needs to be repositioned so it's durable once more.

Picket Repair: This is the uppermost part of a fence and is attached to horizontal backing rails which fasten them in place. The backer rails which uphold the posts can deteriorate and be badly damaged if put under too much pressure which may result in a warped fence surface.


This eloquent fence adds an incredible amount of eye-catching curb appeal given its durability and the elegance it adds to the perimeter of your property. Plus as a versatile material, it bodes well in fluctuating temperatures. Although it requires less maintenance it still needs to be occasionally brushed off any debris including dirt, leaves, and twigs washed with warm, soapy water, and painted to keep discolored rust at bay. If not, you risk the wrought iron pickets becoming corroded as they weaken, crumble, and bend into wayward shapes. Lately, if you’ve noticed the wrought iron fence’s pickets are loose, bent, or detached, the gate itself is not closing properly or the wrought iron material has become discolored as you notice the paint is chipping away it’s about time for a fence repair. Walpole, MA, clients can expect our expert handyman to fix a loose railing for a wrought iron fence that has become detached from its concrete base using the following methods:

1. Cut Loose: First, we need to remove the damaged parts of the railing by cutting it off with a reciprocating saw. Rust itself tends to crop up near the base of the post for a wrought iron fence which causes the railing to wobble. After removing the post and any other components which are rusted including screws or bolts we will remove and set aside the railing.

2. Remove And Toss: The bottom half of the damaged railing post that is deeply entrenched in the concrete needs to be removed. So our handyman proceeds by using a hammer drill to remove the remainder as the drill tool effortlessly breaks the concrete away. Next, we’ll clean up the mess and remove any metal or concrete debris inside the hole itself.

3. Extra Leg Work: We may overlay a leg extension insert atop the damaged railing post which technically replaces the rusted-over area. We’ll ensure these match the current railing for your Walpole fence repair.

4. Good Fit: First we have to physically cut off the damaged railing bottom using the reciprocating saw to remove any rough or rusted areas from the bottom half of each post. We will check to see if the rounded ends of the extension insert fit snugly into the railing post’s end to ensure they align. If not, we will continue shaving off the railing post until the extension insert does fit.

5. Seal It Off: Now we will insert the two portions of the railing post and leg extension together using a caulk gun to glue them to one another.

6. Secure And Set: To further secure the leg extension insert we will use a rivet gun to tightly fasten it. Just above the space between the old railing post and the new extension insert, approximately a few inches in length, we will drill a small hole to make space for a rivet that is a quarter-inch wide. Although this step is not mandatory we find that for a fence repair, Walpole, MA clients must note it’s better to take extra precaution as the repaired joint is bound to loosen again so it’s better to double fasten it.

7. Back To The Basics: Now we will reinsert the repaired railing section back into its original position. We do this by placing new post bottoms in the holes within the concrete opening. We will also reattach any fasteners to other sections of the railing.

8. Glue Down: We may mix a small amount of hydraulic cement and apply it to the railing post’s hole using a trowel. We carefully shovel small portions of the cement into the post’s hole and press along ensuring there is no gap left behind and press out all the air pockets. We will ensure the concrete application sits flush with the new post and smooth it against the old concrete.

9. Clean Up And Play It Safe: We will use a damp rag to clean up extra concrete residue on the railing or surrounding areas of the porch. We always advise clients to wait a couple of days before leaning against the new railing post or grabbing onto the railing itself for a couple of days. This is due to extra pressure which can cause it to dislodge as the post within the cement may not be fully cured as of yet.

Why We Are The Winning Choice For Fence Repair

As a demarcated boundary, a fence is not just there to divide your property line from your neighbors but it’s also a safeguard against random intruders. We also offer other exterior home renovation services to accompany your Walpole fence repair, Walpole, MA residents should look into our deck installation, siding repair, and power washing services. Our handyman will show up prompt and uniformed at your behest and ready to go by adjusting to your busy schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fence Repair


Although the average fence can last you a couple of decades based on your effort towards maintenance and whether the fence was installed by an expert contractor it’s bound to fall into disrepair and requires a Walpole fence repair. Walpole, MA property owners should be concerned if they noticed any of these telltale signs:

  • Hairline cracks or fractures
  • Small holes or gaps including leaks from water and moisture damage
  • Sagging gate
  • Stains
  • Tilted or lose posts
  • Warped, peeling, or splintered areas
  • Discolored rust and corrosion


It depends–if the damage is restricted to a smaller area of the fence, in particular, a single post you can easily replace said portion and be done with it. If however, the rot has spread to other posts it may be too late as mold and mildew growth is contagious. Once a post has been infected the timber itself will crack and display a black fungus. Because wood is an organic product it cannot be entirely restored to pristine condition but a professional handyman can at least do their best and remove the rotted areas and replace them with an epoxy wood filler or patch. If not, we may have to suggest a fence replacement and swap out the damaged posts with more resilient pressure-treated wood to fight off decay. To prevent this crisis scenario for a Walpole fence repair, Walpole, MA clients must be extra vigilant about the upkeep of their wood fence by applying a stained varnish every few years to prevent it from rotting away.

Handyman Will Guard Your Property Line–Reach Out Today For Fence Repair!

There’s no need to fret about a rickety fence after a Walpole fence repair. Walpole, MA homeowners must not procrastinate as a decrepit fence is not only an eyesore for a passerby but your home’s resale value to plummet. We best advise our clients to be keen about routine maintenance as this is our M.O. to reduce their likelihood of frequent fence repairs. But sometimes it can’t be helped and you have to leave it to the pros. Whether you’re in Walpole or nearby areas go ahead and reach out to our courteous customer service representatives to schedule a no-obligation consultation or service appointment for residential or commercial fence repair.

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