Expert Shower Remodels in Charleston, SC

A handyman from Mr. Handyman using a caulking gun to complete a shower remodel in Charleston, SC.Is your shower older than ten years old, and you haven’t refinished it for years? If your answer is yes, it probably also lacks functionality and aesthetic appeal and chances are your bathroom floors and walls need a little redecorating too, after checking for potential moisture issues underneath the surface of course. That’s a lot to do, but luckily your local Charleston handyman team is the perfect solution for a shower remodel!

Charleston, SC homeowners who seek a bathroom remodeling project, such as installing a walk-in shower or any other type of replacement shower, can trust their local pros at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville to get it done. Speak with our customer service team today by dialing 843-940-7525 and find out how we can help with your bathroom project.

About Our Charleston Shower Remodeling Service

When it’s time for a shower remodel, Charleston, SC homeowners get overwhelmed by the variety of styles out there. When you hire our Charleston handyman services, we’ll always ensure to have all your questions answered during an in-house consultation, which will allow us to gather more information about your needs and preferences. This way, we can facilitate your decision-making process.

Perhaps your goal is to add accessibility modifications to your enclosure by installing grab bars and a seat for someone with reduced mobility. There are endless possibilities for a successful shower remodel. Charleston, SC remodelers at Mr. Handyman will save you a chunk of time by helping you choose a functional, elegant design and ensure an efficient installation of new systems.

Next, our expert team will do a little inspection by checking your current bathroom walls and floors. Often, discolored grout lines or cracked caulk with signs of mildew on the surface are a bad sign that indicate water leakage. So there is a high probability that you have water damage that our Charleston shower remodelers need to handle during the demolition process.

We’ll always make sure that every little detail is covered, so we can prepare a smooth process for your shower remodel. Charleston SC homeowners won’t have to deal with any renovation headaches, because our professional handyman team will have everything under control.A handyman from Mr. Handyman sealing a new shower floor built during a shower remodel in Charleston, SC.

Why Hire Mr. Handyman For Shower Remodeling In Charleston, SC?

Every residential and commercial property owner struggles to keep up with home maintenance, repairs, and improvement projects, but you are not alone. When Mr. Handyman was founded in the early 1990s, our goal was to help our clients maintain their property with ease, so any existing systems will last for years to come.

We only hire highly qualified service professionals who are background-checked and experienced in the home service industry. Our handyman team brings a meticulous eye for detail in detecting early signs of wear and other underlying issues. As a locally-owned and operated handyman business, our team of versatile experts is committed to delivering a high level of workmanship and customer service for everything from complete bathroom remodeling to simple caulking service.

Charleston Shower Remodeling FAQs

What’s The Average Cost Of A Shower Remodel In Charleston, SC?

Charleston, SC homeowners who plan a small bathroom renovation like a shower remodel don’t usually have to go through much with a messy, time-consuming construction project like a whole bathroom remodel because there is only one main focus area for the team. Since Mr. Handyman doesn’t charge by the hour, but per project, the cost will highly depend on the type of shower you choose and the general cost of materials, including the interior wall design. Adding luxurious elements like marble will certainly cost more than ceramic tile or porcelain tile. If you give our team a call, we will be able to give you a price range on labor costs and certain types of materials that we know from trusted suppliers.

Does A Charleston Shower Remodel Include A New Tile Wall?

Absolutely! It’s also recommended because it gives our service technician the opportunity to inspect the backer board for moisture damage. Additionally, new waterproofing is required to a great extent. The entire bathroom and shower floor must be adequately waterproofed prior to the new shower installation. So the advantage of it all is that you get a brand-new tile wall!

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Shower Remodel?

The exact time will vary based on your specific project, but on average, the remodeling technicians at Mr. Handyman may need up to a week for more complicated shower remodels that include demolition of the old structure, waterproofing surface areas and completing other minor plumbing repair or replacement if applicable.

What Is The Best Material to Use for Shower Walls Besides Tile?

There is a wide variety of shower wall options and as for the best material, it really depends on taste, preference, and how much you plan to spend. While popular tile types, such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone are commonly found in homes, they can certainly be of high maintenance that include regular cleaning, and, of course, replacing and resealing grout lines every few years.

Alternatively, if you seek more watertight or waterproof materials, other top-quality materials include:

  • Acrylic: Acrylic comes as a watertight one-piece panel, which is seamless. It’s easy to clean and more cost-effective.
  • PVC panels: PVC is 100% waterproof. While sharing similar qualities as acrylic, PVC is not entirely scratch-proof. Any surface damage requires the whole panel to be replaced.
  • Steel: Stainless steel has antibacterial qualities and is highly durable as an enclosure. It’s easy to maintain and resists chemical cleaners.
  • Marble: Out of the four here, marble provides a high level of aesthetic appeal. It’s also long-lasting and mold-resistant if installed correctly. However, it does require regular sealing so it doesn’t stain, and it’s also one of the more expensive options.

Looking For A Shower Remodel In Charleston, SC?

Don’t get stuck searching for a non-certified remodeling contractor when you can rely on your local pros at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville. Whether you want a tub-to-shower conversion, more convenient walk-in shower unit, a rain shower head,

or new tile for shower walls, our bathroom remodeling team can make that happen!

Give our friendly office team a call today at 843-940-7525 to discuss your Charleston shower remodel! Besides our community in Charleston, we also serve our neighbors in many surrounding areas, such as Mount Pleasant, Goose Creek, and Ladson.
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