Planning a Shower Remodel? Don't Forget These 7 Things!


Sometimes all you need at the end of the day is to wash away the stress with a long, hot shower — but when it is looking worse-for-wear or not functioning properly for your needs, it can be a source of stress itself instead of a relaxing retreat.

If you're looking for ways to refresh your bathroom by making it more appealing and comfortable, you don't necessarily need to do a complete overhaul on your entire room. Your bathing area takes up a huge amount of physical and visual space and it's where you spend a lot of time while you're in your bathroom, so a shower remodel can make a big impact on how you feel about your space and get you closer to your dream bathroom.

Planning a shower remodel is a fun challenge that can be a bit more complicated than it looks on the surface. This guide covers seven important factors that you need to keep in mind during the planning phase. When you have an idea of what you want and you're ready to start swinging the hammer, you can rely on the remodeling pros at Mr. Handyman of Dallas to build your perfect shower with all the bells and whistles.

1. What's Best Now and In the Future

First up, you should think about what you'll need both now and a few years down the road. People often get caught up in designing the ideal shower for right now and forget that their needs may be different in the future.

For example, if you're approaching your golden years and plan to age in place in your home, it may be a good idea to address accessibility issues by adding grab bars and other amenities to make sure your bathroom is suitable for someone with reduced mobility. Or, if you're going to have children in the near future, you'll want to keep the bathtub — or have one installed. Toddlers are slippery and bathing them standing up is not easy! Remodeling with those challenges in mind will keep you satisfied for years to come.

2. Change Out Your Tile

If you have old, grungy tile and grout — or cracked tiles — a fresh shower tile installation will go a long way towards brightening up your bathroom and changing the look of the whole room. Because tile comes in such a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, and materials, a new installation is an opportunity to infuse your remodel with your own personality and sense of style. However, if you're planning to sell your house in the next few years, it makes more sense to choose a neutral style that will increase your property value. Not sure how to accomplish that? White tile is a classic pick that will encourage prospective buyers to impose their own style on it.

Choosing tile material can feel overwhelming because there are so many choices available. Yet, note that porcelain and ceramic are by far the most popular choices for a Dallas remodel because the tiles are attractive, durable, and virtually maintenance-free.

Pro Tip: Choose Mosaic Tile for Your Shower Floor

When it comes to the shower floor, it's good to switch it up and choose mosaic tile. Mosaic tiles are tiny — they range in size from about 5/8 of an inch in diameter to 2×2 inches — so they are able to conform to the slope of the floor, and the grout lines add texture that helps to prevent you from slipping. Consider cobblestone tiles for a unique, natural look.

3. Lose the Tub?

One of the shower remodel questions we're sometimes asked is, "should I get rid of the bathtub or keep it?" and the answer depends entirely on how you like to use your bathroom. If you don't enjoy taking baths and you mainly just use the tub to stand in while washing, go ahead and get rid of it! Tub to shower conversions can turn all that wasted space into a big walk-in shower that will suit your needs better and give your bathroom a touch of luxury.

4. Lighting and Ventilation are Key

Adequate lighting and ventilation are extremely important considerations for a shower remodel, but they’re often overlooked. Natural light is a plus, especially from a bathroom skylight, but that's not always feasible. While you may not need a light stationed inside, there should be lighting near enough that it reaches in and lights up all the nooks and crannies. That being said, bath-rated light fixtures are great options to make sure you can see what you're doing in there.

Proper ventilation is critical for a remodel because hot water steams up bathrooms, and all that humid air causes serious moisture damage to drywall — as well as encourages the growth of mold, mildew, and wood rot. That's why prioritizing ventilation is one of our big bathroom remodeling tips.

5. Add In-Shower Storage and Seating

Putting in a bench seat may not be possible if you're working with a shower-tub combo, but if you install a seat, it's a nice benefit that makes bathing time easier and offers some additional space for shampoo bottles and other items.

Speaking of extra space, it's always a good idea to add storage during a remodel. There's nothing more annoying than trying to wash up without kicking over supplies that are lined up on the floor or along the edge of the tub. Cubby shelves built into the wall are a good option, but if nothing else, add a storage rack behind the water spray.

6. Consider Glass Shower Doors — Or No Doors

We said there's nothing more annoying than kicking over shampoo bottles, but that's not totally true — getting wrapped up in a dirty plastic curtain is definitely worse. Glass doors are a lot more pleasant to use. They let in more light, they're easier to keep clean, and they are a lot more attractive. But, you don't necessarily need a door at all!

Depending on the position of the spray, you may be able to get away with a partial glass wall to block the spray and leave it open at the end. Barrier-free shower enclosures help to open up the space and give bathrooms a rejuvenating, spa-like vibe.

7. Upgrade Your Shower Head

Finally, let's talk about the most critical part, the actual shower head. If you have an older, conventional model and you're looking for opportunities to save on your monthly utility bill, consider installing an energy-efficient, low-flow shower head. Many people avoid them because they are worried they'll be standing under a measly little trickle of water, but manufacturers have come a long way. Nowadays, there are efficient models that don't compromise on water pressure or the feeling of being under a torrent of water. For added luxury, get a rainfall shower head that will make you feel like you're showering in a secluded jungle grotto!

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