These 6 Reasons Are Why You Need Gutter Repairs in Dallas

Gutters are one of the most fundamental aspects of your home's exterior. They're designed to safely remove rainwater from your property so it does not cause severe damage—from destabilizing your home's foundation to enabling mold and wood rot to spread. Water damage is a very serious issue that often needs costly and time-consuming repairs to fix. That costly damage could be avoided with a timely appointment for professional gutter repair in Dallas.

A common issue that occurs if your gutters are not working properly is that water will spill over their edge or fall down the side of your home. You may notice staining on your siding, erosion to your lawn or paving stones, and even flooding in your basement.

Although your home's gutter system is built to withstand constant exposure to the elements in Dallas, like anything else in your home, it needs regular repairs and maintenance to remain in its best condition and work as it is supposed to.

Yet, if you're like most Dallas homeowners, the last thing you want to do on a precious Saturday off from work is to be elbow deep in muck while standing on a ladder—particularly if you're not comfortable with heights.

Thus, to ensure your eavestroughs work properly season after season, you should hire a Dallas handyman for gutter repair services at the first sign of trouble. Not to mention, you should be investing in regular gutter cleanings to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

You may be wondering how to know if you need gutter repair in Dallas. There are many red flags that indicate you need gutter repairs from a professional handyman. The expert team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas has outlined those warning signs below, so you can always be prepared to handle any issue that comes your way.

1. Leaks

A leak anywhere in your home is not a good sign, and this includes leaky gutters. If not dealt with immediately, a small leak can become a major problem. There are a couple of reasons why you might have a leak:

  • Loose Fasteners: Sometimes the hangers and screws that hold your gutters to the roof can pop out of place in the best case scenario, this could cause a leak. In the worst case scenario, it also might cause the bracket to fall off from your fascia. Fascia is the board along your home's overhang that supports this system. Suffice it to say, loose fasteners should be replaced right away.

  • Cracks and Holes: Common in old or rusted pipes, cracks and holes also lead to leaking. They could also be caused by wear along the fasteners or by pests like rodents. Drops of water falling from even the smallest hole could cause serious problems if not repaired promptly.

2. Improper Slope

Slope is one of the most important construction features of your gutter system—although it's likely you haven't given it much thought before. Since the system operates on the basis of gravity, slope is imperative for the overall functioning of the system. If sloped incorrectly, you may face some serious issues that require gutter repair—like water flowing incorrectly.

Also called pitch, slope is how much the pipes slant downward to direct the water flow. If positioned improperly, water will pool and spill over the sides. This will in turn cause serious water damage to your lawn and house.

3. Joint Separation

When your gutters are not cleaned at least twice a year in Dallas, they can get very heavy. It's not just water that makes its way into the system, but also leaves, dirt, garbage and other debris. When it collects over time, this debris causes your eavestroughs to become very heavy. The heavier they are, the more strain is put on the system's joints and brackets. Without gutter repairs, this could cause the joints and brackets to separate over time—possibly even falling off entirely.

4. Bad Downspout Drainage

Just like how your eavestroughs need the right slope, downspouts also need to be directed at a specific angle so water flows correctly. If your downspouts are located too close to your home, water may pool at your home's base. This could cause structural problems with your foundation and even flood your basement.

Downspout runoffs should be installed several feet away from your home. A minimum of 4-feet is required for proper drainage. However, if you have the space, 6-feet is better.

5. Plant Growth

Pooling water, debris, seeds and animal droppings in your gutters may cause plants to grow. Although you might have a beautiful garden as part of your Dallas home, it's likely you don't want a tree growing out of your eavestroughs. In fact, that vegetation can seriously weigh down your system. This will cause the joints to separate, brackets to break and the entire system to be clogged, forcing you to make an appointment for serious gutter repairs in Dallas.

Also, vegetation and standing water encourage pests in Dallas to set up shop in your drainage system. In particular, mosquitoes love to breed in standing water. Mosquitoes can cause itchy, uncomfortable bites that may spread serious diseases. If you notice a swarm of these pesky insects, your eavestroughs could be to blame.

6. Clogs

If you don't regularly clean your gutters, live next to a forested area, or didn't check on your eavestroughs after a rainstorm, it's possible your drainage system is seriously clogged. Not only do clogs cause a series of problems, but they are certain to get worse if left to their own devices. While a normal part of gutter maintenance in Dallas, clogs can cause really serious issues, such as:

Flooding Basements

As water drips over the edge of your eavestroughs, it accumulates on the ground directly below. If the system is seriously clogged and a storm hits, it's possible the water run-off might seep into your basement and cause serious flooding. Even during normal weather, the excess damp could cause problems with mold and wood rot in your basement.

Mold in the Attic

The basement isn't the only part of your home that can be negatively impacted by a clogged drainage system. Gutters tend to be right next to the attic, and it's possible water may leak into this space as well. Anywhere there is water damage, there is a chance that mold, mildew and wood rot may develop. In severe cases, clogs may cause flooding in the attic.

Stains on Siding

Does your siding look a little worse for wear? It could be that run-off from your clogged drainage system is staining it. These stains may just be dirt and grime, but they could also be mold and mildew that has been left to fester because the run-off continues to spill on your siding.

Pro Tip:

One of the best ways to give your siding a deep clean is by hiring our power washing services! Using an incredibly high psi—up to 2,400 to be exact—a pressure washer will blast away any residue from your siding. If you have questions about our power washing services, be sure to let our team know!

Wood Rot in Fascia

Fascia boards support your entire gutter system. If made out of wood, it is possible that fascia may become damaged from water spillage due to clogs or from a lack of timely gutter repair in Dallas.

Broken Brackets

As we mentioned earlier, the more clogged your system is, the heavier it gets. This will put a strain on the brackets that hold your system in place. Given enough time and neglect, these brackets will break from the strain and come crashing to the ground. In turn, this could cause additional damage to your siding and landscaping. Not to mention, if a family member or pet is near the gutters when they fall, it could cause serious injury. Avoiding that unfortunate situation is easy if you schedule a timely appointment for gutter repair in Dallas.

Pests and Bugs

Mosquitoes are not the only creepy crawlies in Dallas that like clogged gutters. Other pests, like rats, may make a home in your drainage system. From there, the rats could infiltrate your home. Likewise, cockroaches could make use of the system and find a way into your home.


It's science—spilling water over a long period of time will cause the ground around your home to erode. This may impact your lawn, garden and/or paving stones. If left alone, the eroded areas may also negatively impact your home's foundation.

Cracks in the Foundation

Enough erosion around the base of your home will impact the structural integrity of its foundation. This may cause the foundation to move and crack. Also, if water run-off gets into these cracks and freezes, they will only get worse until repairs are needed.

How to Prevent Future Problems

There is only one way to protect your home from serious water damage because of issues with your drainage system: scheduling regular cleaning appointments. Gutter cleaning is not the most enjoyable chore for Dallas homeowners, and it can even be dangerous if you're not used to or don't like to climb ladders. Yet, this home maintenance task is a necessary evil.

If you don't want to, or don't feel safe cleaning your gutters, then you need to hire a professional cleaning service at least twice a year. We advise Dallas homeowners have their gutters cleaned at once in the spring and once in the fall. The changing seasons are usually a time when dirt, grass, leaves, twigs, garbage, and even animal nests can accumulate in your system. As we already established, this debris can lead to clogs that can cause a range of serious issues for your property.

By scheduling cleanings twice a year, you prevent clogs, plant growth and the risk that the pipes may become too heavy—which could cause damage. During the cleaning service, an expert technician will also be able to check the system for signs of wear. This may help you know whether or not you need an appointment for replacement or gutter repair in Dallas.

Our team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas is more than happy to tackle this task for you. Since we're also gutter repair experts, we can double-check that there are no problems with your gutters and repair any issues we spot. Each of our technicians is highly experienced at thorough, safe cleaning and gutter repair in Dallas. We are also recognized throughout the Dallas area for our high-quality workmanship and dedication to truly outstanding customer service.

Pro Tip:

If you live in the woods, near a forest or have trees on or next to your property, you may need more frequent gutter repair and cleaning appointments. Also, it's common for storms in Dallas to blow extra leaves and debris into the system. After a severe storm, it's worthwhile to take a look through your property for signs of damage and note if you need to schedule a cleaning appointment. Even if you don't intend on handling gutter repair and cleaning by yourself, you should still regularly walk around your home's exterior and check for the warning signs that your eavestroughs may need repairs.

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