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The charming city of Carrollton is located in Dallas County and is home to an economically and ethnically diverse community. The diversity among Carrollton residents has resulted in most residents being open-minded and friendly. As a suburb of Dallas, the big city is only a half-hour drive to the south. It'll take an additional fifteen minutes to get to Fort Worth, but the drive is worth it to get all the amenities of a big city by day and the quiet streets of Carrollton by night. Among those convenient amenities is your local handyman in Carrollton, TX.

First established in 1842, Carrollton is an older area with many historic homes and commercial buildings. Don’t let this old-school charm fool you—the city is exceptionally clean, and the pride that residents have in their homes and community is evident. The only drawback to this older community is that homes and commercial buildings regularly need maintenance, repair jobs, and replacements from a Carrollton handyman.

Do you need help with home maintenance or home repair tasks? The pros at Mr. Handyman always do a great job. Not only do each of our technicians possess more than ten years of experience working in the trades, but we also go the extra mile to give each of our customers outstanding services and provide high-quality work.

At Mr. Handyman, you can trust that our team will treat you, your family, and your home with respect. We genuinely care about the happiness of our clients—and the safety and wellbeing of their homes. Our Carrollton handyman service providers pride themselves on professionalism. That is why all our employees wear a uniform, arrive in a marked Mr. Handyman van, and take precautions to keep your home clean and tidy—including cleaning up after a completed job.

When you hire Mr. Handyman, you can trust that you are making the right choice. In fact, we are so certain that you will be satisfied with the quality of our work that we guarantee it.

Your Handyman in Carrollton, TX and Other Nearby Areas

At Mr. Handyman, we proudly serve communities within the city of Dallas and many cities in the surrounding area, including Carrollton and other nearby areas like Addison, Farmers Branch, and University Park.

Do you have a home maintenance or home repair project that you need help with? Give our Carrollton handyman service experts a call today at 972-627-4518. We look forward to hearing about your project and making your acquaintance!


The Popular Services We Provide as Your Handyman in Carrollton, TX

Taking care of your home's repair and maintenance needs is a big job. Whether you have a long list of odd jobs that need completing—such as cleaning out the gutters, repairing your fence, or assembling your new furniture—or if you need help with a much bigger project—like a bathroom remodel—our team can help. From indoor repairs to outdoor repairs and quick repairs to larger projects, we do them all. We guarantee that our Carrollton handyman services experts will efficiently and correctly complete your home maintenance task right the first time!

Learn more about a few of our popular services below:

Deck and Patio Repair

It’s important to keep your outside living space looking its best all year round. Over time, the fluctuations in Texan weather will cause wear and tear on your deck and patio. Wood may become loose or cracked, concrete footings may become weak, or erosion may cause issues with the structural integrity of your deck. However, with the help of the team at Mr. Handyman, we can help keep your Carrollton outdoor living space looking good as new.

Our services for your deck and patio include:

  • Board replacement
  • Railing replacement
  • Grading and drainage issues
  • Footing installation
  • Stair replacement
  • Screen and window repair
  • And more!

Are you looking to get your deck replaced, or perhaps install one for the first time? We can help with that too. Traditionally, Texas decks have been made primarily from wood. While wood is generally the default deck material for most Carrollton, TX homeowners, it may not be the best choice for our climate.

Wood decks are very susceptible to moisture and UV damage. To keep a wooden deck looking great for years to come, you’ll need to reapply stains and sealants every few years. Stains (or paint) will protect your deck from becoming weathered by the sun, while sealants will create a barrier between the wood and the moisture in the air. If you’re willing to put in the work—or hire a Carrollton handyman every few years—wooden decks can still be a great choice.

Prefer a more maintenance-free option? Composite decking or capped decking may be the better way to go with your deck installation. Composite decking is made out of an amalgamation of wood and plastic. It doesn't quite look like wood, but the only maintenance it requires is a quick spray down with a hose. Capped decking is similar to composite decking but has a water-resistant layer around the outside. If you want the look of wood without the maintenance, capped decking is your solution.

Already have a deck that's in great shape but want to add a patio? Great, we can help with that too! In addition to laying the patio stones themselves, we can also fix and install patio fire pits, built-in barbecues, and sitting areas. If you can dream it, we can do it. Turn your yard into an oasis this summer with the help of our Carrollton handyman team!

Front Door Installation and Repair

Your front door not only welcomes others into your home but also keeps you and your loved ones safe. Whether your front door has recently been damaged, has experienced wear and tear related to age—such as squeaking hinges or warping—or you'd like a brand-new front door entirely, our Carrollton handyman services experts have got it covered.

We’re often asked if front doors can be installed and fixed by the homeowner. Though we consider door repair one of several minor home repairs, we generally don’t recommend attempting to tackle larger projects like these on your own, as proper installation requires some serious carpentry know-how. If the door isn’t properly installed, you could be more susceptible to break-ins. Doors that aren’t flush with the frame also have a harder time keeping out the Texas heat, which will drive up your utility bill.

Our Carrollton handyman experts have an average of 10 years of experience in the industry. All of our service technicians are skilled in multiple areas of handyman work, including carpentry. With this much experience, you can count on our team to install your front door perfectly.

Are you happy with your front door but looking for a new patio door or interior door? Our team can also assist with a variety of other door installation and repair needs, such as:

  • Interior doors
  • Exterior doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Screen doors
  • Storm doors
  • French doors
  • Closet doors
  • And more!

Some homeowners with moderate carpentry and remodeling experience are capable of installing a pre-hung door, but slabs are another story. Pre-hung doors come with the hinges and frame already attached but require a frameless entryway to do the installation. Slab doors are just that—a slab of wood or composite that requires a frame to be built around it. If you’re planning to install a slab door, hire our team of carpenters to do the job for you. And if you know how to install a pre-hung door but would rather spend your time with your family and friends? Call us then too!

Tile Installation and Repairs

A cracked or chipped tile—aside from being an eyesore—may not seem like a big deal. But did you know that cracking tiles can indicate a greater problem for your Carrollton home? When you hire the team at Mr. Handyman, we would not only expertly fix any damage to your tiles, but we would also look for underlying issues. Our expertise enables us to spot problems before they worsen.

We can also replace your current flooring with tile. If you currently have carpet or linoleum, adding tile is a great way to add value to your home. When purchasing a home, most buyers look at two rooms: the bathroom and the kitchen. These rooms can make or break a sale. Just make sure that when adding tile to the floors, backsplash, and bathroom walls, you pick a pattern that is timeless. Anything with loud colors or that happens to be ‘on trend’ at the time of installation can just as quickly decrease the value of your home.

Whether you need help with a bathroom remodeling project like a shower remodel or just want a new backsplash for your kitchen, our team is ready to help. We can fix, replace and install a variety of tiles, including:

  • Laminate
  • Ceramic
  • Slate
  • Cork
  • Porcelain
  • Marble
  • And others!

Commercial Services Provided by a Handyman in Carrollton, TX

Did you know that we don't just serve Carrollton residential properties but commercial properties too? The next time you need qualified handyman services, don't Google "commercial handyman near me"—just give us a call.

Some of the types of properties that rely on us as their handyman in Carrollton, TX, include:

  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Municipal buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail outlets
  • Small and large office buildings

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we know it’s important that your business stays up and running. That’s why we make it our priority to respond to your service request as soon as possible. Whether you just need some office chairs assembled or need help with something like fence repair, we have you covered. Some of our other commercial Carrollton handyman services include:

  • Cubicle and furniture assembly
  • Restroom repair
  • Ceiling repair
  • Painting interiors and exteriors
  • Door installation and repair
  • Tile installation and repair
  • Drywall installation and repair
  • Commercial carpentry
  • Installation of crown molding
  • And more!

To learn more about the full list of our services, contact our team today at 972-627-4518. We look forward to your call!


Examples of Our Work as Your Handyman in Carrollton, TX

At Mr. Handyman, we understand the importance of trusting not only the home service professional who comes into your home—but also their quality of work. That's why we ask our clients to document the work completed by our team so that you can see first-hand the excellence and experience our Carrollton handyman experts bring to the job:

Patio and Deck Repair by a Handyman in Carrollton, TX

A residential deck before and after it has been refinished by Mr. Handyman.

No matter the time of year, you should be able to enjoy your outdoor space. Part of keeping your space safe and aesthetically pleasing is by fixing any wear and tear or damage that may have occurred throughout the year. An experienced handyman in Carrollton, TX, can take care of your patio and deck repair needs.

Front Door Installation and Repair by a Handyman in Carrollton, TX

An exterior door before and after the frame has been repaired, and the slab has been replaced by Mr. Handyman.

Keep the gateway to your home looking good as new with our front door installation and repair services.

Tile Repair and Installation by a Handyman in Carrollton, TX

A residential shower before and after new shower tile has been installed by Mr. Handyman.

Whether you need spot repairs or a complete tile installation, Mr. Handyman will meet all your tile needs and ensure every tiled surface in your Carrollton home looks fantastic.

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Whatever home repair or home maintenance task you need help with, our courteous and experienced team can help. From installing new tiling and assembling furniture to completing kitchen remodels—our team has seen it and done it all.

Our licensed handyman technicians have all undergone thorough background checks and possess the proper credentials, so you can rest assured that you'll feel safe welcoming your service professional into your home. We keep our prices down by taking into account the cost of labor and the cost of materials—nothing more. By providing a reasonable price for service by a team of experienced laborers, our customers are always satisfied with their results and return to us for future repairs time and time again.

Trust in your local handyman in Carrollton, TX, and connect with us today to tell us about your home improvement project. We'd relish the opportunity to hear from you and can be reached at 972-627-4518. Find out for yourself why many homeowners and business owners depend on us for reliable handyman service.

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