Top 8 Signs You Need Dallas Masonry Repair


Does your house, condo, or commercial building have brick or stone walls? Then it's likely you'll need Dallas masonry repair at some point. Wind, rain, and the famous Texas sun can all take a toll on your masonry structure, damaging it over time.

When the exterior stone of your property is damaged, it's integral that you hire Dallas masonry repair services as soon as possible. Depending on how severe the damage is, and where the damage has occurred, masonry issues can have disastrous consequences. It may lead to water infiltration, issues with your HVAC system, foundation problems, and even make your residential or commercial property unsafe.

The first step in preventing a disaster due to damaged masonry is to know the signs you need repairs from a Dallas handyman. To that end, our experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas have put together this guide. We’re here to help you learn the key warning signs that you need Dallas masonry repair, which problems to look out for, and how pros like us can help.

Why is Dallas Masonry Repair Important?

The majority of masonry issues are caused by a process called settlement. This is when the soil around your home starts to weaken and shift. Cycles of freezing and thawing, or damp soil drying after rainfall, could cause the soil surrounding your home to erode. Thus, your property's foundation alignment shifts and is not properly supported by the surrounding earth. Subsequently, this process puts more pressure on your brick or stone and mortar. Given enough force, these otherwise durable materials will break—resulting in cracks, damage, and buckling walls that may each create a wide range of issues.

Signs You Need Dallas Masonry Repair

If you’re a Dallas homeowner and your property has brick or stone surfaces, it's integral that you're familiar with the Dallas masonry repair warning signs. Repairs should be completed as soon as you see those signs. Knowing those red flags will help you be prepared and catch problems quickly, saving yourself from a lot of future damage—and frustration. When you notice any of the following issues, be sure you call Dallas masonry repair experts as soon as possible.

1. Bulging Brick

Also known as bowed brick, bulging brick describes an issue where your exterior wall either juts out or caves in around a particular area. Usually, this problem is caused by moisture that has seeped in behind the wall. The moisture may be warping the concrete and bricks, pushing them outward. Or, it could have softened the wood or plaster behind your masonry, causing the bricks to sink in. The only way to fix bulging bricks is to remove the affected area, assess and repair the damage behind the wall, and replace any damaged bricks with new ones.

2. Vertical Corner Cracks

Cracks can be nerve wracking when spotted on your foundation. However, it should give you a little peace of mind to know that vertical cracks are not too worrisome. Vertical cracks do not indicate that your wall may collapse and are actually fairly normal. They are often caused by the natural expansion and contraction of brick and stone as weather patterns and temperatures change. The bigger concern with vertical cracks is that they can allow water to infiltrate your exterior walls, which can lead to bulging.

Generally, vertical cracks can be fixed in a couple similar ways. Your handyman may simply apply a urethane or epoxy injection to fill the crack, or else they may install an expansion joint in addition to using that injection. This will take the stress out of natural expansion of the affected area.

3. Compacted Bricks

This problem is very easy to spot and needs to be fixed right away. Compacted bricks have lost their original shape. They may appear bowed, flattened, or cracked. Bricks need pressure to stay stable. They get this by being surrounded by other strong bricks. When one starts to compress, that pressure weakens—causing more to compress. All those weakened bricks must be replaced. If that continuing problem isn’t solved with reliable Dallas masonry repair, your wall could eventually collapse.

4. Spalling at the Shelf Angle

A shelf angle is a long, L-shaped metal piece that gets fitted behind a row of bricks on a wall. Its job is to distribute the weight of bricks between the ground and your building. Spalling is chipping on the brick's facing. It can sometimes be caused by a corroded shelf angle behind it.

When a shelf angle corrodes, it starts to lose strength. That serious problem is usually solved in one of two ways. If the shelf angle is still in decent shape, any spalled/chipped bricks can be replaced. But if the shelf angle is seriously corroded, it will need replacing. This is a much more serious issue and an extensive type of Dallas masonry repair.

5. Efflorescence and Staining

Have you noticed a white sheen along your wall? It could be efflorescence. This is the presence of soluble salts rising through concrete and coming out the outer pores of your brick facade. It's very common and often looks like a white stain. Efflorescence is caused by moist conditions, condensation, rain, and dew.

As soon as you notice efflorescence, it's important to power wash it away. The pros at Mr. Handyman of Dallas can help you complete this basic masonry repair. If you don't clean efflorescence in time, it will turn into calcium carbonate, which is much more difficult to get rid of. It can only be broken down with special chemicals that are very dangerous to work with.

6. Mortar Deterioration and Damage

Over time the mortar between your bricks may start to disintegrate. Bricks need a buffer between them, otherwise they start to loosen up and rub against each other. This can cause damage and warping, leading to very high repair costs. In the worst-case scenario, this could lead to a collapse.

The best fix for deteriorating mortar is for a professional to replace or reinforce the mortar. This process is known as repointing or tuckpointing the mortar. It involves cutting out the old adhesive to a uniform depth and placing new mortar in the joint. This repair process may sound complicated, but it’s much quicker than having to rebuild your walls entirely.

7. Interior Damage

Dallas masonry repair warnings also include issues inside your property. When there is a problem, moisture can build up on your walls, drafts may infiltrate your home, or your drywall could start to crack. When you notice these problems, take a look at your outdoor walls. Each of those indoor issues could be a sign that you need outdoor Dallas masonry repairs.

8. Horizontal Cracks

Whereas vertical cracks are not too much to worry about, cracks that are greater than 30º threaten to collapse your structure. If you notice these kinds of cracks, call a Dallas masonry repair professional right away.

A collapsed wall can be devastating. Not only is it more costly to repair, but it could also damage other areas within your home. Not to mention, anyone near the wall at the time of collapse could be very seriously injured. Part of being a responsible homeowner is regularly inspecting the outside of your home to ensure there are no problems that could escalate into serious issues.

Causes of Masonry Damage in Dallas

Understanding the warning signs that indicate your need for Dallas masonry repairs is just half the battle. The other half is understanding what caused the damage in the first place, so that you can try to proactively prevent a similar issue from happening again.


Have you ever noticed how tree roots, grass, moss, and weeds such as dandelions seem to creep into even the smallest cracks in concrete, stone, and brick? Vegetation growth can cause significant damage. It can worsen cracks and destabilize the entire structure.

It's important to remove vegetation as soon as possible so that it doesn't have the chance to make matters worse. Be sure to remove the roots as well as the vegetation you can see, otherwise it may grow back. Doing so will reduce the chances that you’ll need more serious Dallas masonry repair services.

Freeze and Thaw Cycles

As the seasons change, you may find yourself looking forward to summer holidays or barbecuing out in your yard. Perhaps you're keen for back to school shopping or cooking heartier meals as the weather cools. While new seasons offer many exciting changes, this process can seriously take a toll on your masonry.

During warm, humid months, water may sneak into any cracks in your home's facade. In the winter, should temperatures get below freezing, this water will expand as it turns into ice—causing further damage. Watching out for seeping water is key for preventing the need for Dallas masonry repair.

Poor Maintenance

It's all too easy for Dallas homeowners to forget about masonry maintenance. After all, you have many additional responsibilities on your plate to worry about—not to mention, the rest of your home maintenance as well.

The best way to prevent small issues from escalating into big problems when it comes to your stone and brick surfaces is to invest in annual inspections from a Dallas masonry repair expert. A professional will have the expertise to spot concerns you may not have even noticed, and to complete timely Dallas masonry repairs to preserve the integrity of your home's exterior structures.

Incorrect Repairs

It can be nerve wracking hiring a Dallas masonry professional, especially if you've even been burned in the past. Poorly executed repairs can lead to serious problems—even the collapse of a load bearing wall. Whether you hired an unsavory mason or tried to complete the repair yourself, sub-par work will only lead to future problems. That's why it's so important to hire a masonry repair expert—such as the team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman of Dallas for Your Dallas Masonry Repair Needs?

When you choose to hire Mr. Handyman of Dallas for your masonry repair needs, you choose to hire a professional team with years of trades experience. Our experts have the knowledge, professional experience, and training to get the job done right the first time. We will take our time to properly evaluate your structures and perform any necessary masonry repairs to keep your outdoor surfaces operating and looking their best.

Preserving your masonry while offering outstanding customer service is always our top priority. We treat all our clients with the utmost respect. In fact, when you invite one of our friendly technicians into your home or commercial property, you can expect us to act with professionalism and courtesy. We will maintain a tidy work area and always clean up thoroughly before leaving. Our team even goes so far as to put booties over our shoes when working indoors to protect your flooring and keep your space clean.

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