6 Home Improvements to Boost Your Dallas House's Curb Appeal


Are you looking to sell your home in Dallas? Or do you want to spruce its exterior up a bit? Either way, completing Dallas home improvements that improve curb appeal is always beneficial—as long as they’re done well.

If you want to increase the positive perception your friends and neighbors have of your home, or it's been on the market for a while and you really need a buyer to take the bait, boosting curb appeal is one of the easiest ways to achieve that goal. A Dallas handyman will make that process easy.

Over time, every house in Dallas will start to look a little rundown. It's common for a residential property to need a little TLC to keep it in tip-top shape. Whether that means repairing a broken light fixture above your garage door or painting an old fence, home maintenance is always ongoing.

If the thought of spending your weekend replacing missing siding or scrubbing dirt from your paving stones doesn’t exactly motivate you, then know that you don’t have to do it. Local professionals are always happy to help with Dallas home improvements.

At Mr. Handyman of Dallas, our technicians have years of handyman experience, are highly versatile at completing a wide range of jobs and have the right expertise to help with your Dallas home improvements. We'll make your curb appeal dreams a reality, and ensure you have a positive experience with our company from start to finish. Ensuring we have satisfied customers is always our top priority, so you can rest assured that you'll be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy throughout every home improvement project. We provide guaranteed, courteous service for the top six home improvement projects in Dallas, as well as many additional Dallas home improvements.

1. Front Door Repair & Replacement

Let's start with one of the most important features of your house's facade: the front door. Not only does your front door contribute to you and your family's safety, but it’s also the main focus of your exterior. It's meant to be welcoming and inviting, but when damaged or worn, it can make the entire front of your house look dilapidated. Fixing that damage is an essential Dallas home improvement.

Has Your Door Seen Better Days? We Can Repair:

  • Torn screen doors
  • Wood chewed or scratched by pets
  • Wood rot and termite damage
  • Latches that do not work correctly
  • Knobs that no longer turn
  • Squeaky and rusty hinges
  • Peeling paint and chipped stain
  • And more!

2. Siding Repair

Siding makes up the majority of all real estate in Dallas. So when it looks worse for wear, say it's missing pieces or is stained from mildew, then your entire property's aesthetic appeal will suffer. Nothing deters neighbors and/or prospective buyers like damaged siding!

Whether you have traditional wood siding or modern styles like stucco, fiber cement or vinyl, it's important to take good care of your siding. As soon as you spot signs of damage, it's time to call in the experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas to repair it promptly.

Different types of siding have different peculiarities. For instance, if vinyl is hung improperly, then your siding can warp. And with respect to wood siding, keep in mind that it’s prone to water damage and rot—especially during late summer when humidity peaks. No matter what requirements your siding has, our Dallas home improvement professionals will have it looking good-as-new in no time.

3. Soffits & Fascia Repair

It's not just siding that can ruin your curb appeal. Soffits and fascia are an important part of the equation too. These little-known architectural elements prevent moisture damage. Fascia also supports gutters. Both these technical terms are usually referred to as trim or eaves—although technically it's only fascia that you see when looking directly at your house. Soffits actually run below your roof. You can see them when you stand directly under your house and look up.

When these two important features look worn-out or old, you should hire professional repair services to spruce them up a bit. Even a quick coat of paint on your trim is a simple Dallas home improvement that makes a huge difference toward boosting curb appeal. If your trim is made out of wood, then you could stain it instead, which provides a more natural, traditional aesthetic.

4. Fence Repair

How many times have you seen a beautiful home that has an old, peeling and leaning fence around it? Not only might this annoy your neighbors who share a fence with you, but it will also deter prospective buyers who drive past your home.

A well cared for fence suggests a well cared for home. Not to mention, fences are integral in providing security, privacy and clearly marking property lines. By keeping it in excellent condition, you prevent children and pets from running into the street—and keep your neighbors happy, too.

Fence Seen Better Days? We Can Help! Our Services Include:

  • Righting leaning fences
  • Fixing squeaking gates
  • Replacing damaged posts, pickets and slats
  • Painting or staining old fences
  • Replacing broken chain link
  • And more!

5. Gutter Cleaning

You may be thinking, “You can't even see the inside of my gutters! How does this affect curb appeal?” Well, there are many ways clean gutters help prevent your property from looking run-down.

Without regular gutter cleanings, water, debris (e.g. leaves and twigs) and other muck will accumulate in the system. This causes a wide range of problems—including ruining the aesthetic of your siding and trim. Gutter cleaning is not the most enjoyable of tasks, but it is necessary to keep your property from needing more serious Dallas home improvements. If gutter cleaning isn't for you, or you're not comfortable climbing ladders, our expert team is happy to handle it for you.

Did You Know That Gutter Cleaning Prevents:

  • Staining on siding, paving stones and windows
  • Structural issues with your house's foundation
  • Insects, like mosquitoes
  • Mold, mildew and wood rot
  • Flooded basements, attics and yards

6. Power Washing

One of the best Dallas home improvements you can do to revitalize the appearance of your exterior is to power wash all outdoor surfaces. You'll be amazed at the transformation! Pressure washers spray water at 2,000 to 2,800 psi, which means they can blast away years of stains, buildup and grime from your deck, fence, siding, driveway and more. Not to mention, power washing is a great, cost-effective alternative to remodeling.

Tempted to Power Wash On Your Own? Maybe Think Twice...

Pressure washers can be very dangerous in untrained hands. Different surfaces need to be washed with different pressures, and subsequently can be easily damaged if used improperly. Also, pressure washers can cut human skin because of the incredibly high water pressure they emit. Thus, the best and safest option is to hire a Dallas home improvement expert to take care of your power washing needs. Each of our technicians are trained to safely and correctly use a power washer.

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