Knock Knock... A Complete Guide to Dallas Door Repair

Door service is a crucial part of maintaining any residential or commercial building. Exterior doors secure our homes against intruders, keep pets and children safely indoors and help to maintain indoor comfort levels, while interior doors offer noise separation and some privacy from prying eyes. But an entryway that has deteriorated or suffered damage can't provide any of those benefits, and becomes more of a liability than an amenity. When that happens, you need expert Dallas door repair service.

Interior entries may suffer the occasional impact or even moisture damage, but they don't have to stand up to the level of abuse that exterior entryways take. From harsh weather patterns to insect infestations, they're on the front line for wear and tear damage. If your entryway is looking rough or causing you other problems like air drafts, you likely have questions about door repair. This Dallas door repair guide answers some of the most commonly asked questions that our handyman team hears from our customers.

Don't let a compromised entryway, whether it's outside or inside, make your home or business less safe, comfortable and livable when you can get the help you need from an experienced Dallas handyman. You can get expert door repair and other dependable handyman services from the team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. We take pride in delivering the highest standards of quality workmanship and excellent customer service to people in the Dallas area.

Do I Need Dallas Door Repair or a Replacement?

The old "repair vs. replacement" question is something we are asked quite frequently, and in our professional experience, it generally comes down to the nature and extent of the damage. If the damage is minor, like scuffs, peeling paint or surface issues, Dallas door repair is the perfect solution to get your entryway back in excellent shape and looking its best, so it will continue protecting your home for years to come. But if the damage is severe or widespread, a total replacement might be more cost-effective than interior or exterior door repair.

It's time-consuming to repair major damage or widespread minor damage, and the result will probably still not look or function like a new entryway. It's likely less costly to replace it altogether, and the new installation will be stronger and longer-lasting anyway—which is especially important for exterior entries that need to be able to protect your home and household.

Is Dallas Door Repair Worth It?

Entryways are one of those things that tend to be neglected when it's time for home repairs. Many homeowners just use them until they're on their last legs and then get a replacement, ignoring signs of damage for years (or sometimes even decades). But there are some huge advantages to keeping your entries in excellent condition with door service from experienced technicians, especially when it comes to the exterior. Want a dedicated entrance for your dog? Here's what to know about dog door installation.


For exterior entry doors, security is obviously a major concern. It can be an issue inside a building too, especially for those living in multi-family dwellings or shared accommodation. When your entryway is in poor condition, it's vulnerable to being manipulated or forced open by intruders, putting your property and family at risk. Your Dallas door repair handyman can get it back in solid, safe shape so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is properly secured against intruders. That may involve installing a new lock or shoring up weak points in the overall structure.

Curb Appeal & Property Value

Appearance isn't everything—but it does matter. You may go in and out without even noticing damage to your entryways, but those portals are the first point of contact for visitors to your home, and do a lot to set that important first impression. Exterior entries also go a long way toward boosting your curb appeal—or lowering the tone of your entire property if they're ugly, outdated and in rough shape. If you're thinking of putting your Dallas house on the market in the next few years, door repair service is a good way to spruce things up and make a good impression on prospective home buyers. Seeing entryways in excellent condition will be an early sign that they can count on the rest of the property being in good shape.

Energy Savings

Any break or gap in your building's siding material, such as a door, window or vent, is an opportunity for heat transfer between the interior and outdoors. Thermal energy naturally moves from a warmer space to a colder space, which means heat from the sun comes into your house during the summer when you're running your air conditioner, and warmth from your heating system escapes outdoors in the winter. When your thermostat detects a temperature change, it prompts your HVAC system to turn on and restore the temperature to your preferred level.

Your heating and cooling costs are already likely the biggest expenses on your energy bill by far. That's true for most people, because your HVAC system needs to use up a lot of electricity or natural gas to maintain the temperature you have set on your thermostat. When your deteriorated or damaged exterior entry is letting more and more heat pass through, it's forcing your HVAC system to operate for longer periods of time and use even more energy, which noticeably increases the charges on your bill in North Texas. We can save you money with Dallas door repair services to restore the energy efficiency of your home or commercial business.

What Are the Signs That a Property Needs Door Repair in Dallas, TX?

There is a wide range of issues that can affect your entryways, and the problems tend to start small then worsen over time. That means you may not notice how bad it's gotten until it's at the point where it's making your life miserable and really can't be ignored. If you're aware of the signs that something's not right, you can get the professional services you need before your entryway makes your home less energy efficient, safe and comfortable. The Dallas door repair issues to watch out for include:

  • Air Drafts: Can you feel a draft of cold air when you get near your entry, even though it's closed? That means heat transfer is making your home less energy efficient and costing you money on your monthly utility bills. This can happen due to a weakened or deteriorated slab, or gaps in the frame.

  • Visible Light Around the Frame: Even worse, can you see visible light coming in around the edges of a closed entry? That's definitely a huge problem for energy efficiency, but it also means your home is not secure. Anyone could pry it open without much effort by attacking the crumbling jamb.

  • Difficulty Opening and Closing: When an entry doesn't fit properly into the frame or rubs against the floor when you try to move it, it's a frustrating problem that could be caused by the house settling over time or warped wood due to moisture damage. In older homes, it's sometimes because the frame or slab has been painted so many times that the layers of paint are interfering with smooth operation.

  • Rotten Wood: Exterior entries are particularly susceptible to wood rot, a type of decay that only affects wood with a high moisture content. It causes timber to soften and crumble apart, creating multiple serious issues that can affect the structural integrity of your house.

  • Latch Doesn't Work: If a latch is jammed in a closed position, you can't actually get the door to click shut, and if it's jammed in an open position, you can't even get your slab all the way into its jamb. Luckily this irritating problem can usually be taken care of quickly with Dallas door repair service.

  • Foggy Window: If you've got a window in your entry that has become foggy due to condensation trapped between panes, it's because the seal holding your double panes together has been compromised. In this case, replacement is usually the longest-lasting option.

  • Loose or Squeaky Hinges: It's unpleasant to have an entry that makes a hideous squealing noise every time it's opened, or wobbles loosely on its hinges. Often all you need is to have a Dallas door repair professional tighten up the screws on the hinges or lubricate them, but if they are damaged the hinge plates may need to be replaced and the entry rehung. A handyman can also help you swap and install those replacement parts.

How Do You Handle Door Repair For a Sliding Glass Entry That Doesn't Slide?

Your sliding glass entryway should glide smoothly open and shut with a gentle nudge—so if you have to heave and shove to budge it more than a few inches, something's not right. It could be that something happened to move your door off track. It could also be an issue with damaged rollers or a bent, crushed track that isn't letting your entry move smoothly, but more often than not, it's because there's a build-up of grime and debris in the track and around the rollers that they just can't plow through.

If you suspect the problem could be grime build-up, the first thing you should try is giving the track a thorough cleaning with soapy water and a scrub brush. Get into all the nooks and crannies of the sliding mechanism. Once it's dried, you can vacuum up any remnants. But if that doesn't solve the problem, give your Dallas handyman a call—we can investigate and complete the necessary door repair services to get it gliding perfectly again.

Can I Keep My Old Frame and Just Replace the Slab?

That is sometimes possible under the right circumstances, if the jambs and sill are in great shape and haven't been affected by warping from factors such as the house settling over time, or rotting timber. If the jambs are damaged and "out of square," you'll need frame removal and replacement with your door service. But that's okay—it's probably the better option anyway.

Homeowners often ask this because they assume it would be easier and quicker to leave the old jambs and sill in place, but that's typically not true. Even if your frame is in excellent condition, it will probably be faster and less expensive to replace it instead of trying to get a new entry into an old frame. Matching a new slab to an old jamb involves some tricky measurements, and one or both usually needs to be cut and adjusted so they can match up properly with the replacement parts. Those steps take a surprising amount of time, skill and effort. In either case, it's a job best left to an experienced Dallas door repair professional.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Professional for Dallas Commercial Door Services?

Right here! Our expert Dallas door repair services aren't just for residential buildings. The team of certified technicians at Mr. Handyman of Dallas are experienced with commercial services as well, such as commercial door repair, maintenance and commercial door installation. Any service that your entryways at home may need can also apply to your business building, but commercial properties also have unique needs that go beyond what you would find in a home. Business owners can rely on our professional team to handle those needs as well, including repair and installation for automatic, handicap-accessible and revolving entryways.

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