The Many Benefits of Getting Custom Built-Ins in Dallas, TX


There are numerous benefits to installing Dallas custom built-ins in your home. From providing ample storage space, to ensuring everything in your home has a place it belongs. Not to mention, custom built-ins can increase your home's visual appeal.

At Mr. Handyman of Dallas we offer a range of expert carpentry services, including creating Dallas custom built-ins. In fact, some of our service professionals have years of carpentry experience. We provide quality workmanship for all woodworking solutions—from standard repairs to creating bespoke projects.

Whether you're looking to add a set of cubbies to your front entrance way or have a different improvement project in mind, we're the team for the job. Our Dallas handyman experts can provide a wide variety of woodworking services—and as well as the information you need to choose the right solutions for your home.

Benefits of Dallas Custom Built-Ins:

The advantages of installing custom built-ins in Dallas range from making better use of storage space to giving each room in your house a stunning visual focal point. If you're on the fence about installing a custom built-in or buying a stand-alone piece instead, keep reading. These top benefits of built-ins might just convince you.

Leverage Unused Space

Every home in Dallas has corners, nooks and crannies that usually go underutilized because the spaces are too small or too awkward for conventional furniture to fit. Common regions that homeowners don't make use of—but could with Dallas custom built-in solutions—include:

  • Below stairways
  • Second-story rooms where there's a downward roof slope
  • Beside other built-in areas, like a fireplace
  • Below beds and surrounding furniture spaces
  • Oddly shaped lofts and attics
  • Unfinished basements

Often, these areas look cluttered if items are placed there haphazardly, or are simply left empty because it's too inconvenient to place anything there. However, they are actually ideal for storage—if it's the right kind of storage solution. In addition to maximizing your space by outfitting these areas with custom built-ins, you also free up space in other areas of your home by reducing clutter.

Since built-ins are designed to fit exactly into a given space, one of our expert carpenters can design storage units that maximize storage capacity. This differs from buying pre-made storage solutions and furniture in Dallas, as they might not properly fit in your space.

Put Safety First

Free-standing storage units and furniture such as bookshelves, cubby units, hutches and consoles will always be less safe than a custom built-in. While these items may seem stable, there is always a risk that they could topple over—especially if children or pets get up to no good and play on the furniture. Dogs can bump into bookshelves, cats can hop on-top of hutches and wardrobes, and children can get up to all kinds of mischief that ultimately puts them in harm's way. You can avoid these risks by getting custom built-ins in Dallas, TX.

Add Visual Interest to Your Home

One of the primary benefits of custom built-ins in Dallas are that they fit seamlessly into your home. This means they don't look out of place or obtrusive, rather it's the opposite. Sometimes furniture can look clunky or out of place, especially if you're still hanging on to old pieces that really have no place in your home's current design. Since built-ins are made with your vision in mind, they will perfectly suit both your space and your tastes. No more wasting time checking every store in Dallas for the right piece of furniture. Instead, why not build a piece that you're guaranteed to love and cherish over the years?

Keep Your Home Organized

One can't think about custom built-ins in Dallas without also thinking about storage solutions. It can't be stressed enough: storage and organization are key to keeping a peaceful home. From giving children an area to put away toys that you or your partner might otherwise trip on, to ensuring all your odds and ends have a place where they can be properly put away, built-ins will contribute to your peace of mind by making your space more tranquil and aesthetically pleasing. Say goodbye to mess and clutter, and hello to a Dallas custom built-in storage solution.

Dallas Custom Built-In Projects to Inspire You

Do you want to build a set of bookshelves for your child's room? Or maybe you'd like a new TV console installed in your den or mudroom? It's amazing what a custom built-in can do to improve the aesthetic and functionality of your home. Keep reading to discover some of the Dallas custom built-in projects our team can complete in your home.

1. Entertainment Centers and Consoles

Not only does custom shelving enable you to store items in a more organized fashion, but they also really elevate a room. Have you considered installing an entertainment center or console in your family room, den or mudroom? These custom built-ins are excellent storage solutions that look great in any Dallas home. Hide unattractive wires behind a show-stopping shelving unit. Not to mention, consoles and entertainment centers are also an excellent place to add space for books, children's toys and decorative items. A console could even function as a storage chest where you put blankets and pillows that aren't being used.

2. Custom Shelves and Built-In Bookcases

There really isn't a room in the house where having bespoke shelves or a custom bookcase won’t be useful. In bedrooms, bookshelves can become part of your personal library, or provide a place where children can have easy access to toys and books.

In the kitchen, shelving units can be an appealing storage alternative to cabinets. Some homeowners like to look at their shiny new appliances lined up on the shelf, or like having easier access to spices and essentials like pasta or rice.

In the basement, built-ins are a lifesaver. Whether you need space to store old children's clothes that you aren't ready to part with, or you need a better way to organize the tools and materials you use for your hobby, custom shelves are the ideal way to stay organized.

3. Install a New Mantel

Does your fireplace already have a mantel, but it's not really your style? Or, maybe your home is a new-build that didn't include a mantel? Whatever the case may be, the experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas can create a mantel perfect for framing your fireplace. This accent is perfect for drawing visual focus to the coziest part of your home, and adds a personal touch by enabling space for holiday cards, family photos and stunning decorative items.

4. Kitchen Table, Booth or Breakfast Nook

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you’ve probably already thought about common projects like countertop installation, but there are plenty of options related to custom built-ins that you should also consider. Increasingly, homeowners are looking to add custom built-in dining areas to their homes. Booths and benches make a kitchen look more elevated than a standard kitchen table. Since most families spend significant time in the kitchen either preparing meals, entertaining or helping children with homework, it makes sense to add a custom area in this space. Not only could your built-in dining area be constructed according to your specific vision—helping you save time instead of scouring the internet for the right piece of furniture—but you can also add thoughtful details that make the space your own. For instance, consider adding additional storage under the seats.

If you're happy with your kitchen table but have been eyeing a corner of your kitchen where you think a breakfast nook would look delightful, our expert carpenters can help with that too. From outfitting an area already designed to be a breakfast nook to adding one into your open floor-plan kitchen, we have the skills and work ethic to make your vision come to life.

5. Custom Cabinets

Installing luxury custom cabinetry is another great option for any kitchen remodel in Dallas, and for many other parts of your home too. Your cabinets take up the most real estate in many areas of your home, including both kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. So, it's important that they look great and function properly. Outdated, worn or damaged cupboards are not only frustrating to use, but they also seriously detract from a room's aesthetic. Whether you want to replace old-fashioned vinyl cabinets with a new design, or your original wood cupboards need to be refaced, we've got your custom cabinetry needs covered.

Furthermore, an added benefit of custom cabinet installation is that we can build storage units in unique or unconventional spaces. If your kitchen was built in a different age or your current cabinets aren't big enough for your needs, we can build beyond the standard heights and widths to ensure your storage space is being utilized to the max.

6. Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom should be a space where you can relax at the end of a long day. Or, perhaps you're thinking of updating your children's bathroom and storage is a key consideration. In either case, bathrooms can be a huge draw for prospective buyers—and are an important area of the home where a lot of families spend much of their time getting ready for the day or unwinding after school and work.

The vanity is your bathroom's focal point. While it does usually provide important storage solutions ideal for organizing toiletries, towels and other bathroom essentials, it also epitomizes the style you've chosen in the space. From minimalist and slick to rustic and traditional, a new vanity is a great choice for a stunning Dallas custom built-in.

7. Custom Closets and Bedroom Storage

If all your clothes are crammed into a closet that's simply not outfitted for your unique needs, then it's time for a Dallas custom built-in project provided by the pros at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. It can be frustrating spending precious minutes searching for something to wear when you're getting ready for work in the morning—especially if you're the type of person who likes a place for everything and everything in its place. Or, maybe your spouse seems to be taking up all the closet space, and having better organization would be ideal for ensuring you have clear access to your things.

Our team of pro carpentry experts can create a custom closet with perfect built-in storage solutions that effortlessly organize your clothes. You'll never have to tear your closet apart looking for that green sweater you wanted to wear, or wonder where all your belts have gotten to. From open shelves to custom cabinets and drawers, our team has it covered.

Additionally, should you need further storage in your bedroom or your children's bedrooms, we can help with that too. Ensuring everything in your home is properly organized helps increase peace of mind—and boost your home's aesthetic appeal.

8. Cubby and Under-the-Stairs Storage

If you have small children, cubbies are perfect for keeping their outdoor jackets, shoes and school bags organized. Not only will this help you save time in the morning because you're not scrambling around looking for your little ones' backpacks and school books, but it also keeps entries and porches free of unsightly clutter.

If you don't have a lot of space in your home, or you have an unfinished basement where you've placed Rubbermaids full of items you don't want to get rid of but also don't have need of, then under-the-stairs storage could be a perfect solution. Maximizing the space under your stairs is ideal for limiting clutter and making the most of your space.

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Have these custom built-in ideas inspired you? Maybe you want to install extra storage under your stairs, or it's time to update your bathroom vanity. There are numerous benefits to using our Dallas custom built-in services to transform under utilized space or make your home truly your own with a bespoke design.

Whatever custom solutions you have in-mind, our team of experts can help. Not only do we have years of experience, full training and the skill to provide quality services, but we also always prioritize our customers' satisfaction. When you hire the pros at Mr. Handyman of Dallas, you can rest assured we'll put you first. In fact, we've helped many residential customers throughout the Dallas area with our expert home improvement services, including in Farmers Branch and Addison.

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