Why Hire Professional Property Maintenance Services?

If you run a large commercial property or rent out a residential building, then you know the importance of keeping your premises in the best condition possible—which is where property maintenance comes in. However, property maintenance can be a lot of work for one person. So why not hire a team of qualified handymen to take on general maintenance tasks on your behalf?

Whether you're responsible for a large office building or for running an apartment complex, keeping up with maintenance tasks can be very demanding. And, you have other responsibilities on your plate. Don't spread yourself too thin by also trying to tackle repairs and installations that can be easily handled by professionals. By delegating to-dos like fixing damaged drywall or replacing a broken door, you save both time and money.

Even if you have the skills to handle basic repairs, that doesn't mean you have to. Besides, anytime a DIYer handles a job like drywall repair or door installation, there's always a chance that things could go wrong. In that event, suddenly you're left having to re-do work you've already attempted. This wastes more time and is very stressful.

Not to mention, some property maintenance tasks can be a sign of more serious problems under the surface. For instance, moisture stains on your drywall are not just unattractive, which may bother your tenants, but they can also indicate a more serious problem that needs to be addressed right away. Whether the water stain was caused by a damaged pipe or poor ventilation, water damage can lead to mold and wood rot. These are both serious health and structural hazards. So it's very important that the repair is done right the first time—and completed as soon as possible.

By having a trusted commercial handyman on speed dial, you keep your property in its best shape ultimately means increasing profit. Maintenance is particularly important, as regular upkeep helps prevent serious issues that are more costly and time-consuming to repair.

By hiring our expert Dallas handyman services, you ensure your property always looks and functions at its best. Continue reading to discover why choosing the trusted team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas is key to running a profitable and comfortable business.

What Does Property Maintenance Include?

At Mr. Handyman of Dallas we’re your “one call does it all” handyman service. Save yourself the unnecessary stress—and expense—of hiring multiple contractors when our skillful technicians can complete all the maintenance your building needs. Our highly skilled and experienced service pros can complete a wide range of repairs, from patching damaged drywall to checking off all the little maintenance tasks on your to-do list. 

Our Dallas Property Maintenance Services include:

  • Drywall installation
  • Drywall repair
  • Door repairs
  • Cubicle & furniture assembly
  • Crown molding repair/installation
  • Drop ceiling repair
  • Hanging pictures, mirrors & whiteboards
  • Restroom repair
  • Fence Repair
  • Tile installation/repair
  • Flooring installation/repair
  • Cabinet Repair
  • Commercial carpentry

Who Needs Dallas Property Maintenance?

Anyone who owns or operates a commercial building will benefit from hiring Mr. Handyman of Dallas to handle their property maintenance needs. When you choose Mr. Handyman of Dallas, you choose to invest in a company that provides highly skilled work while always putting our customers first. Not only are we highly skilled at residential repairs, which is perhaps what our company is known for, but we've also provided a range of commercial repair, maintenance, and installation services to a variety of clients. Some of the industries we've worked with include

  • Restaurants/food services
  • Financial institutions/banks
  • Schools
  • Municipal government services
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Retail/shopping malls
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Small businesses
  • Corporate offices

Why Hire Professional Property Maintenance Services?

Hiring a commercial handyman you can trust is important to keeping your commercial or rental property looking and functioning its best. Besides, there are many companies out there claiming to provide expert services but actually come up short. Hiring a handyman who lets you down can be devastating—not to mention a waste of time and money. At Mr. Handyman of Dallas, we're so confident that you'll be satisfied with our services, we stand behind our workmanship with our Done Right Guarantee. If in the rare event, the work isn't done right the first time, we'll make it right! Additionally, there are a number of reasons why you should hire professional property maintenance services:

1. It's Up to You to Take Care of Your Property

As a property manager, it's your responsibility to ensure that your property is up to code and that any issues are dealt with promptly and professionally. This keeps your tenants happy and ensures you're able to continue leasing your property to a range of clients. It's imperative that you provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment—whether you lease a commercial property or a residential one.

For instance, when there is a damaged tile in the bathroom or a piece of drywall that's gone soft from water damage, it's your responsibility to fix the problem as soon as possible. Especially before someone gets hurt. Cracked and broken tile can be very sharp, and soggy drywall may collapse and hurt one of your tenants. Should this happen, you could wind up in serious legal trouble.

Improve and maintain tenant satisfaction (and retention) by hiring our Dallas commercial handyman team. We'll ensure your building always puts its best foot forward.

2. Delegate for Success

If you're like most building managers, you likely have a number of different commercial or residential properties that you lease. Maintaining all these properties is a big responsibility, and worrying about repairs at all these different properties takes up a lot of time and energy. Since you have other responsibilities on your hands, delegating these repair tasks takes away the stress of getting them done, and ensures the repairs are completed promptly.

When you choose the experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas, you choose to reduce your stress and let the experts do what they do best: tackle commercial maintenance and repair tasks. Let us know what the problem is, and we’ll fix it quickly and professionally. That way, you can focus on the other aspects of managing your properties.

3. Save Time & Money

Who doesn't want to save time and money? Hiring a commercial handyman to look after your property will actually save time and money. This sounds a bit counter-intuitive, and so a lot of property managers make the mistake of trying to complete commercial maintenance tasks on their own.

Regular building maintenance reduces your facility's operating costs and increases the lifespan of its fixtures. When you hire our commercial handyman services, our team of experts will solve problems like cracked tiling, stained drywall, and sticking doors promptly and effectively. By preventing these issues from worsening, you save money.

By hiring the right team to tackle repair and installation tasks, you know the job will be done right the first time—so you don't have to throw good money after bad. Most property owners don't have the skills, tools, or resources to make proper repairs. Then, you waste time and money on tools and materials that you either never use again, or wind up throwing out after calling in an expert to fix your mistakes.

4. Fix Other Concerns

You may be thinking that anyone can see property maintenance and repairs that need to be done. However, it takes a trained professional to look beyond the obvious and troubleshoot other problems. One of our service professionals' top benefits is that since you hire us by the hour, we do our best to be as productive as possible. Since our goal is to maximize our time as much as possible, you get the best value from our team. This means if we have time and spot another problem that needs to be fixed, perhaps one you didn't notice, we'll take time to do the repair promptly and professionally.

5. Avoid Hiring Multiple Contractors

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. The team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas truly is a "one call does it all" handyman company. We're pros at checking off all the to-dos on your home maintenance list. It's far more cost effective (not to mention efficient) to hire one team to get all the necessary maintenance tasks done, rather than hiring multiple contractors. Juggling numerous contractors often leads to more stress and results that may not be up to your standards.

Investing in the team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas saves you time, money, and the hassle of finding, scheduling, and managing different contractors for individual tasks. Not to mention, we only hire the best. So you can rest assured that whoever we dispatch to handle your property maintenance needs will get the job done right the first time.

6. Increase Tenant Retention

Whether you manage a commercial or residential property, ensuring you have leased said properties is integral to your income. Making a profit is naturally an important priority. However, if your buildings are in poor condition, it limits your income in two ways. Firstly, you're less likely to retain tenants. Once something nicer pops up, lucrative business owners or renters will set their sights on greener pastures.

Secondly, you can charge less for rent. Naturally, a number of factors go into rental rates—including where your properties are located. But one of the influencing factors is the building's quality. The more comfortable and aesthetically appealing your space is, the more likely your tenants will continue to rent with you, and the higher rents you can charge.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman of Dallas?

As a locally owned and operated business, we truly enjoy getting to know our clients. We're in the business of building long-term relationships with all our clients, so when you need property maintenance services, we'll be in your corner. Our friendly customer service representatives are always happy to take your calls—you're welcome to reach out any time and ask us questions.

Furthermore, our hardworking technicians have years of experience providing outstanding workmanship to a range of clients in and near Dallas. Including communities such as Mesquite and Highland Park.

We also use cutting-edge dispatch technology to ensure our technicians stay on schedule. We are the best commercial handyman services provider in the Dallas area, and it shows through our loyal, return customers.

Our Values

Aside from outstanding workmanship and customer service, there is a range of qualities that sets our handyman business apart from the competition. Our values are at the core of everything we do at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. We diligently follow our code of values, which includes acting with integrity, treating our clients with respect, communicating clearly, and doing our best to always bring a positive attitude to the workplace.


We guarantee that our technicians will always treat you and your property with the utmost respect and courtesy. Treating others as we would like to be treated is part of our company's ethos. We will always communicate with you clearly and politely, and treat your property like it's our own.


As a handyman service provider, integrity is at the core of all we do. Not only do we communicate openly at all times, but we're also transparent. We'll answer your questions, walk you through what property maintenance needs to be completed, and offer upfront pricing.

Customers Come First

Customer service is what we are known for. Our team works hard to understand our customer’s needs in all situations, actively listen to and answer your questions, and provide outstanding service to earn your trust and business time and time again.

Need Property Maintenance? Hire the Pros at Mr. Handyman!

Do you need property maintenance services? Put your property in the experts' hands at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. Our hardworking team will professionally tackle all the repair tasks on your list, so you can focus on the other aspects of property management.

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