Are you noticing cold air drafting into your home during the winter? Are your utility bills going up despite your home still not feeling the proper temperature? No matter the warning sign you’re noticing, windows or other passages such as doorways that aren’t caulked properly can have a big impact on your home. Not only is caulking used for weather-proofing, but it also has less noticeable benefits like preventing insects and other critters from entering your home.

If you’re in need of a Boulder handyman to make sure your home is properly weather-proofed, look no further than Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie. We have been delivering excellent service for years and have the experience and skills necessary to perform an amazing job. Leaving your home without proper sealant can cause expensive damage down the road. Leaks in your roof can cause damage to your attic, and leaks around windows can lead to wood rot and cause other structural problems.

A close-up of the tip of a caulking gun as it is used to seal a gap near a reflective surface during an appointment for caulking service in Boulder, CO.

What Can You Expect from Mr. Handyman’s Caulking Service in Boulder, CO?

When you hire someone to perform a task, you want to know exactly what they’ll be doing. It can be unnerving not knowing what someone is doing when you paid for a service and hoping they perform it right. Luckily, with us you can trust the experts. Not only do we offer upfront pricing, we’ll keep you updated on what we’re doing each step of the way.

When you call Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie, you’re connected with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives, who will answer any questions you have regarding the process or service. Since some things are tough to accurately answer over the phone, you may need a handyman to assess the situation in person.

Once a convenient appointment date has been chosen, one of our expert technicians will arrive at your home in a marked vehicle and in uniform. Once on-site, your handyman can properly assess the job and give you an estimate that they will stick to. That way, you know exactly what you’ll be charged if you decide to proceed with the service.


Unless you’ve noticed a specific part of your home in dire need of caulking, you may be unsure if you really need Boulder caulking services. When in reality, there are plenty of places that you may not notice that could benefit from caulking.

Some of the most common projects and locations for caulking include:

  • Brick wall joints
  • Grout joints between tiles
  • Holes, gaps, and cracks in gutters
  • Gaps around baseboards and trim, including crown molding
  • Where the shower or bathtub meets the surrounding floor and wall
  • Between the kitchen counter and the backsplash
  • Around windows and doors, and frame joints

Our experts can identify, prepare, and caulk multiple areas of your home to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Take advantage of our handyman team’s wide range of expertise and have them complete other home repair tasks while they’re here.


You may be wondering why you don’t just perform the caulking yourself. The reason is that Boulder caulking is a delicate process that requires knowledge and practice to function effectively. If not performed properly, the caulk job can result in gaps from bad technique and will require you to restart or risk the same symptoms you had prior to sealing it.

When you choose a professional, you’re paying for the experience they have and the skills they’ve developed to properly seal your home. That’s how our professionals can help you avoid these common mistakes:

  • Skipping prep: The most common mistake is not spending enough time making sure the surface area is prepared properly. Without a clean surface area free from dirt and previous caulk, your new layer won’t last or provide an effective job. Luckily, an experienced handyman will take the necessary precautionary measures to make sure the area is prepped adequately.
  • Not making sure the tube is cut correctly: Different jobs require different sizes of beads. It’s important to assess what width is required for the project you’re working on so you don’t underfill it unevenly. Too much caulk can result in poor adhesion and a sticky mess that won’t function well.
  • Not dealing with gaps properly: Openings that are wider than a one-quarter inch or more than one-half inch deep will require backing material such as foam rope, expandable spray foam, or another flexible foam product. Filling a large crack with caulk will affect product performance and also cost you a lot in materials. The backing material optimizes the thickness of the bead and allows for the best cosmetic finish.
  • Not having enough practice: Caulking is a skill that takes lots of practice to master. Getting the proper distance and speed is critical for receiving exceptional results. A sudden stop of the caulk bead will make the bead become a mess. The most important step is removing excess caulk with a tool or your finger, making it smooth and even.

If you want to avoid making any of these common mistakes, we recommend calling the professionals for caulking service in Boulder CO. We stand behind our work and all workmanship is guaranteed.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie?

Our caulking service in Boulder, CO is a one-stop shop for everything from window sealing to waterproofing bathtubs. With our years of experience and skilled handymen, no project is too challenging for us.

We use only the most efficient techniques with a caulking gun to make sure the bead of the caulk is perfect. Whether you live in LouisvilleWestminster, or Frederick, we’re here to help. We offer a wide range of home repair, installation, and improvement services that will improve your home.

When you choose us for your next project, you get all these benefits:

  • We bring an average of 10 years of experience to the site and have seen every type of project.
  • All of our handymen are background checked and insured, giving you peace of mind at all times.
  • We always show up on time and will always answer the phone when you call.
  • We clean up after we’re finished and wear boot covers to keep your home in pristine condition.
  • Upfront quotes and transparent communication so you know what you’re signing up for and what the cost will be.
  • We offer workmanship guarantees on all work performed.

Don’t risk an independent contractor or handyman that doesn’t have the experience necessary to deliver excellent service or who won’t offer a workmanship guarantee. Come straight to the experts at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie for your caulking service in Boulder, CO.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Caulking Service in Boulder, CO

In case you’re still unsure if you want professional service or to try it yourself, we’ve answered some commonly received questions. If you have any questions you didn’t find the answer to, please give our experts a call at 303-647-9132 to see how we can help solve your problem.


If you’ve messed up applying caulking to your home, or if you’re about to replace dry, ineffective caulking, you may be wondering how to best remove it. If the caulking is in a hard-to-reach spot or you want to speed up the process, caulk removers are your best bet. They will weaken the caulk’s inner structure, however, they aren’t compatible with all materials. Next, use a caulk removal tool such as a utility knife or putty knife to slice through the caulk and peel it away. Make sure not to cut too deeply as it may damage the surface beneath it. Once all the material is removed, wiping the area with a cleaning product should remove all the residue from the area and serve as a good foundation for your next application.


It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact lifespan of caulking because so many factors influence this. Variables such as the type and quality of caulk used, the application process, humidity levels, prep work before applying, and the condition of the surface when it was applied all change how long it will last.

That being said, silicone can last up to 20 years when properly applied. This makes it long-lasting and will keep your home safe from water leaks for a long period of time before needing to be redone.

Caulking material such as latex lasts from 10 to 15 years but this durability is affected by exposure to moisture and sudden temperature changes.

When you schedule an appointment with our expert handymen, you know they’re going to evaluate the situation properly and suggest what they think is the best fit for the situation, meaning fewer repairs down the line and that it will achieve your desired results.


If you’re at your local home improvement store, chances are you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available for caulking. To help simplify your decision-making process, the easiest way to make your decision is based on if you need outdoor sealing, bathroom/water-resistant caulk, or just general (latex).

  • Butyl-rubber caulk - This form of specialty caulk is for outdoor use only. It is the best option for roofing construction and repairs as it can withstand extreme temperatures. It will also create a strong, insulating, water-tight seal. The top materials to use this type on include aluminum, concrete, mortar, plastics, rubber, stone, vinyl, and exterior wood. It’s also great for gutters, siding, and concrete.
  • Silicone caulk - This type is very flexible and is waterproof and moisture repellant, making it a great option for both windows and bathrooms. While it’s more expensive than other forms, it is highly durable. When removing silicone caulk, solvents are needed instead of water. Silicone helps seals last longer when used outdoors in areas exposed to direct sunlight or rain.
  • Latex caulk - Sometimes referred to as acrylic latex caulk, it’s typically used for drywall, wood, and masonry. This caulk is easy to use and inexpensive. Plus, it cleans up easily with water. This type of caulking is heavily affected by exposure to moisture and sudden temperature changes.


We recommend checking your caulking every 5 years or so. To verify it, you can inspect the exterior and interior of your home and check to see how existing caulking is holding up. Crumbling caulking doesn’t work well in protecting your home from leaks and insects. It’s also important to keep it up to standard if you want to reduce your energy bills as well.

If you notice cracks, stains, or chips in your caulking, or you’re noticing the sealant is loose, it might be time to bring in a professional. If you’re noticing that your energy bills are increasing, an inspection could be a great way to see if the caulking is the culprit.


One thing to keep in mind when planning a Boulder caulking project is that caulking can expire or become less effective when left for too long in the bottle. It’s important to make sure your material is still in good shape if you plan on re-using an old bottle. Silicone caulk has a one-year shelf life guarantee. To test your caulking, apply a small amount and wait for 20 minutes to see if it has formed a skin. If it doesn’t, chances are it has expired as it won’t harden or cure, and it won’t deliver the results you’re expecting.

Do You Need Caulking Services in Boulder, CO?

Have you noticed peeling caulk somewhere in your home? Do you need an expert who can touch up the seals around your bathtub? No matter what your caulking needs are, Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie will get the job done right!

Call to schedule a convenient appointment for caulking services in Boulder or a nearby area, or to learn more about the wide range of additional handyman services offered by Mr. Handyman for everything from deck installation to a basement remodel.

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