Taking care of your outdoor structures can be a chore, especially when your spring cleaning checklist is already long enough. Most spring cleaning duties primarily focus on indoor-related tasks, which are often time-consuming enough. And by the time you take a step outside, you can’t believe how much more needs to be done. And you happen to be standing on your grimy-looking deck that has suffered a bad winter. Is it taking too long to dry? Has the surface color faded into gray? It may not be wise to organize an outdoor gathering until you schedule a professional Boulder deck repair service.

The experienced team at Mr. Handyman of East Boulder & Erie specializes in a wide range of handyman services. If you plan to add useful tasks to your spring maintenance to-do list, our expert Boulder handyman recommends that you include deck repair. Boulder, CO properties will not only be safer but also benefit from an improved aesthetic appeal. From loose railings to wood rot on your deck boards, trust our Boulder deck repair team to rectify the issue before your first barbecue gathering of the year!

Call our knowledgeable customer service staff today to schedule an appointment with one of our local experts. We offer no-obligation in-home visits, during which we’re happy to provide you with a detailed cost estimate should you want to move forward. Keep on reading to learn more about our Boulder deck repair services!

About Our Boulder Deck Repair Service

Exterior structures can be a nuisance to look after, especially wood materials. When constantly exposed to the elements, it is important that these materials are properly maintained. A lack thereof could lead to expensive repairs and even jeopardize your family’s safety. When hiring Mr. Handyman for deck repairs, Boulder, CO homeowners will find some peace of mind and finally move ahead with maintenance and repairs. 

During the initial visit, our Boulder handyman will scan your deck structure from top to bottom, examining all the parts, from framing to hardware. Although these typical inspection steps are highly important for maintenance purposes, our professionals always check for other potential issues that might have been overlooked. 

While the surface space may look fine, there could be an issue in the framing, such as the joists or the beams. Other important components include rims, deck posts, concrete footings, and stairs. We also check how well the structure was originally installed and will be honest about any findings.

Common Deck Issues We Handle

Whatever type of deck you have, not all materials are created equal. It’s true that wood decks require more maintenance, but even with weather-resistant deck materials like composite and vinyl, you could run into problems. 

Common issues that call for Boulder deck repair services include:

  • Wood rot repair on various areas where the water damage has led to rotting. Here is where we recommend homeowners pay close attention to surface areas that take too long to dry.
  • Cracks, holes, and splintering are the leading causes of water intrusion. Although wood is primarily treated on the surface to withstand the elements, the core is still a sensitive territory that can’t handle moisture. Our Boulder deck repair technicians fix cracks and holes with epoxy wood filler and hardener and sand down splintering edges.
  • Rusted hardware like nails, screws, and other fittings may not seem like much of a problem, but they can be detrimental in terms of decreasing structural integrity. Ideally, they are swapped out for corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Drainage issues are problematic, whether it’s clogged gutters or overwhelmed perimeter drains. Leaky gutters where water is repeatedly dripping onto your wood deck not only lead to structural damage but also encourage mold and mildew growth. Also, if your backyard is badly drained and water continuously pools nearby, you could easily fall victim to soil erosion. Although concrete footings are buried below the frost line, it’s the soil that maintains their stability. When the soil erodes, that stability is compromised.
  • Insect and termite damage is common if you have untreated cracks and holes that not only allow water to infiltrate but also termites. Their destructive pinpoint holes are not easy to detect at first and can often resemble water damage or peeling paint. If you notice any of these warning signs, call your Boulder deck repair pros right away. We’ll use foam termiticides to get rid of them and see which repair option may work best.

At Mr. Handyman, we do more than just repair. Your outdoor space deserves a lot more than that. Once we have completed the main job, we will pressure wash the surface, ensuring that all grime, bacteria, and algae are washed away. Lastly, we’ll reseal the surface in case it is a wooden deck. Alternatively, we can stain it if you prefer a more vibrant wood color. That’s how Mr. Handyman kills two birds with one stone—repair and maintenance in one go!

Benefit From The Mr. Handyman Difference!

No matter what type of property maintenance or repair your residential or commercial property needs, Mr. Handyman will get it done. Our local experts are certified, insured, and highly skilled in what they do. When you hire Mr. Handyman of East Boulder & Erie, you can expect a high level of professionalism and courtesy, as we’ll treat your property just like our own. Every handyman service comes with a workmanship guarantee and superior customer service. This way, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with real professionals who have your comfort and safety in mind.

Boulder Deck Repair FAQs

My Deck Is Barely Five Years Old. Why Is It Rotting?

There are various reasons, from bad initial deck installation to undetected damage or conditions that were overlooked. It’s also worth taking note of where you gathered the materials and whether they have been treated before the installation. Professional deck contractors should tell you exactly where they source their materials unless you purchased them from a non-certified supplier. These are scenarios where we highly recommend that you check for warranties and reach out to your original contractor.

Otherwise, the signs of damage, such as rotting wood, could be related to poor drainage or soil-related issues. When hiring Mr. Handyman for deck repair, Boulder, CO property owners can rest assured that we’ll detect the underlying issue.

How Long Does a Wood Deck Last? And Which One Lasts The Longest?

Whether you opt for pressure-treated wood from the hardware store or cedar wood from your local lumber, the average lifespan is between ten and 15 years. This will also depend on how regularly you schedule your maintenance service and how conscientious you are about the occasional Boulder deck repair.

Although wood is still highly desired, some homeowners have upgraded to something low maintenance—composite decks. Composite materials are made of wood fibers and synthetics, which are highly durable and longer lasting. Unlike its wooden counterpart, composite decking lasts between 25 and 30 years. However, they also come with a higher price tag.

What Kind of Deck Maintenance Should I Practice?

As for wood materials, our Boulder deck repair professionals recommend that you practice maintenance that includes checking for surface damage. It’s common for dirt and grime to settle on the surface after a long cold winter. Annual pressure washing will keep it clean and also protect the materials. It also helps to keep a maintenance diary that reminds you when the structure was last sealed. Every three to five years, a resealing or restaining service should take place.

Additionally, we have found that customers like to decorate their deck space, which is absolutely fine. But we advise against area rugs (unless it’s made of synthetic material that dries fast). Plant pots and planters should be placed on saucers. If you have furniture, you should occasionally move them around, and ideally, you remove them during the winter months. When practicing these types of maintenance duties, you will soon realize their benefits. There will be fewer needs for repairs, and your deck will most likely meet its lifespan before you need to consider a deck replacement.

How Does Boulder Deck Repair Service Handle Wood Rot?

Wood rot is always a tricky one, depending on whether you have soft rot or dry rot. The former is easier to treat, whereas the latter is the most destructive one and spreads fast. Our service technicians will inspect the entire deck in greater detail and help you diagnose how far the fungal growth has spread. All rotted wood needs to be removed and replaced, whether it’s a surface board or one of the joists underneath. While surface boards are easy to replace, joists are slightly trickier. One option is to remove the surface boards to access them. To recover or reinforce an affected joist, our Boulder deck repair professional typically installs a sistered material (such as a new piece of treated lumber).

From Wobbly Rails to Rotten Boards, Protect Your Outdoor Living Space With Boulder Deck Repairs From Mr. Handyman!

As an important part of your exterior home maintenance, a professional Boulder deck repair service will ensure a safe summer. Our highly-rated local pros proudly serve the community of Boulder and surrounding areas, including Dacono, Superior, and Broomfield.

Contact our friendly customer service reps to learn more about our popular handyman services, including our Boulder deck repair. We are committed to making your home safer and more comfortable, as well as enhancing curb appeal and resale value.

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