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Are you looking for someone to take care of your home repairs in Broomfield? The city might be one of Colorado's newest counties, but that doesn't mean local property owners are free from the problems that come with age. A Broomfield handyman service is the best way to keep any property in perfect condition.

Broomfield buildings deserve the best professional services — and so do Broomfield property owners. All properties need routine maintenance, repairs, and updates, but few people who own residential or commercial property have the time, tools, and skill required to complete all those handyman jobs.

The knowledgeable professionals at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield and Erie are here to help with all your essential projects. We can reduce your frustrations — and increase your peace of mind — with our wide range of services. Whether you want routine maintenance like gutter cleaning, drywall repairs for accidental damage, or tile installation service for your bathroom renovation, we can help!

Property Maintenance Services

Are you tired of filling every minute of your free time with chores? Who isn't? Few Broomfield residents enjoy spending time on all the necessary drudgery that builds up over time. For property owners, that list of important maintenance chores is even longer — and even more difficult. For a Broomfield handyman, those tasks are always easy!

Putting off property maintenance is a bad idea. Many people in Broomfield forget about tasks like cleaning their gutters or fixing broken siding, until those unaddressed issues become huge problems. Maintenance is imperative. Without seasonal touch-ups, you'll be at an increased risk for complications that result in severe damage — and costly repairs. Luckily, you don't have to toil alone, or at all. Your local handyman pros would be happy to complete your maintenance list for you!

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is one of the most tiresome, grimy jobs that Broomfield homeowners are faced with, and it's no easy task. If you're prepared to climb up a ladder, equipped with work gloves and a putty knife for digging out tough debris, then this is something you can take care of yourself. If you'd rather not spend your weekend elbow-deep in dirt, slime, and other debris, then a local Broomfield handyman can always take care of it for you.

While your handyman is up there, they could also inspect your gutters and fix any glaring problems, so you never have to worry about leaks or flooding. Keeping gutters clean and maintained helps prevent other issues — such as wood rot, stains, and mold caused by water damage. Professional gutter cleaning has big benefits.

Do You Have Gutter Guards?

If your property isn't equipped with gutter guards, you should consider adding some. They significantly reduce the need for regular cleaning by stopping debris before it gets inside. An upfront investment in gutter guards has excellent long term benefits. Not only will you have to clean them less frequently, but your repair and maintenance costs will drop too. Every handyman knows that increased protection is equivalent to decreased risk for costly damage.

Pressure Washing

Have you seen any side-by-side results of pressure washing? Many Boulder building owners are surprised by the amount of filth that power washing eliminates from their outdoor surfaces. That grime builds up over many months — if not years — and it's easy to forget the original appearance of weathered exterior surfaces. A skilled handyman will reveal what's hidden beneath the muddy layers of time.

Power washing from a professional handyman is an easy way to restore outdoor areas, and it's also great for priming surfaces during an exterior painting project. Plus, professional power washing has an astounding return on investment for property owners.

If you're working on updating an older home in Broomfield, don't forget about washing away all the years of dust, sludge, and bacteria. If you're curious about how it's done, if it's safe, or have any other pressure washing questions, your local Broomfield handyman would be happy to provide answers. It's one of our most popular services!

What Can You Clean with a Pressure Washer?

  • Outdoor furniture & cushions

  • Driveways

  • Decks, porches, & patios

  • Tile & stone pathways

  • Fences

  • Siding

  • Grills

  • And more!

Other Maintenance Services Include:

  • Siding, soffit, & fascia repairs

  • Fence repairs

  • Dryer vent cleaning

  • Painting, staining, & refinishing decks

  • Trim repairs

  • Window frame repairs

  • Exterior door repairs

Property Repairs & Improvements

Accidental damage, gradual wear, and outdated, inconvenient interiors are all common problems in Broomfield. Keeping up with weekly chores is hard enough without worrying about problems like drywall holes, a broken ceiling fan, or an unfinished home improvement project. Your local Broomfield handyman service professionals are here to solve all your property repair problems — and provide amazing upgrades!

Drywall Repair Services

Did you accidentally rip away a chunk of drywall while you were trying to remove part of a tile backsplash? Is there a dent in your wall from one of your door knobs? A Broomfield handyman is ready and willing to fix drywall damage! Repairs for damaged walls are common service requests for people living in Broomfield — and that's not because someone in town is targeting walls. Drywall damage is just a common part of life for any homeowner or commercial property owner.

Fixing drywall is a messy, time-consuming project. Even sanding smaller patches creates a surprising amount of dust. Our professional repair solutions reduce time, effort, and messes created by drywall jobs. We'll finish all the cutting, mudding, sanding, taping, and clean-up, so your walls always look fantastic!

Surfaces We Work With Include:

  • Drywall/Sheetrock

  • Green board

  • Gypsum

  • Stucco

  • Cement board

Deck Repair Services

Decks, patios, and porches are a particularly problematic area in Broomfield. Wind, rain, snow, and all the other effects of inclement weather take a constant toll from outdoor areas. Deck damage is common in Broomfield, but damaged decks aren't. That's because there are local handyman service professionals ready to fix all types of damage, so your deck, porch, and patio always look pristine.

How Do You Know If You Have Deck Damage?

Service requests for deck issues are usually related to obvious issues like rickety rails, unstable stairs, and broken boards, but you should also look for more subtle issues like wood rot. Are there soft, discolored patches of wood? Does a screwdriver easily penetrate the wood? If you answered yes, you've got wood rot.

If you have wood rot or other forms of deterioration, timely repairs from a knowledgeable handyman are essential for avoiding further destruction. Performing an annual inspection every spring is the best way to find any hidden damage or unaddressed issues.

Look For:

  • Signs of rot

  • Bent, cracked, or broken boards

  • Large gaps between your property & the deck

  • Loose joints, stairs, & railings

  • Soil erosion around posts

  • Stains, discoloration, & fading

Our Other Popular Services Include:

  • Bathroom & ceiling fan installation

  • Caulking

  • Creating custom cabinets, shelves, & bookcases

  • Pet door installation

  • Crown molding & wainscoting installation

  • Light fixture, switch, & timer installation

  • Tile installation & repairs

  • Baby proofing

  • Adding home accessibility solutions

  • Hanging pictures, mounting TVs, & hanging curtains

Do You Need Handyman Services in Broomfield, CO?

Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield and Erie is your local, convenient one-call solution for everything from cracked casing to bathroom updates. As Broomfield's handyman professionals, we always strive for exceptional customer service and a safe, worry free experience. With our guaranteed work, experienced experts, and comprehensive array of local services, you'll never have to worry about how to do work on your property.

Our team is ready to help! If you're ready to schedule an appointment for professional handyman services — or if you have more questions — call 303-647-9132 today!

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