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You are probably used to walking up and down the staircase every day, and you might even know exactly which step tends to squeak. Besides cracks, holes, and peeling paint on the treads and risers, structural damage is not always visible. But it is essential that you get an experienced service professional for stair repairs. Boulder, CO homeowners can rely on Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie for efficient repair services.

When hiring your local Boulder handyman, you can expect us to take care of a wide range of handyman services. No matter how long your checklist is, we will tick off everything from deck maintenance to door installation to stair repair. Boulder, CO residents can contact us to find out what Mr. Handyman has to offer!

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What To Expect From Boulder Stair Repair Services

When hiring Mr. Handyman for expert stair repairs, Boulder, CO homeowners can count on our team to provide excellent service from start to finish. Staircases have evolved structurally and architecturally over the years. Though you will still frequently find traditional wooden stairs in residential homes. Family homes likely have wood or carpet, whereas young professionals may have opted for vinyl or laminate.

Why You Need Stair Repairs | Boulder, Co

At Mr. Handyman, we believe in creating a safe environment for our clients besides increasing comfort and livability. A staircase connects you to a second level, and you want this small journey to be safe. The anatomy of a staircase can be complex or simple, but each structure that forms and holds it is crucial for your safety.

Our expert Boulder stair repair technicians can handle the following problems:

  • Creaky stairs
  • Broken stair treads
  • Loose newel posts
  • Loose balusters or railings
  • Missing stair rails or handrails
  • Malfunctioning attic stairs
  • Wood rot on deck stairs
  • Issues with stair lift installation

These are warning signs that require immediate attention. It is important to know that there are local building codes as far as stair installation and maintenance are concerned. For example, public safety is of high importance in commercial buildings where they have property managers to handle these issues. However, you have a lot less foot traffic at home, which makes it a lot less noticeable that you need stair repairs. Boulder, CO residents who hire Mr. Handyman can expect our local professionals to quickly restore their wooden staircases before any accidents occur.

Why Hire Mr. Handyman For Stair Repairs, Boulder, CO?

Mr. Handyman has been around since the early 1990s, providing residential and commercial property owners with high-quality workmanship and superior customer service. We believed that home maintenance and repairs were greatly overlooked and decided to make a difference. Since then, Mr. Handyman has grown into North America’s most successful home service franchise.

All our certified service professionals have passed their background checks and drug screens, and bring an average of ten years of trade experience. We take every service request very seriously, which is why every handyman job request is covered by our Done Right Promise and that includes efficient stair repairs in Boulder, CO.

FAQs About Stair Repairs | Boulder, CO

Do Carpenters Do Stair Repairs?

Boulder, CO homeowners will be glad to know that Mr. Handyman has exceptional trim and finish carpenters on their team who are also experts in Boulder stair repair services. Any interior wooden structures our competent carpenters can install, repair, and finish. Whether you need tread, riser, or stringer pairs, our Boulder handyman will get it done.

How Much Does Boulder Stair Repairs Cost?

The cost of repair depends on the level of damage your local handyman will be handling. Small repairs typically include patching small cracks and holes with wood fillers and epoxy, or tightening handrails and balusters. But when dealing with structural issues where the culprits are poor installations or water damage, you’ll be looking at a higher rate as it may call for replacement needs. We highly recommend that you call our office to specify your situation. Our friendly team may be able to give you a price range or even send out a certified Boulder handyman to perform a no-obligation inspection service. During that, we’ll be able to give you a more detailed cost estimate.

How Do I Know I Need A Replacement Instead Of Stair Repairs?

Boulder, CO technicians at Mr. Handyman always take the necessary steps for a visual inspection. If our team detects any structural damage, either caused by rotted wood or old age, we will be transparent about it and chat with you about cost-effective replacement options. That said, nobody knows your home and structures better than you. If your current staircase is 20 years old and has already had multiple stair repairs, Boulder, CO service professionals at Mr. Handyman recommend a replacement.

How Can Boulder Stair Repair Service Make It Safe For Seniors?

Luckily, there is a wide range of home accessibility options to make your staircase safer and more accessible for a loved one with reduced mobility. It is possible to install handrails on both sides of the wall. Or if you already have a rake rail to hold on to, we can install an additional one on the wall. Another more comfortable option is to install a curved or straight stair lift.

Mr. Handyman Is Ready For Stair Repairs, Boulder, CO!

Mr. Handyman’s services are available to our local communities that stretch beyond Boulder. Whether you’re in Boulder or a nearby neighborhood, such as Superior, Lafayette, or Frederick, count on us for reliable handyman service! Give our dedicated customer service staff a call to schedule your in-home consultation and inspection.

While you’re here, we invite you to learn about professional window replacement and drywall repair projects.

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