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Property owners opt for tile installations in Boulder, CO because they are versatile and come in a wide variety of types, styles, and designs. Whether you choose standard ceramic tile or something more stylish like glass tiles or natural stone tiles, it’s important that you hire professional service for your new tile installation. Boulder, CO homeowners who want to make sure they won’t run into issues in the future, hire Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie for their tile installation projects.

Your skilled, local Boulder handyman brings many years of experience helping our local community maintain their properties through efficient maintenance, repairs, and numerous improvement projects that also include Boulder tile installation and other popular handyman services. Get in touch with our friendly team of technicians today and find out how we can help with your next big tile project!

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About Our Tile Installations | Boulder, CO

The vast world of tile can be a very confusing one if you don’t know what to choose, which is why we offer in-home consultations to our clients. It also allows us to carefully inspect their space and existing systems for undetected damages.

Common tile installations Boulder, CO homeowners request include:

  • Backsplash installation
  • Countertop replacement
  • Shower wall replacement
  • Floor installation
  • Outdoor patio

Our Boulder tile installation specialists will ask you about your preferences in style and design. Other important aspects include budget and how much maintenance you are willing to dedicate to it.

During major home improvement projects, such as a shower remodel, bathroom remodel, or kitchen remodel, it’s essential that you make the right tile selections. With Mr. Handyman’s help, you are not alone!

Why Hire Mr. Handyman For Tile Installations | Boulder, CO

Our local team of experts at Mr. Handyman is highly trained, bringing many years of extensive experience working in the home service sector. Not only is our professional handyman team efficient in the job they do, but they also approach every service request with a positive can-do attitude. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that they have hired just about the right team for their custom backsplash or flooring project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tile Installations | Boulder, CO

What’s The Cost Of New Tile Installation?

Boulder, CO homeowners have to consider many factors when determining the cost. Besides labor costs and the size of the area, you also have to consider material costs, which vary greatly, depending on your type of tile installation. Boulder, CO homeowners can also rest assured that we’ll cross this bridge in detail during a formal in-home consultation and inspection. It’s of great importance that our handyman team has a chance to inspect the surface areas first to check for any underlying issues that could involve moisture or water damage. In such a situation, you’ll need to include additional repair needs before going ahead with your initial service request.

Once our local experts have all the details, they’ll be able to write up your cost estimate, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing that there won’t be any overtime charges or hidden fees.

Do I Need An Underlayment For Floor Tile Installation?

Boulder, CO homeowners certainly need to consider a healthy underlayment. Preparing either the underlayment membrane or cement board to ensure a sturdy subfloor is one of the most crucial steps of the overall installation process. Unfortunately, some DIY people make the mistake of installing their tile floors straight to the plywood or subfloor without realizing that plywood can undergo thermal contraction and expansion which could lead to early surface damage.

Therefore, it’s important to remember that you either install an underlayment membrane or a cement backer board on top of your subfloor first before your tile installation. Boulder, CO service technicians will guide you through the entire process, but we also highly encourage you to ask questions in case anything is unclear.

What Are The Correct Steps for Tile Installation?

Boulder, CO technicians at Mr. Handyman follow strict guidelines. The whole process is similar to gathering all your jigsaw pieces together and organizing them. A lot of cutting and measuring is involved too. Besides cleaning and prepping the plywood subfloor, it’s important that our Boulder handyman team squares the room by determining the starting point and marking the middle point. Next, our team will test out the layout to ensure it will go according to plan. Depending on the room’s layout, it’s common that the installation starts in the middle of the room.

When Would You Recommend Glazing Tile Surfaces?

While you are already aware that your ceramic or porcelain tile installation is only complete once the surface has been sealed, you may wonder what other types of surface finishing are available. When technicians talk about glazed or unglazed surfaces, they often refer to the initial firing process during which ceramic and porcelain units are made. Unglazed units have a textured, matte finish, whereas glazed units have a protective liquid glass coating on the surface. To get to that stage, a second round of firing is needed. But glazing can also be done manually with glazing products.

We recommend it to customers who want to keep certain maintenance chores in the bathroom or kitchen to a minimum. For example, glazing your backsplash installation or shower wall tile will better protect your structures from high humidity that could otherwise cause mildew growth on grout joints by absorbing moisture and dirt. By glazing it, you’ll have an easier time with upkeep.

However, glazing is not always recommended for tile flooring because of its slick, glossy finish which is often a slip hazard.

Is It Time For Tile Installation, Boulder, CO?

Whether it’s a small bathroom renovation or a shower remodel, our Boulder tile installation team is ready to provide you with a hassle-free experience by taking care of every detail. Schedule an in-home consultation with one of our experts today!

Our local Boulder handyman also serves our friends and neighbors in Louisville, Lafayette, Dacono, and beyond! We look forward to being part of your next home project!

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