Sharonville is a small, bustling town outside of Cincinnati, and although it may not boast the on-the-go lifestyle as the big city next door, it is known to be one of the best places to live in Ohio! Besides being the original home of Gorilla Glue, it is also a dense suburban town with a strong sense of community. That’s why we know despite being a quaint suburb, Sharonville residents pride themselves on having all the best amenities and practicing the proper upkeep of their homes, including participating in property maintenance by hiring a skilled Sharonville handyman.

Unfinished attic with exposed brick and pieces of wood lying on floor.

Regardless of whether your home is pre-owned or newly built, it requires the occasional refurbishment. However, many first-time homeowners purchase a house not fully realizing the ongoing repairs and replacements required after they sign the lease or mortgage. Responsible homeowners who remain vigilant about upgrading their homes will only reap benefits later on if they receive regular inspections. But it can be exhausting taking into consideration everything from trite repairs to large-scale home renovations.

Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati work van in Sharonville.

So it’s about time you asked a certified, licensed, and fully insured Sharonville handyman at Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati for the best course of action for your next home improvement project. Our professional handyman in Sharonville, OH has the knowledge and experience to guide you through making an informed decision. They also take into consideration your personal preferences, affordable budget, and even local climate. Our local experts always genuinely listen to your pain points and offer authentic solutions, quality craftsmanship, and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our Expert Handyman Sharonville, OH Services

As a Sharonville resident, your lifestyle may be at a more relaxed pace than Cincinnati, but you still possess all the modern conveniences and facilities to live enjoyably. Due to the fewer options available, there’s no need to search for a Sharonville “handyman near me,” and it’s counterintuitive since there are not a lot of reliable contractors to choose from. Sometimes having limited choices is a blessing in disguise and residents of Sharonville need not look further than Mr. Handyman. Our Sharonville handyman team members are qualified based on industry standards and have the latest training and techniques at their disposal. As a property owner, you know that updating your residential home or commercial building’s features will boost your property value and improve the daily comforts of your property.

Unsurprisingly, some Sharonville homeowners procrastinate and only plan home remodels when they are forced to for example install gutters to prevent water damage from a flood or repair their roof siding after a nasty hailstorm. This approach is ill-advised, and your best bet is to be proactive and invest in an expert Sharonville handyman early on as you’ll want to renovate at least after every decade or so to preserve the structural integrity of your home atop of staying on top of the latest decor trends. By relying on an accredited contractor, you can rest assured that a broken window sill, a sagging ceiling, and a loose floorboard don’t wig you out unexpectedly. Our skilled Sharonville handyman will tweak your nuts and bolts so your humble abode doesn’t fall into disrepair. Mr. Handyman offers a wide range of Sharonville handyman services and will go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Window Repair

Mr. Handyman technician standing in front of window with homeowner and using hands to show the width of the window.

We all get frustrated when we want a breath of fresh outdoor air, but our window latch simply won’t budge. If not cleaned once in a while, your window frame can jam by accumulated dust and debris that builds up over time in the window’s sliding track. Apart from being unable to draw in natural sunlight a lack of breeze lessens your home’s air circulation thereby affecting your home’s energy efficiency as your HVAC system including your air conditioning will have to work twice as hard to churn out roughly the same output. Your skilled technicians have some cool tricks up their sleeves, including repairing the damaged hinge, broken jambs, warped sash, or faulty crank lever. As a finishing touch, our Sharonville handyman will even caulk around your window frame and seal it so that it doesn’t allow air drafts to crawl in and impact the energy efficiency of your home.

Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to get a window replacement over a repair too, for example, if the glass pane is chipped or completely shattered or the insulating components are no longer effective. If outrightly ignored, a broken window frame or pane could result in further complications, such as compromising your home’s heating and cooling systems with soaring utility bills. The extra moisture resulting from a malfunctioning system also peels away your drywall, leading to wood rot and potentially attracting pesky termites and overall weakening your house structure. Our Sharonville handyman is an experienced window repair technician that you can trust.

Drywall Repair & Ceiling Repair

If your ceiling has discolored patches, it’s due to a leaky pipe from a clog or damaged soffits, fascia boards, and siding usually from heavy rainfall or snowstorm. If the troublesome spots are outrightly ignored, they can result in mold and mildew growth due to increased humidity and extra moisture from the standing water. Your Sharonville handyman is a drywall repair technician and can cut out the damaged part and replace it with a brand-new piece of drywall.

For small to medium-sized holes, our ceiling repair technician will cut out the damaged drywall area with a utility knife and remove enough drywall so that a new piece can be tacked on.

Please note this is only necessary for larger holes spanning six inches in diameter or more. If the hole happens to be smaller than six inches, we will simply cover it up with a small patch. Your expert Sharonville handyman will spackle over the patch and fasten it in place to ensure it sits flush and even with the ceiling.

Flooring Repair and Installation

If your laminate floorboards are loose or creaking, the tile’s grout looks scrubby or the carpet is matted and dingy, our local Sharonville handyman can revamp your living space with floor repairs or even a brand-new floor installation. But before we attempt any flooring replacement, we need to conduct a careful inspection of your floors to determine any structural issues. If the damage is not too extensive, for example, peeling layers or swollen joints due to water damage on laminate flooring, our experienced handyman in Sharonville, OH can refurbish with repairs and only fix the damaged spots by replacing the planks rather than do a total overhaul.

If you’re hoping for a brand-new floor installation, we can discuss options with you, including tile, laminate, hardwood, or vinyl flooring options during your no-obligation consultation appointment.

What Else to Expect From Your Local Sharonville Handyman?

Mr. Handyman is proud to be your “one-stop shop” for all your home maintenance and repair needs.

  • Siding repair
  • Soffit and fascia repair
  • Tile service (backsplash installation, countertop repair, shower wall installation)
  • Caulking service
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • New appliance installation
  • Attic door or attic stairs installation
  • Deck repair
  • And much more!

Whatever your commercial needs may be, your local Sharonville handyman looks forward to providing you with excellent service with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Commercial Handyman Sharonville, OH Services

Our expert Sharonville handyman team specializes in residential and commercial property maintenance, and we also understand that commercial buildings need to follow strict local building codes. This means that regular maintenance is a must in order to maintain a safe and flawless environment for business and people of the public. When hiring Mr. Handyman, Sharvonville, OH businesses and property managers can focus on what’s important while our courteous and professional service technicians get the job done. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel or are in charge of a financial institution or healthcare facility, rely on your expert Sharonville handyman services to complete the following commercial services:

  • Ceiling panel repairs
  • Furniture assembly
  • Finish carpentry
  • Restroom repairs
  • Tile installation
  • Door repairs
  • Graffiti removal
  • And more!

Our Sharonville Handyman Is Ready for Your Next Future Project!

Responsible Sharonville homeowners vouch for themselves by putting motivation and effort into preserving their humble abode over the years and should only opt for the cream of the crop for home remodeling services. Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati is here to help with all your repairs, installations, and maintenance needs. Apart from Sharonville, we also serve nearby areas of Cincinnati Metro, including Landen, Blue Ash, and Mason.

Reach out to our courteous customer service representatives, who eagerly await your response and are happy to answer any questions you may have. The next thing you know, our Sharonville handyman will arrive in their company vehicle, ready to get to work!