9 Handyman Services to Get Done Around the House

Spring is the perfect time to get all the little (or big) odd jobs around your house done. Whether the warm weather has you inspired to tackle that list of projects you've been ignoring, or you can't put off your property's improvement needs any longer, we can help.

Our team has been providing professional handyman services to clients throughout Columbia and Eldersburg since 2003. For the better part of two decades, clients have turned to us both to tackle large household projects and regular maintenance tasks. Not only does our company offer a variety of services and quality workmanship, but we're also recognized throughout the State for our excellent customer service.

When you want a handyman who is trustworthy, transparent and offers dependable service, look no further than the pros at Mr. Handyman of Greater Columbia and Eldersburg. We can help you tackle everything on your to-do list. Get your home spring-ready by completing the following:

1. Kitchen Update

Did you know that you don't have to complete an expensive remodeling project to get the kitchen of your dreams? Our service pros have the skills to transform your dated, dingy or worn kitchen into a cozy space that truly is the heart of your home. Whether you want to install a new backsplash, update your light fixtures, or add gorgeous new countertops, you'll be amazed at how these small changes completely change the room. Our kitchen makeover services include:

  • Kitchen backsplash installation

  • Cabinet installation/repair

  • Countertop installation/repair

  • Custom kitchen islands

  • Faucet installation

  • Tile installation/repair

  • Light fixture installation/repair

  • Sink installation

2. Bathroom Makeover

Likewise, don't fret about tearing your bathroom apart and starting from scratch to create a beautiful space that will make your friends and neighbors jealous. Instead, our technicians can complete thoughtful touches that turn your master bath, powder room or guest bathroom into a spa-like oasis of calm. Our bathroom update services include:

  • Fan installation/repair

  • Caulking

  • Drywall repairs/finishing

  • Light fixture installation/repair

  • Shower door installation/repair

  • Toilet installation

  • Tile installation/repair

  • Vanity and bathroom mirror installation

3. Refinish Decks

As the weather warms, you'll likely want to spend more time outside—reclining in a comfortable lawn chair, barbecuing with friends and family, and soaking up the sun. But if your deck has seen better days, what should be a backyard escape will become a source of stress. Prepare your deck for summer with the help of our service professionals. We can:

  • Replace damaged or rotten deck boards

  • Repair/replace wobbly railings

  • Fix grading and drainage issues

  • Install new cement footings

  • Replace broken steps

  • Pressure wash worn planks

  • Sand, paint, and stain dated decks

4. Fix Fences

Your deck is not the only outdoor fixture that contributes to a stunning backyard—and also your home's curb appeal. Rotting pickets, missing posts, sun-bleached and otherwise damaged fences are both an eyesore and health hazard. Prevent loved ones from hurting themselves on exposed nails and splintered wood by hiring our expert handyman service. We've worked with a range of fence materials:

  • Wood and wood composite

  • Chain link

  • Wrought iron

  • Vinyl or PVC

5. Repair Doors

Your home's doors serve many important functions. Outside your home, exterior doors boost your curb appeal, welcome friends and family to your home, and keep your property safe. Within, interior doors provide privacy and keep your possessions organized in closets and pantries. When your doors have seen better days, they might squeak, lock improperly (or not at all) and no longer open or close correctly. Fix these issues before they become a serious annoyance. We can install, maintain and repair:

  • French doors

  • Entry doors

  • Closet doors

  • Storm doors

  • Pocket doors

  • Screen doors

  • Porch doors

6. Complete Carpentry Projects

Have you been planning on expanding the storage space in your garage? Or perhaps a custom design bookshelf would be perfect in your child's bedroom? Whether your crown molding needs to be touched up or you want custom built-ins added to your kitchen, our master carpenters have it covered. Many of our service pros have decades of woodworking experience. Our creativity, professionalism and attention to detail will impress you!

7. Window Repair

Have you noticed signs of damage along your window frames? Or perhaps your energy bill is exorbitantly high, despite low utility use? It might be time for a window repair service. Water damage along your window sill is a very common cause of wood rot, stained siding and even drywall damage. If you see stains, notice the wood around your window is soft, or feel a draft from the frame, our experts will be able to help. We can install/repair:

  • Sticking sashes

  • Inoperable windows

  • Damaged screens

  • Squeaking hinges

  • Peeling paint

  • And more!

8. Gutter Cleaning

Although necessary, this task is rarely high-up on most homeowners' to-do lists. Gutter cleaning is mucky, messy business—not to mention, it can be dangerous too. Anytime you climb up a ladder there's the risk of a fall. If you'd rather not spend your Saturday arm-deep in grime, hire the pros at Mr. Handyman to take care of it for you. We'll efficiently clean your gutters so you don't have to worry about improper drainage, flooding and erosion to your home's foundation.

9. Pressure Washing

One of our popular exterior services, pressure washing is the easiest way to give your house a facelift. Our technicians are trained to safely handle power washers, and know what pressures are appropriate to use on different surfaces. We can remove dirt, grime, pollution, stains, algae and mold from many areas of your property, including:

  • Cement paving stones and driveways

  • Windows

  • Brick patios and siding

  • Vinyl siding

  • Wood decks and fences

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Whether you need help with home repairs, routine maintenance or installation services, our improvement experts have it covered. Enjoy your leisure time doing what you love instead of wasting your weekends working on the house. With one call, our technicians can get it all done for you—and you can have peace of mind knowing your home is in the hands of the professionals.

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