At least 80 percent of families and young professionals proudly own their homes in Lehi, UT. Every homeowner has unique needs when it comes to exterior protection, design, and functionality. If you are very protective of your children and pets or simply want to mark your territory for more safety and privacy, you can install a fencing system that does all that. During your initial fence installation project, you decide on height and material before you calculate and determine how much you need for your project, but how often does your budget include the cost of necessary Lehi fence repair services?

Your fence is built to last, but that doesn't mean it's going to stand tall forever without calling your local Lehi handyman for services like professional fence repair. Lehi, UT property owners who install highly durable systems on their outdoor space but lack the knowledge of how to efficiently maintain them can count on their professional team at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork. As your trusted, locally owned and operated business, we only hire highly trained and qualified service technicians who bring an average of ten years of experience in helping our local clients with seasonal maintenance and minor to extensive home repairs and improvement services. When you hire our reliable Lehi fence repair services, expect us to get the job done right the first time.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

A handyman dressed in a Mr. Handyman uniform, using a drill to complete fence repairs in Lehi, UT.

What Does Lehi Fence Repair Service Include?

Once you’ve completed your fencing project, it’s easy to forget that it requires periodic maintenance and the occasional Lehi fence repair, depending on the fence type and material. As a huge part of your outdoor living space, there are some dos and don'ts to consider when opting for certain wood fence styles. From peeling paint to worn-out sealant, it’s crucial that you add some maintenance tasks and minor Lehi fence repair needs to your annual checklist. The best time to inspect your home’s exterior is in the spring during snowmelt periods when your landscaping is most susceptible to excess water leading to soil movement. Any wooden structures whose frames or stability solely rely on solid ground could be compromised.

When noticing warning signs that call for fence repair, Lehi, UT residents can rest assured that our handyman professionals will begin with a detailed inspection. Often, conditions like wood rot may not be immediately noticeable, or it is easy to simply turn a blind eye to rusty wrought iron. We'll then assess the scope of your Lehi fence repair project and explain our recommendations for what needs to be done. The strategy we recommend for a quality fence repair will, of course, vary based on the type of material and the nature of the damage.

Our Reliable Lehi Fence Repair Services

Before we get into the warning signs that call for fence repair, Lehi, UT property owners can learn more about the wide range of fence types and materials we work with. They all have different characteristics and functions. Perhaps you have recurring problems with your existing wooden fence and want to learn about alternatives that don’t require as much maintenance. Or maybe you are planning a brand-new project and want to install the right type, using the best materials that suit your needs.

Mr. Handyman specializes in Lehi fence repair for the following types:

Cedar Wood

Cedar is a natural wood type that is preferred by many homeowners who want a piece of nature. Not only is cedar naturally moisture- and bug-resistant, but it’s also versatile and environmentally friendly. Since cedar trees grow throughout the state of Utah, you can sustainably source your cedar wood in the surrounding areas of Salt Lake City without draining your wallet.

The only downside to cedar is that it can be prone to rot when it’s unsealed and installed too close to the soil, causing it to need Lehi fence repair. We have noticed bad installation jobs in the past where fences were installed perpendicular to the ground, and the base of the posts was in too close contact with the soil. Your local Lehi fence repair technician recommends using steady concrete bases to avoid this issue. This will ensure that your cedar material will meet its maximum lifespan. Although cedar can easily get through without sealing, it’s better to regularly apply a layer of protective sealant to prevent its vibrant color from fading too soon.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

Pressure-treated wood, such as pine or spruce, is easy to order at your local hardware store. You won’t need to worry about treating it because it will all be done for you. Being pressure-treated means the wood has been injected with preservatives and other chemicals that make it moisture- and bug-resistant. It’s weather-resistant and withstands all four seasons, including issues caused by most types of soil. Seasonal maintenance for pressure-treated wood from Lehi fence repair pros often includes pressure-washing, resealing, and occasional plank replacements. Well-maintained pressure-treated pine can last up to 25 years with few repairs.


When composite decking hit the market, people began to wonder, “Why not install a composite fence?” As a synthetic fence material, composite does have a blend of wood fibers and is occasionally referred to as “synthetic wood.” Plastic agents add to the composite’s resilience and weather-resistant qualities. Many homeowners in Lehi choose composite because they prefer the wooden surface look and, moreover, the highly-durable materials used to make it strong and robust. It barely needs any cleaning, which strikes most people as one of the best qualities of composite.

All these pros come with one single con—the higher price tag. Unlike cedar or vinyl, composite materials are more expensive and can be time-consuming to source. Composite also varies in quality, which means that finding a trusted supplier can be difficult but should still be a high priority. The search is worth it, though, and you might save your time by calling the Lehi fence repair professionals at Mr. Handyman directly!

Who wouldn’t want a rot-proof fencing system that can last up to 30 years with little to no need for fence repair? Lehi, UT homeowners who have composite fencing will notice some color fading over time because this material does leach out some natural wood oils (tannins). This problem can be solved with Lehi fence repair services, during which we will help you restore its original looks.


Want to know more about synthetic materials? Vinyl fences are commonly used because they can mimic wood without being wood. It is made of hollow and solid PVC materials, and over the years, manufacturers have enhanced vinyl’s qualities by giving it more thickness to withstand outside elements. Vinyl fencing is customizable, low-maintenance, and durable, with no staining required.

One downside of vinyl is that it cannot withstand high impacts as well as wood. If one area breaks, you will likely need Lehi fence repair and replacement services, where several fence sections and planks need to be exchanged. Another downside is that it easily develops mildew if installed in a grassy area. While cleaning only requires mild soap and water, it may not be in the interest of everyone to choose vinyl.

Wrought Iron and Other Metals

Wrought iron fences take us back to Victorian times and are still in use, although some property owners may opt for other metal materials, such as an aluminum fence, steel, or cast iron. Metal-based materials are known to last for centuries. While rust is still the most common issue for wrought iron and steel that has lost its protective layer, it’s an easy Lehi fence repair that involves wire brushes and sandpaper. To recover its original looks, we’ll use a top-quality, rust-inhibiting primer to reseal the material.

Pick Our Experts for Reliable Fence Repair, Lehi UT Homeowners

Are you searching for Lehi fence repair near me? Mr. Handyman has been around since the 1990s, providing residential homeowners and commercial business owners with professional property maintenance and repair services, as well as improvement projects. Every member of our team is background-checked and brings an average of ten years of experience working on residential and commercial properties in our local community. We do more than just Lehi fence repair—from finished carpentry to drywall repair and ceiling fan installation, our Lehi handyman team has you covered for all your home maintenance and repair needs.

Lehi Fence Repair FAQs

What Are The Warning Signs I Need Lehi Fence Repair?

Lehi, UT homeowners may not immediately notice warning signs that call for repair. However, some may be more noticeable than others. Some people take before and after photos of their home’s exterior to help spot all the changes. This can be especially useful if you take one in the summer and one in the early spring. Winter remnants aren’t always friendly to our outdoor materials unless we maintain or winterize them properly.

The most common types of damage our Lehi fence repair technicians deal with are:

  • Wood Rot: The truth is any type of wood is susceptible to decay that requires Lehi fence repair. As we have mentioned before, cedar fence posts buried in soil are more likely to rot from the bottom up, especially when not sealed. Signs to look out for included discolored patches, softened textures, and cubical fracture, where cube-shaped chunks crumble into sawdust.
  • Cracks and Splintering: Besides winter damage, UV rays often lead to cracks and splintering. Your Lehi fence repair expert will sand and reseal the affected areas. Depending on the severity of the damage, exchanging the planks might be the safer option. The sooner you do it, the more you’ll be able to prevent wood rot.
  • Loose or Corroded Fasteners: Fasteners, screws, and nails may become loose over the years and fall out. Your Lehi fence repair handyman recommends paying attention to signs of rust. Galvanized steel is more prone to rust than stainless steel, which contains chromium and should be used for any wooden structures built outside. Also, check the affected areas around loose fasteners to see if wood rot might be at play.
  • Leaning: Does your fence appear to be leaning? Besides the possibility of poor installation service, that problem could be weather- or soil-related. If you have experienced harsh weather like wind and rain, your chosen material might not be holding up well, especially if it’s not designed for that type of weather. It could be rot in wooden posts that requires fence post repair. Or, if you have experienced soil erosion, you may need to build a temporary silt fence designed for sediment and erosion control on your property. Our Lehi fence repair professionals can fix your leaning fencing before it suffers from any further damage.
  • Rust: Wrought iron, steel, and chain link fences are prone to rust when exposed to extreme climate conditions. On the other hand, aluminum, with the right protective coating, has more weather-resistant qualities. The sooner you get Lehi fence repair services for rust stains, the better it will be for your system’s structural integrity.
  • Pickets or Rails Touching Ground: For most fence designs, the only part that should be touching the soil is the posts. If rails and pickets are touching the ground, it could be because the posts are sagging or leaning, but it's actually more commonly caused by soil and weeds that have built up under the structure. If that's the case, the first step for Lehi fence repair is to cut down any grass or weed and sweep out excess soil.

Do I Need A Permit For Major Lehi Fence Repair Projects?

Depending on the particular project, you may need a permit for Lehi fence repair. But more importantly, you may also need a land survey (also known as Development Permit Survey) to ensure you adhere to local building codes. Sometimes, these codes determine which materials you are allowed to use and how high your fence structure can be.

You are also responsible for any fence damage that occurs on your property, whether caused by severe weather conditions or accidents. Feel free to ask Mr. Handyman any questions that you may have regarding Lehi fence repair and installation services.

Does Mr. Handyman Offer Fence Gate Repair?

We certainly do! Gate repairs are a fairly common part of Lehi fence repair, whether you need new hinges, fasteners, or a gate latch. We can even install new locks and latches. Professional, tall gates, whether made of wood or metal, might need a lock like a proper house door. This way, no one from the outside is able to easily access your backyard.

The gate on a residential fence before and after the locking mechanism has been replaced by Mr. Handyman.

How Do I Make My Fence Wildlife-Friendly?

This is a good question because a lot of wildlife roams around in Lehi, often entering residential areas, so people don’t know what to do besides calling the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Having adequate fencing will ensure a balanced living environment between you and the wildlife in your area. Our expert Lehi fence repair technician is happy to inspect your fence for visibility, height, and material. The rule of thumb is—you don’t want them to get hurt on your property. Chain link might not be ideal for this purpose, as badgers or a family of skunks could easily crawl under and potentially get hurt. Therefore, avoiding chain links is generally recommended for wildlife-friendly fencing.

Suppose you live in a slightly more rural area or near a migration corridor. In that case, you must not obstruct those animal routes, especially when they're traveling between their summer and winter habitats. You will receive more details about how to handle these particular issues during a land survey, during which the surveyor will inspect your land and decide on the boundaries.

Can I Pressure-Wash My Fence?

You certainly can as long as you ensure it’s done safely, as high-pressure levels could damage your fencing. Those high-pressure water jets have psi levels ranging from 750 to 3000. They are strong enough to cut through materials. Before you go ahead with pressure washing, it’s crucial that you inspect your surface material first for damage. Being able to determine the best psi level is key to a successful pressure washing job. When done, you have a perfectly clean surface that waits to be resealed! Not up to handling the task of pressure washing by yourself? No problem—your local Lehi fence repair professional at Mr. Handyman offers pressure washing services as well.

How Long Will Wood Fencing Last in Lehi, UT?

The length of time you can expect your fence to last depends on a few important factors, such as our local climate and how your structure is maintained over time. Lehi has a semi-arid climate, which is generally a positive for outdoor wood structures as they're better able to dry out after it rains and aren't constantly bombarded with water vapor from high humidity. That being said, it is possible for a wooden fence in Lehi to last 20 years or more if the homeowner takes some basic maintenance steps and has it refinished occasionally. It also needs Lehi fence repair from time to time, which includes stamping out any signs of wood rot before it's allowed to spread.

Does Mr. Handyman Treat Termite Damage?

We certainly do. In the event of termite damage, our Lehi fence repair experts will generally propose a replacement service. During the preparations, we will help you treat the soil where the replacement system will go.

Do I Need Lehi Fence Repair or a Total Replacement?

In cases where the damage is not too widespread or severe, Lehi fence repair is usually the best option because we can take care of damaged areas and restore your fence to great condition. That being said, there are some situations where a complete replacement is a more cost-effective choice because it would be less costly than multiple repairs, and the results would be overall better and longer lasting. In general, the rule of thumb is that if more than 25% of the overall structure is damaged, replacement is a better option. Wrought iron is an exception to that rule, as replacement costs are higher than with other materials.

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Whether you’re in Lehi or a nearby community, such as Eagle Mountain or Spanish Fork, our experienced Lehi fence repair handyman team has your back! To learn more about our expert fence repair, Lehi, UT residents are invited to take a look at our reviews and find out why we’re considered Lehi’s best handyman service in town with guaranteed customer satisfaction! From fence and deck repairs to drywall repair, count on us to get it done!

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