Your furry companion is like a family member. Although they love all the coddling and adoration you give them, they are also relatively autonomous creatures that by natural instinct must roam around. Mostly, you’re pretty good about scheduling their daily bathroom breaks and walks. Still, sometimes our furry friends want to be open to exploring the possibilities of the great outdoors on their own and break the routine to become the mighty wolves and majestic tigers they were meant to be. That’s when many homeowners find themselves in need of pet door installation in Lehi.

Although many pet owners train their dog or cat to stay at home alone while they’re away or get a pet sitter to provide social interaction for their pets, it still doesn’t compensate for the loneliness they experience during the daylight hours. Doggy daycares and dog walking services are potential alternatives but only if you get a verified, affordable service, as it’s ill-advised to get someone who may not have credentials and experience. Or perhaps you want a homemade solution for your pup rather than constantly having to introduce it to new strangers.

Opting for a local, licensed Lehi handyman at Mr. Handyman of Lehi, Provo, and Spanish Fork is your best bet as they are ready, willing, and able to do a pet door installation. Lehi, UT homeowners with pets need not feel anxious every time they have to drive home during rush hour traffic to let their pooch out for the evening. If you already have a fenced yard this is an added benefit, as dependable Lehi pet door installation will allow your pet to not only have free reign to go potty as they please but also to roam the vast expanse of your backyard. Best of all, this is the best distraction for your pet pal until they see your smiling face later that day.

Our technicians at Mr. Handyman provide qualified workmanship and courteous customer service at all times. We dispatch our professional, uniformed team members to arrive promptly and get cracking on your pet door installation safely and soundly for you and your pet.

A cat walking through a small cat flap installed in a sliding glass door with professional services for pet door installation in Lehi, UT.

Envision The Effortless Convenience Of A Pet Door

Our team of experts is all about helping you find homespun solutions for your pet and have performed numerous dog door installations. Lehi UT residents can look to the outskirts for yet another dismal daycare provider where their pet feels uncomfortable or go for an overpriced, shoddy dog walker, or they can just keep it high quality and simple Mr. Handyman style. Regardless of whether Fido is himself for a couple of hours or most of the day we help pet owners decide what’s best for their pooch. Our handymen get cautiously creative to blend the best of both worlds with safety, security, and ease of access for your pet.

Your Go-To Choices For Pet Door Installation

A newly installed dog door viewed from both the outside and inside of a home.

Safety is first and foremost for a dog door installation and at Mr. Handyman we use sturdy and shatter-proof materials to prevent any harm to you or your pet. Surprisingly, there’s a handful of options available, with some not requiring you to compromise your door for energy efficiency or even make it look tacky.

Exterior Door

For this mostly cut-and-dry option we literally cut a hole in your door by inserting an adjustable frame and gauging the measurements to fit the depth of the opening entrance. We overlay a vinyl flap that your dog can push through to go out or come inside. There is a wide range of heights you can choose from based on the size of your dog and it has a cover lock that you can fasten close at night to block your pets from escaping or any snooping critters from entering.

However, we only recommend this option if you have a fenced yard for safety purposes. There are many store-bought kits you can purchase for a DIY pet door installation not only for solid doors but ones that can also be inserted into outer walls. It’s best practice to hire a Lehi handyman to ensure proper fit, as incorrect placement can affect your home’s energy efficiency and the door itself can quickly and easily become detached.

Sliding Glass Door

If your backdoor is a sliding glass door you have two convenient options: panel insert or conversion. For the former, our technician will plant a panel insert into the top and bottom of the door which features a miniature pet door entrance on the bottom. And for the latter, we convert your entire sliding glass door into an animal-friendly entrance and exit. Technically, the bottom half of the glass door is split into two sections with one that contains the pet door with the flap. We’d go for the conversion option if you’re worried about home security as it’s easier to install and a trespasser can easily push in a panel insert.

Screen Door

If you don’t want to see a gaping hole in your front door this is a good alternative as it can be customized on top of your screen door, window screen, or porch screen. The material is made of sturdy mesh and high-quality plastic with some screens having two sliding locks so you can control when your pet goes in and out. There are multiple sizes available too, but this would serve small to medium-sized pets best.

Electronic or Automatic Door

If your home has already been rebooted as a smart home setup this may be a good option as it allows homeowners to control the opening and closing of the pet door remotely. The device is paired with a signal receiver and microchip in your pet’s collars which will automatically open the flap when they crawl near the door. However, this can be a costlier route depending on the size of your pet. For instance, a larger breed of dog would correspond to a pricier electronic and smart pet door installation.

Your Furry Friends Are Worth it!

Despite your preference for shape, cut, and design for a pet door installation, all of these are gateways enabling you to live with more ease and flexibility alongside allowing your pet to be more independent and self-confident. Your pet can now conquer the animal kingdom of your backyard claiming their territory as they see fit. Plus, their freedom also grants you added protection as they guard your home giving you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Door Installation

How Can I Stop Wild Animals From Using My Pet Door?

We understand your tensions about smaller, wild critters interfering with rats, snakes, skunks, raccoons, bobcats, squirrels, and other rodents, pests, or reptiles visiting your home. It sucks because many municipal services don’t consider these a hazard and help get rid of them. That’s why we recommend installing a door with an airtight seal and an opaque flap that blocks out light. Not only will the seal prevent wafting odors from your house but also camouflages your pet door, discouraging wild animals from intruding as it inhibits their keen sense of sight and smell.

Are Dog Doors A Security Risk?

They can be a security hazard but it’s all about being proactive if you hope to prevent burglars. We recommend pet door installation for those who have fenced backyards and basic home security CCTV cameras in addition to a security alarm system, which many choose to install anyway for the safety of their family members. If you already have an existing fence but you’re worried it might not be sturdy enough to meet your needs, our team can provide services for fence repair too!

How Do Pet Doors Work in Winter Weather?

The last thing you need is yet another frigid draft creeping into your toasty, warm home. But you don’t have to be a popsicle! We can upgrade you to an insulated pet door installation. Lehi, UT homeowners will remain nice and cozy as we’ll layer an extra flap to not only keep the cold temperatures out but also keep the area inside of the pet door opening warm.

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