A hammer, nails and a collection of replacement wood boards used for deck repair in McKinney, TX.

While some Texans enjoy staying inside with their AC cranked up at full blast, others, like yourself, prefer winding down outside on their beloved deck. You love that feeling when you are relaxing on your deck furniture, a glass of ice-cold sweet tea in your hand, and the summer breeze hitting you just right. Besides, your deck is the best place to dwell and hang out when you have people over. Whether you had it professionally built, or you installed it yourself with the help of a friend or two, your deck is your pad, your place to relax and enjoy yourself with friends and family. After all, the reason you have it is that it’s an important extension to your home. Besides adding functionality, curb appeal, and a comfortable outdoor living space, you’ve increased your home’s value by creating this Texas backyard living space. But it is not often that you think about needing deck repairs in McKinney, TX. But that’s what our Mckinney handyman service is here for.

Anything that makes up part of a home requires some sort of seasonal or regular maintenance in order to stay functional and in decent condition, especially when it’s made of materials that are susceptible to damage from the harsh weather conditions and storms that we get in Texas. But don’t fret; Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County is here to help with expert McKinney deck repair services. If you are concerned that you are falling behind with your annual maintenance, or suspect that recent soil movement is affecting your wood deck’s structural integrity, our skilled repair technicians can help. Potential damage doesn’t always come with visible warning signs until accidents happen and repairs are needed. Your safest bet is to make a list of safety inspections that will rule out any dangers that could affect you or your family, and have us perform your deck repairs in Mckinney, TX.

When you hire your local McKinney deck repair professional, you can expect us to tick off every checkbox on your seasonal maintenance list, including a much-needed service for deck repair in McKinney, TX. We promise that you will save lots of time and money, and receive enhanced safety and comfort on your property. Our uniformed service technicians have passed all their background checks and drug screens, and are dedicated to providing honest and efficient handyman services. Count on our team to arrive on time and be ready to expertly execute any maintenance and repair task that you need done. You can trust our local business's expertise, experience, and our 'done right' guarantee.

Read on to learn more about our deck repair services, or contact one of our customer service agents today.

What To Expect From Our Deck Repair: McKinney, TX

When you hire Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County for your McKinney deck repair job, you can rest assured that our skilled experts will deliver quality workmanship with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our professionals will use high-quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure that your deck is both beautiful and durable. From minor repairs to complicated repairs, our professional team has you covered

Your service will start off with our repair professionals conducting a thorough inspection, to check for any underlying issues that may cause problems with your deck. Because our service technicians have years of expertise and hands-on experience under their belts, they can identify both visible and hidden problems with precision. This means that even when you call for a regular maintenance service, it is highly likely that our McKinney deck repair technicians will detect something that would otherwise go unnoticed. This isn’t a cause for alarm; by catching these issues now, we can help prevent them from growing into major issues or complicated problems that result in costly repairs or replacements.

Common Signs You Need A McKinney Deck Repair Service

We understand you’re busy, and sometimes it doesn’t matter how handy you are, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Besides, you work hard enough as it is, and in your off-hours, you should be able to kick back and relax, and not worry about doing a deck repair in McKinney, TX.

If you would rather not add deck maintenance to your spring-cleaning to-do list or deal with exterior seasonal tasks, then you should leave it to the courteous team at your local Mr. Handyman. This way, you will be ready for the summer in no time! You want every corner and surface to be safe when your kids or pets dash outside as you transition back into your outdoor living space.

Any area that poses a safety hazard should be taken care of before accidents occur. It’s not always safe for you to make the investigations yourself, so we highly recommend calling our expert team for deck repair in McKinney. Texas homeowners who notice any of the following warning signs should immediately take precautions:

Wobbly Railing

Your railing’s stability depends highly on the materials used and how well the balusters and rail posts are attached to the rim and outer joists. The moment you rest your hand on the handrail, it shouldn’t wobble. If it is, immediately check for loose bolts and screws. You should also make sure the frame is well-connected to the deck joists and beams.

If the boards appear to be in decent condition but screws, nails, and connectors are corroded, your McKinney deck repair professionals will replace them with non-corrosive stainless steel. It’s important to note that galvanized and stainless steel are safest for pressure-treated wood, whereas cedar and composite tolerate aluminum better.

Damaged Stairs

Decks typically have connecting stairs that connect to the joists. Stair stringers require several 2x6 support beams installed in the backside of the rim joists. It’s worth checking if the screws are corroded as they could affect the staircase’s frame.

Risers and treads create the ultimate surface area, allowing you to go up and down. High traffic and weight can wear the treads out, and the surface may start to squeak due to moisture damage, or it feels squishy when you put your foot on them. That’s a sign of wood rot.

Wood Rot

All types of wood are susceptible to decay, and that includes wood decks. Wood-eating fungi require a high moisture content (around 20%) in order to begin growing. The right temperature and oxygen level will accelerate its growth. Since your deck is always exposed to the elements, it may not have adequate time to dry, or your materials have suffered from water damage due to untreated cracks and holes. Our McKinney deck repair experts will determine how much wood needs to be replaced.

Some common signs you have wood rot issues include:

  • Distinct color patches on the material (white, yellow, or purplish hue)
  • Flaking paint
  • Softened texture: spongy, stringy or webbed with cracks
  • Cubical fracture: wood breaking into cube-shaped chunks or crumbling into sawdust
  • Wood appears to be shrinking
  • Mushrooms sprouting from wood

Plant Growth

It’s very common for grime and dirt to settle on the surface. Although your deck’s overall structure and material may appear to be fine, algae growth is still common on surfaces that are exposed to high moisture levels.

During your McKinney deck repair service, our skilled technicians will use a pressure washer to clean the surface from algae, mildew and dirt, as well as inspect and apply a new layer of sealant. This not only ensures your deck remains durable against the elements but also revitalizes its appearance, making it a lovely place for you and your family to spend time.

Pressure washing can help maintain your deck in the following ways:

  • Blasts away stubborn stains
  • Saves time, so no need for scrubbing
  • Clean and sanitary
  • Damage prevention
  • Prepares surfaces for staining, sealing or painting
  • Increases curb appeal
  • Keeps you healthy and free from allergies

Backyard Drainage Issues

Your exterior drainage system is supported by trims that include your rain gutters, soffit, fascia, and downspouts. McKinney homeowners already know that clogged gutters can greatly affect their roof structure, but they can cause much more damage, and nobody wants to deal with costly repairs.

If your exterior drainage isn’t adequately directing stormwater away from your foundation, rainwater could be spilling over and damaging your siding. As the water flows down, excess water will also spill on your deck, leaking all the way underneath.

It’s important that you regularly check your concrete footings, especially after heavy rains. See if the soil around your posts has fallen victim to erosion or soil movement as this would compromise your deck’s structural integrity. Pooling water can wash away soil from posts and even crack concrete footings, resulting in a costly deck repair in McKinney, TX.

Grading and drainage issues need attention from a certified professional before they cause serious damage. That’s when McKinney deck repair services will be the least of your concerns. To avoid expensive repairs in the future, remember to schedule annual gutter cleaning services, and have exterior inspections and maintenance take place regularly to help keep your repair needs small and effective.

Different Materials Need Different Services: Deck Repair in McKinney, TX

No two decks are alike. Besides the shape of the structure on the environment of your yard, they come in a wide variety of materials, each has different characteristics and maintenance needs. For instance, wood decks offer a classic look but require regular staining and sealing, while composite materials provide a low-maintenance alternative with a range of color options. It's essential to weigh these considerations and choose a material that aligns with your lifestyle and the level of upkeep you're willing to commit to.

Some popular materials we handle in our McKinney Deck Repairs include:

Wooden Decks

Going to the hardware store is by far the easiest and most cost-effective option when you need pressure-treated wood. It’s a hassle-free purchase that saves you time because they tend to be already pre-sealed, so all you need to do is install them.

But once you have your dream deck, it’s easy to forget about the annual maintenance it requires to stay in shape. McKinney’s annual precipitation is 41.1 inches on average, more than the nation’s overall average. Torrential rain is far too common in Texas, causing flash floods, uncontrolled soil movement, and property damage. Our McKinney deck repair experts have seen extensive damage, like half-sunken decks or extremely soaked wooden boards that have suffered from internal damage.

Pressure-Treated Wood

As mentioned previously, you can easily get pressure-treated wood yourself. The wood has been injected with preservatives and other chemicals that make it moisture- and bug-resistant. Seasonal maintenance includes pressure washing, and every two to three years, you should sand the edges and reseal it, or apply a new stain.

Without regular maintenance, splinters will develop into deep cracks, allowing water to seep through, causing water damage that can lead the affected board to develop wood rot. Well-maintained pressure-treated wood can last over 25 years with only small repairs required. But be careful: although deemed rot-resistant, pressure-treated lumber is not 100% rot-free. As soon as it is removed during a deck repair, McKinney, TX residents can stop the spread of wood decay.


Cedar wood is probably your most natural choice for wood materials. Not only is it highly durable, but it’s naturally moisture-resistant and deters bugs. You can also go as far as not staining it, but in order to help you slow down the deterioration process, we recommend frequent maintenance and doing any needed deck repairs in McKinney, TX. This will allow you to benefit from a beautiful deck for longer.

Cedar is also a versatile and an environmentally friendly choice. Cedar decking can last up to 20 years, if you hire professionals for the occasional McKinney deck repair. The knowledgeable technicians at Mr. Handyman will re-secure your deck posts, check for soil erosion around the footings, and make sure no surface damage is evident.

Synthetic Decks

Before you frown upon synthetic decking material, keep in mind that synthetic materials can be quite environmentally friendly, thanks to advancing technology that includes the use of recycled materials. It will depend on where you look for synthetic decking materials, so it’s good to have a list of questions ready for the manufacturer to ensure you choose the right material.

Common synthetic materials include:


Composite decking has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, often even going by the description of “synthetic wood.” Composite material is made from a blend of wood fibers and plastic film, offering resilient and weather-resistant qualities. It barely requires any maintenance, except for the occasional cleaning.

The only downside is that composite materials are more expensive and don’t emit a natural wood-like appearance. However, they are entirely rot-proof and can last up to 30 years with little to no needed McKinney deck repairs. We recommend that property owners who choose composite decking ensure their warranty papers include stain and fade warranties.


Vinyl is made of hollow and solid PVC materials, and will not give you the wood-like appearance that many homeowners in McKinney crave. That said, it’s customizable, low-maintenance and durable, with no staining required.

While the overall installation process is fairly simple and cost-effective, one must pay close attention to cutting materials carefully because vinyl dust is not biodegradable. One downside of vinyl is that it’s prone to cracking during extreme temperatures. So when calling for repairs, you must be prepared for a vinyl plank replacement. If you protect it well from sunlight, it can last you for over 20 years.

Choose Mr. Handyman For Expert Deck Repair in McKinney, TX

Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County is home to the top-rated local pros of the home service industry. Our skilled team of service experts is committed to delivering quality workmanship and superior customer service.

Every service request is backed by our company’s Done Right Guarantee, which includes a one-year labor warranty and parts (depending on the manufacturer’s warranty). To restore your peace of mind and build a bridge of trust, we’ll always go above and beyond to meet our customers’ expectations.

Our skilled team of service professionals is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service, superior workmanship, and a job done right. Just look at what these satisfied customers had to say about our work.

FAQs About Deck Repair: McKinney, TX

A handyman from Mr. Handyman placing a new deck board into an existing deck during an appointment for deck repairs.

Are Decks And Porches The Same Thing?

Not quite. A porch is typically integral to your home’s foundation and connects to various parts of your home, such as an extended roofed area that is held by several posts. Porches are often found on a property’s front side where McKinney homeowners like to add aesthetic appeals like masonry work, fancy arches or crown moldings. While wood material is often found on porches, cement, stone or brick are also common.

A deck is not integral to your house foundation, and you’ll need to build a separate one using concrete deck footings if you’re looking to build one. There should be a small gap between your deck footings and house, allowing snowmelt and stormwater to effectively flow past.

How Deep Do Concrete Footings Go During Installation?

Footing depth must be a minimum of six inches below the frost line, although the recommended depth is 12 inches. Before installation, your McKinney handyman highly recommends having your soil inspected because ideally, it’s undisturbed soil with no organic matter. But this might be hard to come by due to Texas’ sandy loam and clay soil, which tends to move a lot.

Is Vinyl Sensitive To Sunlight?

Heat and direct sunlight can cause your vinyl materials to contract and crack. The best way to prevent sun damage is to install an awning if your deck is exposed to a lot of sunlight. Additionally, using UV-resistant sealants and periodically applying a protective coating can further shield your vinyl from the harmful effects of the sun, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its appearance over time.

Is It OK To Decorate My Deck?

Of course! Your deck is an extension of your home, so go ahead and make it your own.

There’s only one thing we do not recommend using for decorations: please refrain from using natural fiber rugs, as they are biodegradable and retain moisture. If you do, remember that when you clean it, you’ll need to hang it to dry before placing it back on your deck, to avoid water damage. Ideally, you will remove decorative items at the end of the summer and put a tarp over your decking system. This ensures it’s protected throughout the winter, so you won’t be dealing with potential signs of damage that require a professional service deck repair in McKinney, TX.

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Whether you’re dealing with wood rot or just a loose board, our courteous professionals are here to help business owners and homeowners in McKinney maintain a safe additional living space. We can also take care of outdoor improvement projects such as deck installation, building a wood fence, renovating an outdoor kitchen, fence repairs, siding repairs, and new door installations.

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