You get out of bed, stretch, and head to the bathroom—only to be confronted by a shower that doesn't work properly, isn't suited to your family's needs, is too old, or is frankly just ugly and unattractive. That's not the best way to start your morning on the right foot. Your local McKinney handyman can make mornings better with a McKinney shower remodel that will have you skipping to the bathroom to enjoy a modern, appealing bathing experience.

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Count on the team of repair, maintenance, installation, and improvement experts at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County for a beautiful, expertly-done shower remodel. McKinney, TX homeowners can get the shower they've been dreaming of efficiently and effectively with help from our experienced professionals.

About Our Dependable McKinney Shower Remodeling Services

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While there are many ways to handle a shower remodel, McKinney, TX homeowners typically have a vision in mind of how they want it to look long before they decide to do something about it and call a capable handyman.

When you contact our reliable crew, you can rest assured you're getting the best quality of workmanship combined with customer service that goes above and beyond. We believe in clear, honest communication, so you can rely on us to explain our recommendations, answer any questions you may have, and keep you updated throughout the McKinney shower remodel process so you know exactly what's happening and there are no surprises. We will do everything in our power to ensure that the final reveal of your project is even more perfect than you thought it would be.

Tile Installation

Most McKinney shower remodel projects feature at least some tile, which is a great option because it's so attractive, durable, and water-resistant. Ceramic shower tiles are by far the most popular tile for shower walls, though porcelain tile is also a great option that is even stronger than ceramic due to its manufacturing process.

When it comes to a shower remodel, McKinney, TX professionals typically recommend small or mosaic options for floor tile because the small size allows them to follow the curve or slope of the base pan better and the additional grout lines make it easier to keep your grip in wet, slippery conditions.

Tub-to-shower Conversion

If you don't enjoy taking baths, there's no reason to keep a useless bathtub around. We can convert your tub or combination bathtub shower with an extra-large, luxurious McKinney shower remodel, or put in a standard-sized replacement and give you some extra floor space in your bathroom. We'll also get elements such as the enclosure and shower door installed so you don't have to avoid touching that plastic curtain.

Additional Features

One of the best things about a McKinney shower remodel from your local, experienced handyman is that you have the opportunity to customize it and add features you've always wanted or needed. That may include a tiled shower bench, cubby shelves for storing all those shampoo bottles, and other amenities that can take your shower to remodel from great to amazing.

Our Expert Team is the Best Choice for a Shower Remodel in McKinney, TX

When it's time for a shower remodel, McKinney, TX homeowners trust the team of reliable installation and remodelers at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County. We have completed numerous remodel projects and we know exactly what to do to give you your dream shower and transform your bathroom for the better. We also offer McKinney bathroom remodeling services such as tiling bathroom walls and floors, installing bathroom cabinets and countertops, and more, along with services such as kitchen remodel projects and other types of home improvement service.

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Frequently Asked McKinney Shower Remodel Questions

Can A Mckinney Shower Remodel Raise My Home's Resale Value?

Absolutely. Bathrooms are a critical area that prospective home buyers tend to examine closely, and what they find very much factors into their decision of whether or not to buy a property. Not only can a McKinney shower remodel increase your selling price when you put your home up on the real estate market, but it'll also help convince buyers to pull the trigger and make an offer. If your main goal is to raise property value, it's best to choose neutral colors and classic styles that won't stand out too much and give buyers the chance to envision themselves living there, such as beige, gray, or white tile and other neutral finishings.

Where Should Grab Bars Be Installed During A Remodel?

If you or a member of your household has difficulty moving around safely, it's crucially important to have the right accessibility modifications in place that will allow for safe, comfortable, independent bathing. For a tub-shower combination or a large stall, you typically need a minimum of two grab bars: a vertical bar on the wall opposite the unit's faucet and a horizontal bar along the side wall. The sidebar should span the entire length of the shower if possible, and it needs to be around 30 inches off the floor. If there's room, it also makes sense to include a vertical bar next to the taps. We can provide additional accommodations from an accessibility perspective as well, such as a walk-in shower or a wheelchair shower.


Typically, all you need to do is basic cleaning once a week or so with a gentle cleaner and a damp rag or sponge. Over the next few years, check out the caulk that was applied along the edge of your tile installation and watch for signs of peeling. Caulk doesn't last as long as tile and needs to be replaced every five years in a wet environment such as a shower.

When You Need That's The Best Way To Maintain My New Mckinney Shower Remodel? The Best McKinney Shower Remodel, Call Your Local Handyman

Do you live in McKinney, Texas, or part of the surrounding area such as Lucas, Blue Ridge, or Allen? Pick up the phone and give the team at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County a call to tell us more about what you have in mind for your shower remodel.

Or, schedule a consultation with our friendly handyman professionals to learn more about our recommendations for making your vision a reality.

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