You might be driving around your neighborhood, admiring some of the properties’ quality fencing systems. It’s just too hard not to compare your existing one to theirs unless you already have some exterior home improvement projects planned for the summer and are looking for some inspiration. Does your 15-year-old wood fence look rundown with peeling paint and fading wood colors? Perhaps you fell behind with routine maintenance, or you’ve already had numerous unsuccessful repairs. But to recover its functions and increase your home’s curb appeal, you might want to consider a full-on fence replacement. Northern Virginia properties could benefit from increased safety and many other options to enhance privacy and functionality that you couldn’t fix with mere fence repairs. Northern Virginia homeowners can rely on their local pros at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket for a high-quality replacement fence installation.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

Restore your home’s original looks and functionality with an expert Northern Virginia handyman who will exceed your expectations with their proven skills and experience. Whether you need professional fence repair or a fence replacement, Northern Virginia service technicians at Mr. Handyman have you covered! Contact us today to learn more about our popular handyman services and find out how we can make your home more comfortable and safe. Our experts are certified and familiar with local building codes and regulations, ensuring that your indoor and outdoor systems function the way they should.

What Does Fence Replacement in Northern Virginia Include?

At Mr. Handyman, we are familiar with the process of a fence replacement. Northern Virginia service professionals will typically visit your home and inspect your current metal, vinyl, or wooden fence. The goal is to check for underlying issues that could potentially affect your replacement unit and that includes your soil condition. While most structures are simply old and worn, they could be suffering from more serious issues where warning signs are not as apparent. So it’s of high importance that we ensure existing problems are addressed prior to the initial project start.

Common issues include soil erosion, which we usually fix by replanting vegetation and using mulch to cover them. Another option is using stones and gravel. While there are various erosion control methods, it could take a little while to improve before our experts can begin with the fence replacement. Northern Virginia homeowners who don’t have this issue can expect our team to effectively handle their old fence removal before preparing the soil for the new installation.

Depending on the state of existing concrete footings, we may be able to reuse them, or we may install brand-new ones to ensure stability.

Some common fence types we handle include:

  • Wood fence (made of cedar, pine, or pressure-treated lumber)
  • Chain link fence
  • Metal fence (aluminum, wrought iron)
  • Vinyl
  • And more

Maintenance and repairs of outdoor structures are essential to keep them in good shape and ensure that they function properly. But there are other incidents that make it impossible not to have a fence replacement. A Northern Virginia property could be hit by a vehicle or a fallen tree. Or wood rot has become so widespread that you can no longer save the entire structure.

When hiring Mr. Handyman for a professional fence replacement, Northern Virginia residents should use the opportunity to turn it into an improvement project. For example, if you haven’t had a good experience with your existing pressure-treated wood system, you could consider upgrading to natural cedar, vinyl, or premium-grade aluminum.

Our Northern Virginia handyman team is more than happy to sit down with you and discuss your options. Each material has its own unique characteristics and pros and cons.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman’s Fence Replacement in Northern Virginia?

The experienced team at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket is proud to be our local community’s one-stop shop for all their handyman needs. From property maintenance to minor repairs and major improvement projects, Mr. Handyman can do it all! Not only is our team of experts highly skilled and knowledgeable but they are also fully insured and courteous at every job they do. One reason why Northern Virginia residents choose Mr. Handyman is that we put our customers first. Our high level of professionalism and workmanship always guarantee customer satisfaction. Furthermore, this guarantee is protected by our Done Right Promise®, which means that you’ll benefit from a one-year labor and parts guarantee should anything not meet your expectations. At Mr. Handyman, our goal is to build strong relationships with our customers. Besides our excellent workmanship, quality customer service, and warranty, we offer a transparent upfront system, so you’ll have a detailed cost estimate prior to any project start. This way, you’ll get the peace of mind of knowing that we truly care about increasing your home’s safety and comfort without trying to upsell you anything you don’t need or want. When hiring Mr. Handyman for a professional fence replacement, Northern Virginia property owners can rest assured that our local pros will get the job done right the first time!

FAQs About Northern Virginia Fence Repair and Replacement

Whether seeking repairs or a bigger project, such as a fence replacement, Northern Virginia residents have always prepared some good questions for their service technicians. Prior to the start of your new outdoor projects, it’s important to know every detail concerning your personal preferences, budget, and local bylaws. Let’s examine some of the questions our professionals have answered. If you don’t see your question listed below, we invite you to give us a call today!


Northern Virginia property owners can certainly opt for an efficient new fence gate. They add additional security and privacy features, as long as you opt for a tall one that has a lockable latch. Our technicians are happy to recommend popular types to you and are also able to create some custom ones to suit your needs. Gate installations will be discussed in detail with you during the initial consultation service.


As a matter of fact, the municipality of every city and county has the right to determine its own bylaws. So it is crucial that you double-check the local zoning and building code before deciding on your desired structure, its height, and where it goes. Since you’ll need a building permit from the city or county, they will most likely send out a technician to inspect your property line. The technician will probably require details about the new structure you plan to install and let you know if they can approve it. Thanks to the No-Fence Law, there is no specific restriction for heights and designs, apart from some exceptions. Still, it’s better to be safe and verify with your city or county first.

Then again, every situation is different. For example, if you live on a farm and have livestock, you are required to have a “lawful fence” installation. Here, the height requirements are between 42 inches and 5 feet, depending on the livestock and the surroundings.

On the other hand, a swimming pool fence must be at least 48 inches high. At least with Mr. Handyman, you’re in the hands of experts, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process with ease.


If your neighbors were involved during the initial division fence installation, you must notify them about it in writing. Suppose the existing system is on the line between properties. In this case, you both legally own it because you are adjoining property owners. So if you make the choice to replace it, they must consent and contribute financially.

The only time you do not need their consent is when they weren’t involved to begin with and the replacement unit doesn’t cross their property lines. But if you have a good relationship with your neighbors, it will be courteous to involve them or share some insight on what might work better than your existing fencing system. Typically, you must notify them in writing, so they’re aware of construction work coming up.


Repair costs are lower than a replacement unless you are paying for multiple repairs every year. This way, it can drastically add up and become a costly and time-consuming chore. Small repairs due to weather damage involve faded colors, splintering on the edges, or small signs of rust on metal units. That’s when repair costs can be decent.

On the other hand, when requesting a fence replacement, Northern Virginia customers have different reasons. Either the existing system is beyond repair or they seek an improvement upgrade to boost their home’s curb appeal. Here, the costs vary, depending on the material you choose for your new structure and whether existing soil-related problems need to be addressed prior to the replacement service.

Feel free to contact us if you seek more information about a fence replacement. Northern Virginia handymen have replaced multiple structures in the neighborhood and will be able to give you price ranges on different materials.


This comes down to how well you have been maintaining your structure and also depends on the material it is made of. The common wood type requires periodic maintenance, such as pressure washing to remove grime, mildew, and algae accumulation. Plus, every two to three years, you should reseal or stain the surface to continue protecting your system from the elements. Weather damage is the main culprit that leads people to opt for an early fence replacement. Northern Virginia handymen suggest that you consider a replacement every 12 to 15 years for wood-based materials. On the other hand, aluminum and wrought iron could last for over 20 or 25 years with no major issues. High-quality aluminum should be designed to withstand severe weather conditions, whereas wrought iron loses its protective coating over time.


No. Landscape fabrics are designed to control weeds and won’t do much for soil health. In fact, it could even be problematic for the soil if it’s naturally healthy. However, landscape fabric is often used to mitigate soil erosion, so it’s used temporarily as the soil gets back to normal.

That said, landscape fabrics are best for gardens with shrubs in the front yard, where you want to maintain a decent landscape free from weeds.


Technically, you can since there are specific laws prohibiting you from doing so apart from the zoning and building ordinances. Once you have an approved building permit, you can start erecting a new structure. That said, you could save yourself a lot of time and stress when you hire Mr. Handyman’s Northern Virginia fence repair and replacement pros. We offer a cost-effective and decent timeframe while, at the same time, delivering high-quality craftsmanship. We’re happy to help you weigh the pros and cons, but more importantly, we care that you are safe and sound!

Revive Your Home’s Curb Appeal With a Fence Replacement, Northern Virginia!

You might have been searching for a professional “fence repair near me” and stumbled upon Mr. Handyman’s page. Our experienced service professionals can take care of any type of fence service that you need. But if you plan to redo your home’s exterior, we highly recommend starting with a fence replacement. Northern Virginia properties will shine at first glance! There are various things our skilled technicians can do to improve your home’s exterior.

If you’re in Northern Virginia like Bristow or surrounding cities, like Woodbridge and Clifton, give our friendly customer service representatives a call to book your in-home appointment with one of our friendly handymen.

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