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Northern Virginia enjoys warm, humid summers and freezing cold, snowy winters whilst being exposed to moderate temperatures year-round. Rainy season peaks in May, with Manassas, on average, receiving up to 3.6 inches of rainfall, snow, sleet, or hail over 120 days per year. Manassas, in particular, being situated in the easternmost state, is endowed with the standard four-season climate and is susceptible to the downpour of spring showers before the thick of summer, which descends in July. But there’s no need to get all drizzled out so long as you’re prepared for the stormy season. We’ve all heard of winterizing our cars and houses, and we may not be vulnerable to a monsoon, but Manassas homeowners are best advised to gear up for the wet season, too–the time of the year when the bulk of Manassas’s annual rainfall takes place, which lasts upwards of a month or so. From power outages to tottering electrical transmission lines, slippery roads for commuting, and evacuation to a flash flood, there’s no telling how a disastrous thunderstorm will wreak havoc.

One way to lessen the likelihood of any critical damage from rainfall is to opt for a durable set of rain gutters. It’s best to depend on an accredited home improvement services provider for gutter installation in Manassas, VA. You can guard your home against the harsh local weather elements and scathing precipitation, including heavy rainfall and snowmelt, blistering blizzards, and prickling hail shards. By outright ignoring a gutter installation, Manassas homeowners can expect to encounter a series of unfortunate events. Not only will the outskirts of your property begin to flood as the excessive water runoff erodes the very soil your house foundation sits atop. But your attic and basement will become sopping wet and suffer the consequences of costly and permanent water damage that can’t be easily repaired. This worst-case scenario can be readily avoided if you sign up for a gutter installation in Manassas, VA.

Luckily, property owners only need to hire the certified, licensed, and fully insured Manassas handyman team from Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket. We’ll help you shield your roofline from bearing the brunt of water damage with a sturdy new set of gutter troughs.

Mr. Handyman technician examining new gutter installation with homeowner in Manassas, VA.

About Our Gutter Installation in Manassas, VA

Our expert and experienced team members are well-equipped with the skillset, tactics, and knowledge necessary to perform a standard gutter installation. Manassas residents can expect one of our professional contractors to genuinely listen to their concerns and only offer a long-lasting and authentic solution for a gutter installation, repair, or maintenance service. If you are indecisive about committing to an exterior home remodeling service, we advise you to sign up for a no-obligation consultation in which our experts can customize a solution for you based on your personal preferences and budget for a gutter installation. Manassas, VA, homeowners must understand that rain gutters are mandatory rather than optional if they hope to avoid a swampland situation.

The Process of Our Gutter Installation in Manassas, VA

Generally, there are two main types of gutter systems for a basic gutter installation. Manassas, VA, clients can expect sectional gutters or seamless gutters. At Mr. Handyman, our primary areas of expertise are both types of gutters. A sectional system is composed of individual pieces but is left exposed at the connecting seams. As a result, this makes this type of gutter more vulnerable to leakages, as these bridging connections can become loose over time. A seamless system is measured to the exact dimensions of your roofline and has no seams, so this type is best reserved for more wayward roof shapes, including any hidden corners, as it reduces the chances of any leaks. If your troughs look worn and torn or worse yet, if you have none whatsoever, don’t delay and ask for an expert gutter installation. After inspecting your roof’s exterior, one of our trained service professionals will advise you on the best course of action for a gutter installation. Manassas, VA, can also opt for a diverse palette of materials, all with their pros and cons.

Types Of Gutter Materials We Install

For gutter installation in Manassas, VA clientele are always suggested to select a material that aligns with not only their personal preferences but which will allow them to put effort towards routine maintenance as each kind of gutter material for residential gutter installation differs in terms of durability. The more robust the material, the less you will need to frequent a renovation project for repairing your gutters.


Aluminum is a popular option for the vast majority of gutter installations. Manassas, VA, homeowners will discover that it’s durable and lightweight and doesn’t get scratched or gouged easily. The only drawback is that a cheaper grade of aluminum cannot withstand heavy amounts of pressure and can easily bend in wayward shapes if it is not routinely cleared of muck. If you skip this chore, the gutters will showcase signs of discolored rust and corrosion.


Steel has the option of either galvanized steel or stainless steel for a gutter installation. Manassas, VA clients who require something slightly sturdier than aluminum can opt for steel, but please note that it is more expensive for a gutter installation. Similar to its aluminum counterpart, too, if you fail to do any maintenance, your gutters can easily get damaged. For example, if steel is exposed to excessive moisture and humidity of leftover debris and residue, including a pesky clog, it can result in discolored rust and corrosion. Although you cannot entirely prevent rust, you can reduce the likelihood by clearing away any gunk from inside the gutters and downspout outlet.


Definitely more of upscale material; copper is expensive but for a valid reason for a gutter installation. Manassas, VA, clients will find that copper is incredibly durable, aesthetically appealing, and gleams from miles away based on its shiny finish. Being the most durable material for gutter installation, copper can withstand both fluctuating temperatures and pressure and is mostly hands-off for maintenance purposes being the most resistant to corrosion. Although copper can boost your home’s curb appeal, recall that gutters, unlike other home remodels, don’t exactly boost property value, as standard gutters are a basic feature any house must have. But if you don’t mind splurging for a more visually pleasing rooftop, copper is a top-notch choice for gutter installation.


This plastic-based material is the generic choice as it is affordable, lightweight, and durable. Plastic is always a safe choice to opt for as it won’t even rust over. The only drawback is that being more flimsy in nature, plastic cannot readily handle heavy amounts of pressure, especially due to the added weight of a clog. This makes a plastic gutter more susceptible to cracking, fracturing, and fissuring, resulting in a leak.

Why Leave A Gutter Installation in Manassas To The Industry Experts at Mr. Handyman?

There are numerous factors taken into account for a standard gutter installation. Manassas, VA, residents can expect one of our professional service professionals to conduct a thorough inspection of their homes’ roofline to ensure the situated gutters are measured, pitched, and positioned correctly at the appropriate angle and slope. Even the slightest miscalculation in error can result in a faulty gutter system in which standing water sits inside the troughs, unable to dispense to the downspout outlet, increasing the chances of a troublesome clog. And so, before a gutter installation can even be attempted, two things must be determined: any previous decay or damage to fascia and soffits which may cause complications during the gutter installation. And also the total length of the gutters and the attached components, including the downspout and brackets. After the service professional has made any minor adjustments for surface-level damages, they will commence with the gutter installation in Manassas, VA. As a homeowner, you must understand that a gutter installation is not a quick DIY home renovation project and are best advised to leave it to the pros as any minor blunder can cause your gutters to become unstable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Installation in Manassas, VA

What Is A Rain Gutter & Why Is It A Useful Safety Mechanism?

A rain gutter system is a rainwater disposal apparatus that serves as your home’s exterior rainwater disposal mechanism. As a result, it is responsible for the drainage of excessive rainwater from your house’s roofline to the outskirts of your property line. The gutter’s troughs take the extra water from your rooftop and expel it to a designated spot well away from your home’s foundation and send it directly into the municipal sewage system. Without a gutter system, the extra water runoff will accumulate around your house’s exterior and submerge your basement and foundation in water. As a result, you sacrifice the structural integrity of your humble abode. Also, your roofline’s attached soffits and fascia boards, which ward off moisture and water damage to your attic space by bolstering indoor air flow and circulation, become more susceptible to damage. Apart from jeopardizing your house’s stability, you also put your safety at risk.

Oftentimes, Manassas residents become complacent and fail to do any proper gutter maintenance, including cleaning out their troughs twice per year in spring and again in fall. As a result, the accumulated debris snowballs into a nasty clog as your gutters become stuffed chock-full of debris, including dirt, twigs, leaves, stones, and more. Left unaddressed, the clog will result in concentrated pressure inside your gutters and rupture them, so they can no longer redirect extra water to the downspout outlet. Atop this, your troughs will drag and sag awkwardly off your roofline, resulting in a potential overhanging safety hazard you may encounter on your daily commute to work, school, or running errands. Moreover, your roof’s attached components, such as the soffits, fascia, and siding, will begin to deteriorate and showcase signs of damage, for example, unsightly water streaks.

And so, irresponsible homeowners find themselves needing a brand-new gutter installation more often than not, as their previous gutters are no longer salvageable. Sometimes too, Manassas residents buy into the false assumption that their gutters are somehow self-cleaning and will, by default, get rid of the sludge during the next downpour. This is incorrect, but your gutters, in fact, will get more swollen from the extra heft of a clog alongside the trough physically pulling away from your roofline. By being keen on preventive maintenance through receiving the occasional maintenance through a gutter repair and a soft pressure washing service, you will rarely, if ever, require a gutter installation. Manassas, VA, should expect their rain gutters to have an estimated lifespan of about two decades before you require a replacement through a professional gutter installation. Manassas homeowners who want to take advantage of shielding their roof rafters from scathing weather storms can reach out to one of our service professionals today, who can provide you with an assessment of the materials and labor required for a brand-new gutter system.

How Do You Best Prepare For Gutter Installation?

Here are some of the steps to take in preparation for a basic gutter installation:

  • Inspecting the roofline to calculate the amount and type of materials needed
  • Gathering the tools and materials necessary e.g., fasteners, snippers, sealant, etc.
  • Measuring the correct slope
  • Cutting out the proper dimensions for the downspout outlet
  • Pre-assembling the gutter sections of troughs on the ground

Should Gutters Be Nailed Or Screwed In?

We recommend screws, as nails are not durable enough to attach gutter troughs to the roofline and can result in an incorrect slope. That said, you must ensure that your fascia boards are in good condition. Should we detect any problems during the inspection, our handyman team will take care of any fascia repairs in Manassas, VA. We are the local experts for exterior trim repairs.

How Can You Tell If Your Gutters Were Installed Incorrectly?

  • Too few downspouts based on the total length of the gutter system
  • Your gutters are positioned incorrectly on top of the roof’s drip edge
  • The gutter size is too small to accommodate the roofline
  • The trough’s pitch is off balance
  • Too many or too few seams
  • Gutter hangers are not spaced evenly apart from each other

Mr. Handyman Will Help You Brave The Downpour With A Gutter Installation in Manassas, VA—Ask Us Today!

It’s never best to leave your roof rafters unshielded by opting for a professional gutter installation. Manassas, VA, residents can rely on one of our trustworthy service professionals for a gutter installation as they can handle any challenge, no matter the feat. 

Whether you’re in Manassas or the surrounding areas of Springfield, Burke, or Clifton, be sure to reach out to one of our courteous customer service representatives, who will gladly schedule a service appointment. Whilst you are there, be sure to inquire about our other residential and commercial handyman services, from soffit and fascia repair in Manassas, as well as siding installation and deck replacement.

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