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  • 6 Knoxville Home Repairs That Will Save You Money on Your Utility Bill

    Do you break out in a cold sweat when your utility bill arrives? Knoxville homeowners don't want to spend any more than necessary ...

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  • How to Find the Right Local Handyman in Knoxville, TN

    If your West Knoxville home is in need of repairs, maintenance, and improvements, you need to find a trustworthy company to ...

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  • Soffit & Fascia Boards: Your West Knoxville Guide to Avoiding Roofline Damage

    If you are a homeowner, soffit and fascia boards are almost certainly a key feature of your house—in fact, you likely see them ...

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  • What Property Owners Should Know About Drywall Repair: Knoxville Edition

    How much time do you spend thinking about drywall every day? Probably not much—it isn't the most exciting or noticeable material, ...

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  • 5 Signs You Need Deck Repair (Plus Improvement Ideas!)

    Is there anything better than a late summer barbecue out on your deck? From socializing with friends and family to just watching ...

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  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: What Homeowners Need to Know

    Anyone who has had to hang their laundry on a clothesline to dry knows how great it is to have an automatic dryer. They save so ...

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  • Looking for a Handyman in Knoxville? Here's What to Ask Before Hiring

    When your home needs repairs, maintenance, and improvement projects, finding a reliable handyman service to take care of your ...

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  • 5 Reasons Why Your West Knoxville Home Needs Gutter Cleaning

    Do you love spending your entire weekend high up on a wobbly ladder, scooping handfuls of dead leaves, dirt, animal nests, and ...

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  • 12 Benefits of Pressure Washing for Your Home or Business

    Are you wondering if pressure washing is really worth it for your home or business? After all, you have a garden hose and can ...

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