Wheaton Deck, Patio & Fence Maintenance

Deck Restoration and Repair Near You

Your deck is an important extension of your Wheaton-area home, as it provides a lovely outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing. Decks have become an extremely popular, low-cost way to add living space to a home. Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale has technicians that are skilled at reviewing your deck, recommending a solution, completing the repair or maintenance. We have bonded and insured technicians that have over 15+ years of experience in deck installation, repair and maintenance. All our work is guaranteed for up to one year. Our Wheaton team takes pride in their work, here are some of their recent projects in your neighborhood.

Here are a few steps to consider for maintenance on your deck in Wheaton:

  • Inspect your wood deck every year or two for wood cracks and rot
  • Make any needed repairs
  • Clean your deck to remove all the dirt from the surface
  • Add a fresh coat of paint/stain to make it look like new

Deck & Patio Installation

Are you thinking about installing a new deck/patio, your deck is in need of a full makeover, or you want to upgrade from wood to composite decking? Mr. Handyman can help you! Our deck installation team can provide everything from an on-site consultation, ordering deck materials, application for local deck permit, and building your deck - including all railings, gates, stairs, planter boxes and bench seating. Our experienced technicians have installed pool decks, free-standing decks, roof decks, raised decks, etc.

Deck & Patio Repair

The winter weather can certainly take a toll on your deck. Hence, deck repair is critical to ensure your deck has a long life. A few things you should annually inspect to ensure your decks safety. First look to see if any boards need to be replaced. Look to see if there are any loose boards, protruding nails, deterioration, wood rot, cracks or splinters. Inspect the wood boards on your deck for any infestation of insects, i.e. carpenter bees, termites, ants, etc.

Next, checking your railings, stairs and footings is important. Deck stairs and railings can also wear out over time and become unstable and unsafe. In some cases, the stringers, which are the boards that support the stairs, can crack, rot, or weaken. These stringers and individual stairs can be replaced if necessary. Many people do not check the joists and footings, which is important to ensure the safety of a raised deck.

If you do not want to continue annual maintenance on your wood deck, consider replacing it with composite decking material. You will need to check the support boards, or joists as they must be close enough together to support the composite materials. Composite boards are more flexible and often require installation of additional joists prior to installing the decking boards.

Deck Cleaning

Before you paint or stain your deck, you must thoroughly clean the deck of all algae or dirt. Many times, debris can be found in between deck boards and will need to be blasted out with a garden hose or a power washer. One of the most common ways of cleaning a deck is to pressure wash it. Pressure washing is simply applying pressurized water to the surface of the deck to remove the discoloration. However, it is important to not damage the wood during this process.

There are specific deck cleaning solutions, you can use to clean your deck. There are many different types of deck cleaning products. Products with non-chlorine bleach eliminate discoloration and stains; bleach-based products eliminate mildew and acid-based products handle graying and stains. All the deck cleaning solutions can be brushed or sprayed on using power washer on low pressure. After you have applied the solutions and wait the length of time for the chemicals, the deck will need to be rinsed and dry before applying any paint or stain.

Deck Painting & Staining

Staining is a way to seal or preserve the deck and a way to take advantage of the natural beauty. This consists of applying a stain or sealer to the deck. This can either be transparent to essentially apply a topcoat over the wood and allow the wood’s natural color to be seen or the stain can be tinted which allows the homeowner to choose the color of the deck. This is often done after pressure washing; however, it is extremely important to allow the deck to thoroughly dry before applying a stain or sealer.

Many people paint their decks with deck paint. Deck paint has a larger variety of colors, if you are interested in matching your siding color with your deck. When choosing deck paint, use a stain-blocking oil or alkyd primer for finishes that soak into the wood; waterproof not just water resistant; and have ultraviolet protection. A heavily pigmented, solid stain isn’t really recommended for decking because it shows wear patterns and may peel.

Fence Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Your fence is an important extension of your home, as it provides safety and security for your family and pets. Your fence takes quite a beating over the seasons and is exposed daily to wind, rain and snow, not to mention freeze-thaw cycles. We have technicians that are skilled at reviewing your fence, recommending a solution, completing the repair or maintenance for all fence types, i.e. chain link fence, wood fence, composite fence, garden fence and wrought iron fences.

We have bonded and insured technicians that have over 15+ years’ experience in fence repair and maintenance. All our work is guaranteed for up to one year.

No project is too small or large for our team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale!

Ready for a like-new deck? Give us a call at (630) 657-0378 to schedule an appointment for any of your deck solution needs in Wheaton!

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