The type of flooring you choose for your home should match your personal style, but it should also be the right choice for your family and needs. Those seeking easy maintenance might prefer tile, while others looking for warm comfort may side with carpet. Whichever type of material suits your preferences, you'll need to find the right team for your flooring installation in Wheaton, IL.

That's where your Wheaton handyman comes in. At Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale, our team of professional flooring installers has the expertise needed to get the job done quickly and correctly. Don't second-guess a DIY installation. Along with your walls, your floors are one of the most important features of your home, and their installation should be trusted to a professional installer.

Need to replace your current flooring? Building a new home? Call us today to get your project started. Want to find out how we approach flooring installation in Wheaton, IL? Read on for more.

Before and after flooring installation in the bathroom of Wheaton home by Mr. Handyman.

Our Meticulous Approach to Flooring Installation in Wheaton, IL

Hardwood flooring being installed in Wheaton home by Mr. Handyman.

Starting a flooring project can be intimidating. With so much to think about, including the wide range of flooring materials and flooring companies to choose from, coupled with the actual installation process, it's enough to make you call the whole thing off. However, your home needs floors, and what's more, you deserve the flooring of your dreams. Thankfully, with Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale, you can consider the installation project done. Our thorough process ensures you get the floors you've been dreaming of without the need to fumble through a DIY installation. 

How exactly do we approach flooring installation in Wheaton, IL? It all starts with a conversation with our valued team. Your first call with our friendly customer service representatives will help answer any questions you have about our process and will ensure your service is booked at a time and date that fits your schedule. The actual installation process can take a few days, depending on the size of your project, but with our flooring experts at your side, you can be sure that it will be completed swiftly without error so you can get back to your regular routines sooner. Here's a rundown of how our process works.


The first part of our process begins with a thorough consultation of your floors. Whether you are replacing existing flooring or installing it for the first time, we will need to measure your floors and inspect the area where we'll be installing them. We'd also like to understand exactly what you envision as the final result so that when your installation day comes, we can get right to work. At the time of your consultation, you may already have your preferred flooring material picked out, ordered, and ready for installation, but if you don't and would like advice on the right material for your home and needs, just ask. Our flooring experts are more than happy to make recommendations.


Once you've scheduled your installation with our team, on your service day, we'll arrive on time, in uniform, ready to get to work. We'll have all of the tools and equipment necessary to complete the job, and if you have existing flooring, we'll start with floor removal. In some cases, installing new flooring over existing flooring is possible, but usually, we will recommend removing it. Once the old floor has been removed, we'll prep the surface by installing an underlayment.


Now that your subfloor is ready, we can proceed with the actual installation. The installation process will vary from material to material, but you can expect our expert team to deliver an exceptional, flawless result. Whether we're installing a tile on your kitchen floor or carpet in your living room, you can count on us for a job well done. 

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches of a Wheaton flooring installation are what really make your project shine. Applying varnish or floor finish on solid hardwood floors, replacing baseboard trim, and cleaning up any leftover debris will ensure your floors are complete and ready for use. In some cases, such as with tile installation, we recommend that you stay off the tile for 24 hours to ensure the mortar is set. Carpets and laminate flooring can be walked on right away.

Types of Flooring We Can Install

There are many different popular flooring options Wheaton homeowners such as yourself can choose from. Each comes with its own set of advantages, while some may be suited for areas with higher foot traffic. See below for some examples of the types of flooring we can install. 

  • Tile flooring installation: Durable, long-lasting, and incredibly versatile, this affordable option is ideal for high-traffic areas and those exposed to moisture, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and patio. Tile requires minimal maintenance and is an incredibly cost-effective option.
  • Hardwood flooring installation: A beautiful, luxurious option for your entire home. When you opt for a hardwood floor installation, keep in mind that it will require proper care and upkeep than other materials, but this type’s classic look can't be beat.
  • Natural stone flooring installation: A type of tile, natural stone will deliver a luxurious look to your interior spaces. It's a smart choice for bathrooms and patios. Slightly higher in price than other types of flooring, natural stone is durable and long-lasting and can be polished to your liking.
  • Luxury vinyl tile flooring/vinyl plank flooring installation: Vinyl plank or vinyl tile flooring is easy to install. Luxury styles are pricier than others, but they also look closer to real wood or tile. There is generally no maintenance needed for vinyl planks, and repair usually involves replacing the entire plank rather than fixing a crack or chip with epoxy.
  • Laminate wood flooring installation: A synthetic material made with a particle board wood base, laminate wood flooring is printed with an image on top to resemble wood. It's easy to install and maintain and can be quite affordable. 

Mr. Handyman: The Preferred Choice for Flooring Installation in Wheaton, IL

Floor tile being installed by Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale.

Instead of taking a chance on an inexperienced flooring contractor, hire Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale for your flooring installation in Wheaton, IL. Our qualified professionals bring dedication and expertise to every job we perform, arriving on time and working diligently to ensure tasks are completed quickly and correctly. With a wide range of flooring services, we not only ensure that the installation is done correctly but also help with any issues that require flooring repair!

Our wide range of professional home improvement and repair services ensures all of your needs are met and your to-do list is tackled! With our skilled and experienced team, you can consider regular maintenance and home improvement projects complete with just one call. But we don't expect you to just take our word for it–check out our customer reviews and ratings and see our local work! When you do, you'll notice that locals love us for the exceptional quality workmanship we provide. Other reasons we think you'll like what we have to offer? 

  • We're true professionals. With an average of 15 years of experience, our team is well-equipped to take on any project you throw at us. From flooring jobs to drywall repair and remodeling projects, whether you would like to stay on top of maintenance or improve the look of your space when choosing our flooring professionals, you can expect us to arrive on time and complete the job quickly and correctly.
  • We offer convenient appointment times. We prioritize our customer's needs and know you have a busy life. No one has time to wait around for a handyman to show up, so we offer scheduled services that fit your needs and life. With us, you'll book a time that works, and we'll arrive on the dot. This way, you can plan your day and won't need to wait for an independent contractor that never arrives. 
  • We're locally owned and operated. Hiring a local team that knows the area and is dedicated to building up the community makes a difference. Because we're local home and business owners, too, we understand the desire to put your best foot forward at all times. 
  • We back our work with a guarantee. We aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction on all of our projects. From simple tasks to complete remodels, we take pride in the work we perform and stand behind it. As part of the Neighborly community of brands, we're proud to offer a Done Right Promise on every single job we perform. Should you experience an issue with our workmanship after we leave, let us know! We'll come back and make it right at no additional cost.

If you would like to learn more about our team, services, and core values, get in touch with our friendly customer care agents today!

FAQs - Flooring Installation in Wheaton, IL

Do you have questions about flooring installation in Wheaton, IL? We have answers! We've provided answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions below, but if you need any other information along the way, don't hesitate to reach out!

What is the Most Cost-Effective Flooring to Put Down?

Floor installation ranges in price. While smaller projects can be quite affordable, those looking to re-do the flooring in their entire home will be faced with a larger bill that includes higher labor costs due to longer installation times and extra materials. The actual cost of flooring installation will be based on the cost of materials and the complexity of the project (which will determine the amount of time it takes to complete).

The type of flooring you choose to fit the square footage of your space will be the bulk of your project cost, and within each flooring type (i.e., tile, hardwood, vinyl plank, etc.), you'll have a wide variety of options with varying prices. Ceramic and porcelain are cheaper options, while natural stones such as marble and granite are not. 

When looking at the cost of flooring in relation to how long it lasts, tile is by far the most cost-effective. You can get upwards of 100 years of use from tile, whereas you will only get 5-15 from carpet.

How Often Should You Replace Flooring?

It depends on the type of flooring you have chosen for your home and how much traffic the area has seen. High-traffic areas such as the kitchen and entryway will see more damage than areas such as the bedroom, which means you may need to replace your kitchen floors sooner than you will your bedroom. 

You can expect about ten years from your carpet before you need to get it replaced. While some types of tile can last up to 100 years before they begin to break down, daily wear and tear can inflict damage that calls for replacement far before that point. One way to prevent premature replacement is to get repairs as soon as they're needed. Instead of letting a crack turn into a broken tile and putting your subfloor at risk, calling your Wheaton handyman will ensure these smaller issues are addressed promptly.

Ready for Your Flooring Installation in Wheaton, IL? Call Mr. Handyman!

Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale is the professional company you can trust to deliver a stunning flooring installation in your home. Our professional installation team will ensure that no detail is missed, helping you get the floors you've been dreaming of.

Considering that the floors you choose will determine your maintenance routines over the next 15-20 years, this particular service is one you'll want to consult a professional for. The first call you make to our valued customer care team will see that your project is started promptly and that your needs are met.

Ready to begin your tile installation in Wheaton, IL? We're ready to take your call! Whether you're based in Wheaton, Hinsdale, Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, or the nearby areas, don't delay. Contact us today!

Flooring Repair Wheaton, IL

When you look around a room, you often don't really “see” the floor, even though it takes up a large portion of the visible space. Despite the fact that floors aren't all that noticeable, they still have a big impact on the look of a room, and damage such as gouges, scuffs, cracks, and stains can stick out like a sore thumb, prompting homeowners to call a professional for flooring repair in Wheaton, IL. But damaged floors aren't just a cosmetic problem. The damage can let water seep through to the subfloor and cause more serious issues, and it can make for an uneven surface that puts your family members, especially those with reduced mobility challenges, at risk of tripping.

If you've noticed some spots of damage on your floors and want to get it taken care of, call the experienced team of Wheaton handyman service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale today. We've handled many types of damage on a wide range of floor materials, so we know how to restore the appearance and safety of your home with the right strategy for flooring repair in Wheaton, IL.

Our Trusted Wheaton Flooring Repair Services

Many types of flooring come in individual tiles or planks, and if one or a couple of the pieces are damaged, the best, most long-lasting solution for Wheaton flooring repair is to replace the damaged pieces entirely—provided a perfect match is available. That being said, sometimes replacing the damaged material isn't an option, and in those cases, there's usually something else that can be done to manage flooring repair in Wheaton, IL.

When you call the experts at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale, you can rest assured we'll take care of the entire process from beginning to end. To start with, we'll arrive on time for your scheduled appointment, wearing Mr. Handyman's uniform and carrying all the tools and materials we need to get the job done correctly. Once we're done with the repair, we'll make sure it's up to your standards and tidy up after ourselves before we leave. 

Tile Flooring Repair

Damage tile sheets have been removed and replaced with matching ones during floor repair in Wheaton, TL

Porcelain or ceramic tile floors are a popular choice for homeowners in Wheaton because they're so attractive, versatile and durable. When one tile has suffered minor surface damage, such as a chip or a hairline crack, we will replace the affected piece of tile. Next, we will re-seal the surface to protect the tile and grout from early wear. If the damage is more severe, like a deep crack, the tile should be replaced with a matching piece. If the problem is actually the grout and not the tiles themselves, we can re-grout the floor by removing and replacing the grout while leaving the tiles in place. Some of the tile issues we can correct with flooring repair in Wheaton, IL, are:

  • Crumbling or cracked grout lines
  • Loose tiles
  • Chips and cracks
  • Sinking or heaving tiles

Vinyl Flooring Repair

A line of vinyl planks have been carefully removed during flooring repair in Wheaton, IL, and replaced with brand-new vinyl planks by Mr. Handyman
Modern vinyl floors are often either tiles or planks of luxury vinyl material. Luxury vinyl is a pretty durable material that doesn't normally suffer a lot of damage as long as it gets some basic care and maintenance, but we're sometimes called to deal with problems such as gouges or bleaching from sun exposure or to replace a seriously damaged plank. We can take care of vinyl flooring repair issues such as:

  • Cracks
  • Stains
  • Fading due to sun exposure
  • Scratches or gouges
  • Crumbling edges

Vinyl plank and tile flooring repair services completed by Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale

Laminate Flooring Repair

Laminate floors have a reputation for being too old-fashioned or retro, but flooring manufacturers have kept up with the times, and laminate is actually an attractive and long-lasting floor material that is typically indistinguishable from other types of synthetic flooring material. However, they can suffer types of damage that include discolored patches, stains, bubbles, and peeling or lifting sections. In many cases, these require a replacement. If you have square laminate flooring, you can expect our professionals to replace the affected square board. On the other hand, damage on sheet vinyl flooring would need a full replacement.

Hardwood Flooring Repair

Hardwood floor installations are a classic choice with a lot going for them, from beauty and natural charm to longevity. Wood floors are more prone to some types of damage like scratching, gouging and scuffing, and if the damage is widespread across the surface of solid hardwood flooring, Mr. Handyman will offer the best solution, which may involve replacing the bad wood. This is the best option to restore your floors to like-new condition. Engineered hardwood can usually be refinished once, but solid hardwood can be refinished many times over the decades. From buckling, warped floors to wood rot from excess moisture, we are experienced with Wheaton flooring repair and replacement.
‘Before’ image shows damaged floor boards suffering from wood rot, discoloration and surface damage. ‘After’ image displays a brand-new floor replacement in Wheaton, IL.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Expert Flooring Repair in Wheaton, IL

If you're searching for a capable handyman to take care of Wheaton flooring repair services, count on the skilled professionals at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale. We have experience with repairing many different types of flooring and varieties of damage, so we can get your floors looking great again.

Of course, we don't just do flooring repairs in Wheaton, IL. Homeowners and business owners can call on our team for a wide range of repair, maintenance, and improvement services, including drywall repair, door installation, tile installation, bathroom remodeling service, and much more. You can also rest assured that our team members undergo an employee background check as part of our extensive screening process, so you can rely on a safe, worry-free experience when we're on your property.  

Give us a call today to find out more about the reliable handyman services we offer in Wheaton and other nearby parts of the greater Chicago area or to schedule a service appointment with our experienced team of handyman professionals.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Wheaton Flooring Repair and Replacement

If you're searching for a capable handyman to take care of Wheaton flooring repair services, count on the skilled professionals at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale. We have experience with repairing many different types of flooring and varieties of damage, so we can get your floors looking great again.

Of course, we don't just do flooring repairs in Wheaton, IL. Homeowners and business owners can call on our team for a wide range of repair, maintenance, and improvement services, including drywall repair, door installation, tile installation, bathroom remodeling service, and much more. You can also rest assured that our team members undergo an employee background check as part of our extensive screening process. They are also bonded and insured, so you can rely on a safe, worry-free experience when we're on your property.  

Give us a call today to find out more about the reliable handyman services we offer in Wheaton and throughout most of Dupage County. We invite you to schedule a service appointment with our experienced team of handyman professionals.
 A wide range of completed flooring repairs in Wheaton, IL. From tile wood and laminate to vinyl.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flooring Repair in Wheaton, IL

 ‘Before’ image shows water-damaged commercial flooring sheets. ‘After’ image displays replacement sheets in place after flooring repair in Wheaton, IL.
If you have questions about Wheaton flooring repair, give us a call today to get the answers you're seeking!

Where Can I Find a Matching Replacement Tile?

If you have a tile that has been cracked or completely smashed apart by a mishap, such as dropping heavy furniture onto it, our flooring repair in Wheaton, IL, will include the following: The broken fragments need to be removed entirely and a new tile fitted into the empty space. The replacement tile needs to be an exact match with the existing surface, or it'll stick out in all the wrong ways—but finding a perfect match can be more difficult than many people suspect. 

The best-case scenario is that extra tiles were saved from the initial installation. But if that doesn't happen, you may not be able to find a replacement. Tiles are frequently discontinued, and they're also made in lots, so two of the same tiles from different lots may not be the exact same color. If a good match can't be found, replacing the entire floor surface may be the best option—especially if the tile in question is in a visually prominent position.

Can You Refinish My Laminate Floors?

Unfortunately, laminate can not be refinished. If you've got surface damage, such as a stain on laminate flooring, you may be thinking the best solution is to simply refinish the same way you would with hardwood. The problem is that laminate is composed of three relatively thin layers: a base of MDF, an image layer that gives it its appearance, and a wear layer that protects the image and prevents wear and tear damage from wearing the image away. The wear layer is not very thick, so if you sand, it you'll quickly hit the image layer, and it will be destroyed, leaving nothing but the unattractive MDF base layer. While refinishing isn't possible, we may be able to do something else, such as replacing the damaged tile.

How Can I Keep My Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Good Shape?

Generally speaking, luxury vinyl planks or tiles are fairly low maintenance and don't need a ton of care. That being said, it is possible for luxury vinyl to incur damage that requires flooring repair in Wheaton, IL. Here are a few maintenance tips to help keep your luxury vinyl in excellent condition:

  • Wipe up liquid spills right away, as some substances can stain vinyl
  • Use a soft brush, rags or a mop for cleaning and avoid abrasive cleaning tools like steel wool and harsh chemicals
  • Vacuum or dry mop regularly to avoid having the surface scratched by particles of dirt that can leave a filmy haze behind

Do You Need Flooring Repair in Wheaton, IL? Call or Text Mr. Handyman Today!

If you've noticed some issues with your floor that require flooring repair in Wheaton or another nearby area such as Glen Ellyn, Downers Grove or Carol Stream, call or text the top-rated local pros at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale for qualified flooring repair services. Our team has the skill and expertise to get your floors back in excellent shape so they can look and function their very best. 

Contact us today to share your flooring project with us! Rely on our professional services and repair projects to enhance your safety and increase your home’s aesthetics.

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